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  1. Instead Of Buying Real Magazines,

    Would love to be able to donate Superplay aswell as the other Future mags, Commodore Format, Amiga Format, Your Sinclair but until I get an ok from the Publishers had better not rock the boat and break their wishes. You can still get some of the Future mags of the web if you google correctly though! Currently just bought the whole run of Micro Adventurer which concentrated on 8bit adventure games (cost just over ?100 pounds off ebay $160 dollars). So they are work in progress aswell as The One for the Amiga and Mean Machines Sega and Nintendo Magazine System before it became The Official Nintedo mag. If anyone has bought any of the dvd`s please comment on them as they do have loads of extras and the inlays (Phillyman will supply the bare bones mags only as agreed with me as the extras are not really relevant as they are tape images etc and make donating and getting a dvd more appealing). Roger Kean even donated extra stuff for the Crash and ZZap dvd`s himself (Md of Newsfield) as he was really happy to get all his old work back (lost loads of the old mags in the intervening 20 years). Oh I selll around 2-3 disks a week, which are now around the ?10 mark each or $17 bucks, which with constantly trying to get the more obscure mags such as Micro Adventurer and Dragon User which are by default more expensive to get than your basic Nintendo mag. I have Currently scanned in about 150,000 pages and taken 5 years to do it so its not a quick buck to get less than a paperboy for an evenings work and I always make the mags available for free when able to otherwise it would not be donationware and would not benefit anyone but me which I agree is wrong smile.gif Anyhow the 18 dvds are currently Mid Atlantic going towards Pa and Phillyman so expect an update soon. Regards Stephen wink.gif
  2. Instead Of Buying Real Magazines,

    Hi Mort Here, I have no problem donating the scans as you know they are currently available freely on World of Spectrum and Sinclair Heaven here in the Uk. Main reason for making the dvd`s is to fund buying more mags to preserve and give to the community. I don`t agree with the torrent idea as it is a lazy way of getting the info for Generation Gimme Just for the record each mag costs me about ?300 to source from ebay and about 1 year to collate with the extras that came with the mag (all the dvd`s have all the covertapes, posters and inlays so they are good value IMHO) and are donationware (you can always download the Vanilla mags if you want), also the British mags on average have between 7-10,000 pages in a complete run! and I have had a thumbs up from Newsfield and have had ok`s from other publishers who were pleased someone had preserved the old mags (can`t mention names as they agreed with the idea in principle). Anyhow dropped Phillyman an email to ask where to send the dvd`s. Glad to be of help Mort