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    Perfect, thanks for the info!
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    Hello all! I'm excited to get back into this community! I'm not quite clear on how the credits system works and can't seem to find any info on it. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Also, I made a donation earlier in the year that I believe was to grant me unlimited downloads for the year. How does that get applied?
  3. If you still need help, I'm happy to offer. Also, I'd love to post some ads, but it doesn't give me permission to do so. I can go through my comic collection to find ads that weren't featured in gaming mags.
  4. You might have more luck if you buy issues individually or in small lots. I can help with a couple of issues, but not all 50!
  5. Recently got a copy of EGM #31, but it appears to be missing pages 69-84. Anybody know what was in that space? It may have been an insert, as they tended to include those in the page count back then.
  6. Thanks for your hard work Philly and everyone else!
  7. I'm willing to help out however I can....
  8. I got this game when it came out. I played it, loved it, and the ending had a huge impact on me as I'm sure it did on most others who played through it. I just played through it again recently. I knew it was good, but wow. I'd forgotten that it was THAT good. If I ever hear people complaining about a game having no voice acting (ahem, Zelda), I'll point them to this game. What a story it weaves with no text, let alone voice acting! Subtle visual cues manage to tell a tale more powerful than most modern games can ever dream of.
  9. Excellent! I'm looking forward to it! Not to put pressure on you - I know you're pretty busy - but I'll be off next week so I'll have time to devote to the project if everything's set to go. If not, no worries!
  10. I'd love to help out with the ads. Aside from what we've got in the already scanned mags, I've got tons of old comics that I think has some ads not featured in gaming mags that I can scan....
  11. Wow, I didn't know there was so much drama behind the changes. Thanks for all your hard work, as always.
  12. Are we allowed to start new topics? I've been looking through some old comic books at my parent's place and there's tons of game ads in them. I'm sure some of them were never in game mags. I want to start scanning em for the site, but don't want to step on any toes!
  13. Wow, Tony32 is on fire! Thanks for all the mags! And keep em coming!
  14. Gotta keep the EGM train rolling! Thanks again Philly!
  15. Cool! Looks good, I've added a fiver to the fund, hope that helps. By the by, I think you've bid against for some GB games before!
  16. I take it that's 'one of us' who purchased it yesterday?
  17. I'm sure there's info somewhere, but I've searched and couldn't find anything. Just wanted more info on the Gamepro fundraiser on the main page. What issues is it for? Where are they coming from? Just want to get some more info before I throw down some cash.
  18. This is pretty significant because it's the first game on VC that required the expansion pak.
  19. I think Wario's Woods counts. But what's this about the SNES version being inferior? Anyways, my pick is Clash at Demonhead. I haven't played it in ages though. I'll have to revisit it soon to see if it holds up!
  20. oh man, that takes me back! very cool, thanks for posting it.
  21. I voted for #6. I want to go through the issues chronologically, so I picked the next closest issue! Still, nice to know they're all coming eventually, regadless of which wins. Thanks Philly!
  22. I finally uploaded my first mag! I figured I'd start with some Canadian content - Nintendo Power Flash from summer 1990 is now up. I was learning as I was doing, so feel free to take a look and offer any tips or criticisms. Special thanks to meppi and Phillyman for putting together great guides to help the process along. Up next, I'll probably throw another Power Flash up. But this one will be twice as big - a whopping 8 pages!
  23. I have a bunch of supplements to EGM that were included with the magazine in the 90s, back when polybagging magazines and comics was the in thing to do. I'm willing to scan and upload them, but I don't know if they are already included with scans of the magazines they came from. I don't know which supplement was included with which issue and obviously I won't bother if they're already done. Some of the supplements include: EGM's Video Game Preview Guide (from 93 I think), 1994 Video Game Preview Guide, 1995 Role-Playing Guide, 1993 Sports Directory, Team EGM, and some others.
  24. I'm not familiar with this magazine. Can anybody fill me in on what made it so good (or valuable)?
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    My Mags

    I've found some mags that aren't available for download. I haven't had a chance to look around to see if anybody's got these in the pipeline. Let me know if there is anything here we don't want! Otherwise, I'll see if I can dig up my scanner. Failing that, I'll be sure to send em out to somebody. EGM 1992 Buyer's Guide The 16-Bit Buyer's Guide (EA Supplement) Game Informer Fall 1991 Summer 1992 Jan/Feb 1992 Masters of the Game (Acclaim/LJN newsletter) Vol 1 #1 Vol 1 #2 Sunsoft Game Time News Winter 1989 Special Christmas Edition 1989 Spring 1990 Taito Times (no date...maybe the only issue?) Beyond Gaming (Ultimate Game Club Magazine) #3 #4 Mega Play Feb 1991 Special Issue (no date) Nintendo Power Flash Summer 1990 Fall 1990 Also, I don't know if we want these, but they can be fun to read. They are old video game store catalogues. There is one Software Etc. from 1991 and three different ones for EB. Not sure of the year for the EB ones, but they feature NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, GB, TG-16, Neo-Geo, Lynx, and PC