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  1. The Most Addictive Video Game Ever

    I always thought that Diablo 2 was one of the most addicting games ever I put easily a 12 hours a day in for about 6 months one year... :{
  2. Return Of Planet Express

    Ya from what I have heard the new movies are coming from fox but that was from a couple of months ago. But the I will be watching in anticipation.
  3. 90's Fanzines

    I would love to see some of these mags let me know when you get them up
  4. Philly's Powersupply Died

    I'm sorry that really sucks
  5. Strategy Guides

    This would be awsome i love these old guides (mainly because i still play the games)
  6. My Nintendo Power Scan Status...

    I can help edit (photoshop) if you still need it just send me what you need done and a brief description of what you want done and i will see what i can do to meet your needs.
  7. All Users (new & Old) Please Read Here!

    Thanks for clearing up that 5 year thing i was wondering about that myself. And thank you Phillyman for doing what you are doing to help avid fans see this stuff that they would not otherwise be able to see. And i agree this is really only for older stuff you cannot get your hands on now not new stuff you can go down and buy at the market.
  8. Ftp Info For Submitting Work

    I have a kind of random question that sort of deals with this, what is the 5 year differnece about, i know it deals with public domain but i cant find anything about 5 years anywhere. thanks
  9. My New Computer

    Nice computer, once i get the cash i will get mine with a liquid cooled system, costly but it can be overclocked like no other
  10. Table Tennis

    I agree MBJ if there were such a thing i would be addicted. It seems like a leap for rockstar to go make a game like table tennis, doesnt it?
  11. Top 10 Reasons to Relaunch IGN Dreamcast

    While i still like dreamcast, I honestly hate IGN
  12. "super Nintendo Kid"

    The power is strong with this one, it is look he even has a power glove!
  13. Total! Nintendo Magazine (uk Version)

    I would defintaly like to see what the Uk is putting out these days, if anyone can get some copies that would be amazing
  14. New Release Seeding!

    I am seeding at an average of 35 but it should increase in a day or two