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  1. I remember he hosted Fun House for awhile before Gamepro which had the twin cheerleader co-hosts. Gamepro was a video version of the magazine at the time. It had SWAT, Pro Reviews, and Hot at the Arcade segments. I have about 6 hours worth of episodes minus an episode of Dragon's Lair and Pac Man... so about 5 hours of eps. I could rip them to ipod (mp4) without much hassle if anyone wanted to see them. It was a little too silly at times, and the dialogue was embarrassingly aimed at kids, but the format was very in line with what G4 does now with Xplay. Nice bit of nostalgia. Every time I watch it, I think again how I never played Maniac Mansion and how I keep meaning to do that someday.
  2. I don't know what to do with them, but it seems a shame not to share. I have a number of old Gamepro tv eps with JD Roth from the early days of Super NES and NEO GEO. Its kinda neat and fun to watch now. I know the focus here is print, but did anyone else ever watch this show?
  3. Glad to help out a fellow collector. Before this one I scanned in an issue of Blip that went up a few months ago. Every once and a while I'll find something in my boxes as I finish unpacking. I wish I could find some of my issues of the Atarian or Atari Age. Thanks for your help cleaning up the scans. Hope everyone is doing well. Vic
  4. I just realized I forgot to change the zip to the proper extension. Please forgive me.. my upload is slow and I don't have enough time to reupload it. Hope someone gets some use out of it. Strategies for NES Three Stooges, Q-bert, Gyruss, and many other games you never thought you needed strategy for. Hope everyone is well. Vic http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JMAOV5YY
  5. Hope everyone is well. I'm getting started on that Consumer Reports Guide I mentioned a few weeks back. I'll try and keep the file size down this time. Hope everyone is doing well. Any suggestions for DPI settings? Who knew Stealth ATF needed a strategy guide?
  6. So I heard it actually sold... Anyone heard what will happen with them going forward? I'd really like it if it went back to a monthly.
  7. Hey guys... just wondering what is left without EGM? I really want something in my mailbox every month but I've never been in love with GamePro or Game Informer. Is there anything else? HGM is only quarterly or I'd go back to it (and I don't want to subscribe just getting burned on it after EGM with HGM up on ebay) Sigh. I likes my magazines on real paper that I can hold.
  8. Thanks! I feel awesome! BTW.. I also have the Consumer Reports NES Strategy Guidebook. It covers a lot of games and came spiral bound. The games it covers are really random but its a nice piece of nostalgia. I'll try and start scanning it soon. Why NES Three Stooges needs a strategy guide I'll never know.
  9. Thanks for the help! And 24 should never be interrupted. I wish more people understood that.
  10. Oh.. thanks.. that is really easy. I'll try and get it rar'ed in the morning during my conference period. Hope everyone is having a great evening.
  11. Hey guys.. sorry it took so long to get back. I had a yearbook deadline to oversee. Anyway, I have an issue of Blip scanned in and formatted to PDF. I don't know how to make a CBZ file so many apologies there. I use the software I have ya know? If anyone knows how to convert it then that would be most awesome and helpful. So now my question is what do I need to do with this file? If someone just wants to point me to a thread that already answers this that is fine but I didn't know if people uploaded these somewhere and then linked here or what is the preferred method of getting these things up. Hope everyone is doing well. Anyone else kinda sad about EGM? Oh and I play multiplayer DS games with my high schoolers everyday at lunch... My favorite thing to do is play 9 on 1 Tetris DS. I had the record at Twin Galaxies for a while. (Though I think the score that knocked me off is totally bogus.)
  12. Cool. I'll pull Blip out of my comic book boxes tomorrow. I'm currently snowed in, but I should be back at work on Wednesday. I'll check some of the threads to see what I can contribute. I should have some DC mags and a Saturn one or two as well. I wish I could find my old copies of the Atarian. Maybe they'll turn up when we move in February. I'll get started on Blip this week. Its very funny to see the guys at Marvel taking a stab and gaming.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm new here and I think this is absolutely great! I'm bidding on a lot of Nintendo Power on ebay right now and I'm good with Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat (I'm a high school journalism teacher.) So I'm asking if we need any NPs from 1 - 58. If I win the auction, I will be more than willing to make pdf's of any the group needs before I send them off to be bound in hardcover for my bookshelf. I also have an issue or two of Marvel Comic's Blip magazing that covered (or tried to) games back in the early 80's. Its in comic book format, but is a gamer mag from the Atari days. If anyone is interested, I'd be willing to scan it in also. Maybe over the holiday break, I'll go through my collection and see what I have to contribute, but I thought I'd put those things out there as a way to say hi and that I'm willing to help the cause anyway I can. Hope everyone is doing well!
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