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    Gaming, preferably Nes and Snes. Though PSX had some fun ones, yet all difficulty in games died with Nes and Snes(Xbox 360 multiplayer does add a new difficulty factor to gaming which i guys lol)
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  1. Ok first things first: not one mario game is the same, nor zelda, nor MGS, same concept different game mechanics and expiremental ideas, some good some bad. GTA 4 is different in almost everyway to Vice City. GTA 4 had a new and well, and let me stress Amazing combat system in comparison to the other games in the franchise. Moreover, the game included the Number Mission I think from any game, and thats the bank robbery, which to my knowledge is just insane initself. I still go to my save state just to take this one on without codes. Better soundtrack, graphics, The improved Tom Tom, Russians, Lapdances, Russians. Also Saints row would not exist if it were for GTA, its obvious where the took the idea for their game was. So I guess the cell phone cheats was 1/10 of a fair trade. In the end 9.5 because its always fun to shoot blindly around corners, and ride helicopters shooting Missiles Online with Friends taking over the City
  2. Well I am from Seattle so this one is pretty easy to me....chocolate must go. Yet I do not think I will be able to drink Mocha's
  3. Honestly I think the game that would be sweet if remade would have to be Zelda: II for obvious reasons. I mean I really love this game but it could easily be a multiplayer RPG of some some sorts. I would also love to see Ducktales with some High Res graphics. That would be frigid awesome! I would definately have to agree with a Castlevania II remake. Yes I have seen the Nerds review, and agree with some keypoints, but thats what makes the game as hard as it was. With some 2.5 graphics, instant night/day, and better game mechanics would make this a great success on the DS. Posibally I could attempt to remake it with some C++, sounds like fun lol.
  4. Just sent in my order for a Retro Duo. Own the Nes and Snes, yet having a dual gaming machine for my collection wouldnt be bad at all