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  1. Is Invision Necessary?

    I agree with you that phpbb is a bit lacking. SMF does allow you the same powers with moderators as IPB such as the recycle bin you talk about. Im very familar with it as i use it on 4 of my sites. there is an option i can turn off to make it a public tracker. I'd even be willing to make you guys your own tracker rather than use one that I have already set up. public or private, your choice.
  2. Is Invision Necessary?

    First of all I'd like to say thanks to everyone for all your hard work. when I first read here that the forum software costs $70 a year I was shocked. Is a paid forum really necessary to everyone? why not use something just as powerful such as SMF ( which is free and also has many mods like the arcade and others. my only concern is that the $70 could go towards more mags rather than forum software, but if it is necessary then I understand. just as a side note: it is my understanding that you guys do not have your own tracker? if this is true you may feel free to use mine here if you do like it I would be willing to make it exclusive to your site and point all the visitors here. well thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. and also thanks again for all the great scans.