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  1. Has The Wii Lost Its Coolness Factor?

    try getting a wii. itrackr says they have like 2% availability across US. ps3 ranks about 85% stores having it in stock.
  2. Game Boy Line To Be Discontinued?

    other than emulation, someone could simply mod a ds to work w/gb or gbc games. just widen the slot... will gameboy player work w/wii???
  3. 4am: double post? this has been long in coming... i thought they'd do it nxt year, marking 30 yrs after the original on 77... http://www.starwarz.com/tbone/index.php?ca...2_articleid=846
  4. Scd Emulators

    has anyone bothered trying to emulate any system on a sega cd? i mean, you wouldn't need to make costly cart.s or anything... could you imagine playing games from original gb or even programming in basic on a sega genesis?!?!?
  5. Which Next Gen Systems Are You Gonna Buy?

    i agree w/ MBJ and magroader81... i know someone at ibm, and seeing as they make the chips for all 3 systems, maybe they can be gotten at a lower price... wii DEFINATELY, but considering that most blu-ray and hddvd players cost $1000, if blu-ray wins i get a ps3, if hddvd wins i get the $200 XB360 hddvd upgrade that connects through usb2.0 and connect it to my pc
  6. Return Of Planet Express

    how'll they get the rights? i assume that matt groening will be back on, but haven't the rights to futurama been sold to adult swim on cartoon network from fox? w/e.... this rumor was goin around awhile ago... as well as 1 about new futurama movies
  7. Blocked Email Services

    actually, this prob won't work, given that IP addresses change whenever 1 logs onto the system. Unless u use ur pc as a server, this change is most likely the case, so u'll need to start blocking ranges of ip addresses, which would stop others just b/c they r from the same isp as a troublemaker...
  8. Poll Section

    or else, just (temporarily) tack polls to the top of sections while they are around...
  9. A Few Requests

    i agree w/dstryr420... however, i shouldn't speak as i haven't/can't contribute much... yet i don't make requests, only suggestions on how to improve/cheapen/make more efficient the processes involved...
  10. Unclear About Something

    why doesn't retromags just make 2 sections? like, one for "scanned but not edited" and 1 for "done"? to use an analogy used in another thread, it'd be like distributing roms that are complete w/an emulator, but also allowing roms downloads that didn't have an emulator and would be marked as such. then, ppl who don't give a damn about having an edited sheet can just download the unedited crappy-looking 1 (correct me if that is not the purpose of editing...)
  11. Game Covers/boxes & Instruction Books?

    this site was inspired BY gamemanuals.net! there aughtta be like a partnership or something between the two sites. Then, if someone on this forum had manuals to post, they'd send it to gamemanuals, or if someone there had scans or rare mags of some kind they would share with us. maybe there could be a video game scanner webring... without the voting of course!!! Has this idea been tried already? if not, this could be great... game box scans might be ok.............. it is a mag site, but........ on a related note, does the emulation section take roms? not COMMERCIAL roms... or maybe yes commercial following 5-yr rule... but focuing on homebrew stuff... you can find some gba/psp/ds/MAYBE GP2X in the future from various compos they did at www.neoflash.com... which, by the way, is where i found this site... phillyman was asking if this site was big enogh to recieve a FREE MagicKey 2 for review (see contest on homepage) and was complaining for awhile cuz they approved it but nevr sent it... but then they did. anyway, sry for the diversion there
  12. Problems In Linux

    i guess that this site ISN't open-source firendy after all (I don't know linux well enough to answer this question, though I want to, as I support open-source standards...like firefox!!!) on a semi-related note... can a pc dual-boot windows xp and linux on the same partition?
  13. All Users (new & Old) Please Read Here!

    sry that post was so long and go toff-topic a LOT...
  14. All Users (new & Old) Please Read Here!

    i vote noseface out of this forum.... anyway, as for cost of the site, does this forum php code cost money? if so, then dude, have u been gypped! u can get tons of moddable forums for free!!! like, say a wiki, or phpbb2. THEY ARE FREE!!! This is NOT commercial use, this is... puclic domain sharing... yeah... lets not talk in the "legal sense" as i know a patent/IP attorney, this could get all involved in trouble..... anyway, back to the point i (kind of) had... cost of bandwidth could be lessened (see my other thread)... if the arcade games/newsbot cost $$$, those could be easily replaced by free/open source products... (is this site open-source friendly? i think it should be... even though i don't have oppenoffice.org suite, linux, etc., i do view this site in firefox... look at ur data, ill betcha a lot of ppl do...) this site could probably do with more store-based ads. like, for example, a adlink for lik-sang which can generate revenue, or 1 for ebgames... but, as i hope he never will, phillyman has nevr resorted to pop-ups, spam ads like "get a free ps3!", those site list vote things (which some sites require you click/vote on before entering the site!), etc etc. Or, you could work with another forum or group of vg collectors, hobbyists, emulator/homebrew designers... honestly, evry1 here is a MASSIVE technogeek. THere must be a way to lessen the cost-load to phillyman (who, by the way, i heard works for geek squad, owned by best buy, who are known to give OK salaries (philly, feel free to correct me if i b wrong)... though being a geek squader is a dream job of mine...)... anyway, just been thinking... yeah. as per 5-years/"mag hoarding" policy... if u find a group of ppl who r on a "learning photoshop" site or some crap like that, their admins might take this on as a project for learners to work on, so 1 could scan em in and send in specs/requests to the learners to speed up editing... for 5-years policy... legally, should be life copyright, which i belive is life+20yrs or something for a personal copyright or like 50 yrs or something for companies... don't know exactly... but 1 could argue for this case w/fair use. anyhow, find some indie magazine publishers and offer to scan their mags and edit if u can keep them and distribute scans through the site... would be legal... could EVEN get pre-print, as in, how the layout is MEANT to be printed!!! it is set by pc... don't know WHO EXACTLY to get... go to usenet or google gourps, maybe alt.literature.magazines.technology (if it exists) or something... or just google it... i have a scanner and a... "copy" of photoshop, but i don't know photoshop well and the scanner doesn't work... ever at all... used to when hooked up to Windows ME IBM netvista... may be a bad usb 2.0 cable... sry i cant help * tear tear * (that's why i keep on posting! i can't help any way else... though i may have some 2001 NPs, and possibly obscure mags and guides like cube uk unofficial mag and a pokemon gold unofficial guide w/COMPLETE walkthrough of ENTIRE game, as well as 1 of pokemon hey u pikachu and team rocket card game (it was a VERY short-lived pokemon mag from back in the day by a now defunct publisher))
  15. Hello

    if phillyman reads my thread about bandwidth saving, ANYONE could use the downloads section... read it and see how this can be achieved...