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  1. Hey Phillyman, just visited gamingmagz for the first time. The Nintendo Power magazine pages there are very nice looking and thorough in listing the contents. So thanks for that! Are you going to continue updating and adding new NP magazine pages with the contents listed? (NP Indexing) I'd love to see the NP Index there be complete at some point. ^_^ .
  2. Hi! I too was one of those who got a Christmas-related "Lifetime Membership". Ah well, so much for that ;-) I do have a question though: Someone (Phillyman?) posted here somewhere (I just read a bunch of forum threads, so I forget exactly which one it was) that once you get the mags on the newsgroups that it would cost $3 for 3 days access to all the magazines. I'm more the sort of person who would like to download a magazine or 2 or 3 every once in a while because I'm interested in reading about something specific in it at any given time (reading about specific systems or specific games). Therefore, I was wondering, would the newsgroup with all the magazine scans have ANY OTHER PAYMENT PLANS, like, for example, paying a higher price, but for access that lasts longer periods of time? (2 weeks, a month, 3 months, a year, etc. OR my personal favorite: Forever ;-) Do we know this yet? Is it likely there will be other payment plans (besides $3 for 3 days) if we don't? .
  3. OOPS! Oh dear. I apologize if I accidentally broke a forum posting rule >_< I didn't know about the no linking to emu sites. I just wanted to share scans of this awesome Saturn magazine...^_^ (thanks for the link tho mpx! **MEPPI** - BTW, meppi, 4 questions for ya: 1. Any clue when you might be finished redoing ALL 37 issues of the Offical Sega Saturn magazine over at OOPA? (weeks? months? years? just want to know roughly when to expect them.. 2. I haven't had a chance to download any of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine OOPA scans yet. Is there THAT big a difference in quality between the scans at the site mpx linked me to and the ones at OOPA? 3. Would the text / game pics be significantly clearer in your new scans? That might be worth waiting for... if I can restrain myself (I'm a rather large Saturn fan) 4. I was planning on sharing the link to the other magazine scan site (it is a emu site) over at the OOPA forums. (has magazine scans, guide scans, even comic book scans O_O) Is that allowed at the OOPA forum or is it a no no just like at retromags? ANYWAY, back on topic ^_^ Does anybody else have any suggestions for magazines available for download with good coverage of Saturn games and /or Neo Geo game coverage? ^_^ (doesn't HAVE to be devoted to only 1 system) .
  4. Thanks for the reply! Nope, retromags currently has no Official Sega Saturn Magazines (UK) available for download. I'm posting the link you PMed me with ALL 37 issues for download here. (share the wealth ^_^) ***Downloads for ALL 37 Issues of Offical Sega Saturn Magazine(UK):*** [Link Moderated due to Emulation/ROM site linking] So, does anybody else have any suggestions for magazines available for downlaod with good coverage of Saturn games and /or Neo Geo game coverage? ^_^ .
  5. Anybody know? There must be some Neo Geo and Saturn fans here ^_^ I would appreciate any input. Did I put this in the right forum? -_^ .
  6. Hi I was just wondering, of all the magazines you have here for download (or will have here shortly for download)... Which ones are your favorites for Saturn and Neo Geo game coverage? ^_^ Please say why and be as thorough / detailed as you can. I'm just looking for good sources of info on Saturn / Neo Geo games when I do research on games on those systems.) Thanks! ^_^ .
  7. Thanks for the reply. One more question. When I go to MegaUpload via a "download" the magazine button, it shows me a little chart comparing the Premium download service to the Free one. Under the Free Category and next to "Downloads allowed in 24 hours" it says "very limited". Does anybody know exactly what they mean by that? ;-) Is it a certain *number* of downloads in a 24 hour period? A *total amount of MB* (megabytes) you can download in a 24 hour period? Something else? .
  8. Wow. This site has changed a lot ^_^. Anyway, I used to be a Premium Member (with a lifetime membership) but now it says I'm a "member" or "Advanced member" depending on which part of my profile I look at. Since so much has changed, I figured I better double check: My Questions: 1. How many magazines can I download per week or month? (given my current status) 2. Are any of the magazine downloads from another site or are they ALL now from megaupload? 3. Does it matter in regards to the download limit (# of mags per week or month) if I dl a mag from megaupload or another site? Thanks! .
  9. Whoa, are all those shmups for Wii?? (and are they all coming to the USA?) Would you mind typing out the names of the shmups in the pics, since the only one I really recognize is Xevious? ^_- Thanks. .
  10. Wow. Thanks for all the info I think you misunderstood my number 3 question tho I want to know the percentage (roughly) of mags / guides/ manuals that are ON rapid share NOW out of the TOTAL of all of them on THIS site In other words, are like 60% of the files here on rapidshare too? 70%? .
  11. In general, the VC prices are the same or LOWER (or MUCH lower than buying the same game online (don't forget to include SHIPPING costs - an actual cart has ot get ot you somehow ya know) Super Mario World is very common, try gettting Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, Lords of Thunder, ANY Neo Geo game for less than their VC prices online and you'll see what I mean Actually, come to think of it, unless you happen to be extremely lucky and find an actual good game in a local game shop for less than the VC price, the VC price is ALWAYS cheaper than getting the real thing online for pretty much ANY GAME on the VC. Unfortunately, in the USA, the small game shops seem to be going bye bye and Gamestop /EB no longer carries anything before I think PS1. Two last points tho about the VC versions: 1. There is no save battery to die and lose your saves (like in actual NES / SNES carts) 2. The suspend point feature on the Wii VC lets you stop ANYWHERE and come back later to start right where you left off. SO, for example, if you wanted to play Bonk's Adventure, but only had 20 minutes, you could do that and then stop, come back later and resume right where you left off. You CAN'T do that with the real TG 16 Bonk's Adventure chip (the game is roughly an hour long) .
  12. Phillyman - OK, well I just passed the 25 post mark ^_^ Couple questions I'd like answered: 1. SO as a "member", exactly how many downloads can I do now from THIS site (not rapid share)? 2. And whatever that number is, is it per week? per month? 3. Finally, since I probably won't be able to download ALL the mags I want to read from this site , what percentage (roughly) of ALL the mags, guides and manuals that have been scanned currently have Rapid share links? 4. Is it your goal to get rapid share links for ALL the magazine, manual and guide scans on here? Or will some remain non rapid share forever? :-( 5. How long does it usually take for a newly scanned mag / guide /whatever that was just added to this site to get a rapidshare link? A week? A month?, etc. .
  13. Just a note in case you did not know: BOTH Super Mario RPG AND Secret of Mana are now available on the USA Virtual Console (Mario RPG came out in September and Mana in October) Still hard to believe they got the TurboGrafx **CD** games on the VC WITHOUT sacrificing anything (graphics, sound, cd music, etc.), well except for losing the load times ^_^ Super Air Zonk, Lords of Thunder and Gate of Thunder FTW .
  14. Are you talking about only the N64 games available near US launch? Because if you are not, the N64 has several very nice games in its library, for example: Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, Blast Corps, Wipeout, Turok 1 and 2, Doom 64, Hexen 64, Quake 1 and 2, Beetle Acventure Racing, Glover, Paper Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Starfox 64, Mischief Makers, Wave Race 64, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Pokemon Snap, Yoshi's Story, both Mystical Ninja games, Super Smash Bros, F-Zero X, and Kirby 64 off the top of my head .