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  1. I would love to see a remake or sequel to Omega Boost for the VR headsets (Oculus, Vive, etc).
  2. I heard that arstechnica was going to put up their copy on a charity auction later this year.
  3. They did clean up the graphics, but that's about it. The only additions were some new taunts in DMC 3, changed control setup in DMC 1, and a gallery/music section. I ended up selling my ps2 copies and picking up the ps3 verison, mainly since ps2 games look like dookie on a HDTV (unless you run it through PCSX)
  4. Anyone else pick it up? I got it for the PS3 and I'm falling in love with it all over again. I put in around 50 hours into each DMC (sans part 2), and I plan on flipping them all over again
  5. Just got done beating the pc version of sonic generations. Amazing version. Craps all over the ps3 version (sold my copy off), and is cheaper to boot. My main issue with the console version was the choppy 30 fps (especially for classic sonic mode). The pc version at native 1080p, 60 fps, and the ability to mod is too hard to pass up. I agree with Jake, if you have a decent PC, I'd highly recommend picking up the pc version.
  6. Oh man, I actually did something similar. When the Dreamcast was coming out, I gave my whole genesis collection to my sister (consisting of the system and 40 games), since I figured the dreamcast would keep my plenty busy. It did, but man, I still miss having my old games (so much so that I ended up rebuying the vast majority of them). No more, I'm keeping my (good) games, even through my "I don't wanna game anymore" phases. Reminds me of a large scale Stratego game
  7. Just got done beating the game twice (first playthrough took 50 hours, second playthrough took 10 hours). Amazing game/atmosphere. If you digged Demons souls, you gotta pick up dark souls. The guide was also well done and well worth it (I think amazon has it on sale for 14 bucks). Bandai did cheap out on the collectors edition though. I hope atlus picks up the rights for the third game (on ps4?). Granted, there are issues to be fixed (soul glitch, invincible spell, scaling weapons being useless, and the broken multiplayer), which can hopefully be addressed via a patch. Even with these issues, I still had a blast for 60 hours. Heck, I'm thinking of starting a new character from scratch. The game is just too addictive and feels like an old-school game. Now where is our Otogi 3, FROM?
  8. Anyone picking up sonic generations? The game was pretty fun (demo), despite the crappy framerate while in 3D mode, but I imagine they'll have that fixed up in time for release. The 3D looked really good for being a 2D game. Made it feel like a klonoa game.
  9. I just beat this gem with all of the endings, and man, what a game! 999 is a visual novel for the Nintendo DS. It's been selling surprisingly well (due to word of mouth). I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more VN type games. The premise of 999 is that there are 9 people on a boat, and they must go through 9 doors within 9 hours in order to escape (once 9 hours are up, the ship blows up). The story is more complex than that and does flesh out the characters quite a bit, but that is the gist of the story. I don't want to spoil anything as it's good to go into the game fresh (and avoid message boards relating to this game as people have a tendency to spoil the games story/ending). You have the story (which takes up most of the game), and some puzzles scattered throughout. During the course of the story sections, you have choices that you must choose (like those old "choose-your-own" adventure books, where it'll tell you to go to a certain page when selecting a choice) Cons: The text scroll speed is pretty slow, but you get into the game so much that it's not too noticable. Once you beat the game once, you can replay it for the other endings and you have the option to skip the sections that you've already read through. Overall, I highly recommend it. It's a definite change of pace in today's gaming (where FPS, sports, and action games seem to dominate).
  10. Hello everyone, I recently just beat SMB and I had a blast. Such a great game. I did a video review for anyone interested: Has anyone else played this title? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
  11. I've heard really good things about The History Of Nintendo. Vol.1 The only negative that I've heard is that the translation isn't perfect. I plan on picking it up soon.
  12. Yikes, has anyone seen the prices for the DLC? 6 bucks for voice announcers, and 8 dollars for characters?! lol, wow. That's crazy talk. I remember when games used to come with this stuff as unlockables.
  13. Doesn't 2D HD handdrawn sprites take up a lot of time/money compared to 3D? I would love to see one, but I don't think Konami would want to invest in something that might not turn a profit (didn't they give Iga a horribly low budget to work with on Castlevania: Harmony of despair?)
  14. They would probably make more sales by doing a 2.5D HD old school castlevania title (like castlevania 1 and 3). Hell, Sega finally took the cue and brought Sonic back to 2D with Sonic 4
  15. I would have to say that the Genesis deserves some props. They proved that Nintendo wasn't unstoppable and that their juggernaut of a system (nes/snes) was beatable. This actually happened when Sony came around a couple years later and sold more units than it's Nintendo counterpart (N64)