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  1. - NES official top-loader - SNES model 1 - Sega Genesis model 1 - Sega Genesis model 2 - Nintendo 64 (Black) - Atari 2600 - Sega Dreamcast (White) - Playstation - Playstation 2 - Gameboy (Transparent) - Gameboy Color (Green)
  2. xLOUxBEGAx Although I'm rarely ever on... due to the fact that I don't have many games and don't feel like buying XBL Gold
  3. Hmm. Interesting ad. Guess this got scrapped!
  4. I believe I found retromags through Google a little while back. I was really interested in a place to post about retro games and read up on some older Nintendo Powers (since I'm a NES/SNES fanboy).
  5. Well, hey! This is actually my second go around... I was here over a year ago but I just got caught up in school work and lost the URL. Now I got this place bookmarked and look to make it part of my daily rounds. The name's Cody, by the way. I LOVE classic games.
  6. I saw this set up at school finally... looks alright. Honestly, I'm just not in the mood to have to set up all my crap again... I'll wait till I get a new computer.
  7. One of the best inventions ever... bar none. Thanks for posting this ad.
  8. Seriously... who would have guessed THIS would be quite possibly the most popular and played football game of all-time? <3 TSB.
  9. Schwarzenegger. I'm serious... I just really enjoy the movies. Terrible actor, obviously- but he provides the lulz.
  10. Man, I suck at the original... but it's damn fun. Can't wait for this one.
  11. 360, Wii, and the Ghetto DS. Honestly, I play the DS the most... I'm just a classic gamer at heart.
  12. To say I'm ridiculously stoked for this would be an understatement.
  13. I just finished the Addams Family for the SNES. REALLY, REALLY underrated game. Solid as hell. And now... just doin the usual, playing Tecmo Super bowl
  14. I started playing these (in order) around the beginning of 2009. I got distracted one day by a new DS game and I'm stalled on Mega Man 5. I hope to get the urge to finish one day. Great games... I like the OG Mega Man the most. Although it seems MM2 is the one widely referred to as "the best".