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  1. Sorry Retromags, you're going in the spam filter. I tried to turn off notifications but it's not working.
  2. Gah! Ya'll need to be quiet. Every time there's a reply I get mailbombed... My poor AOL box. *looks for unsubscribe button*
  3. I'd prefer a cocktail cab so it could support more than one game. But they're trying to make this more 'physical' which is definitely unique.
  4. It sounds like it could be useful but I don't need anything like that. Besides, I couldn't control it since I never bought a cell phone. Then there's always that bit of paranoia that these devices are collecting information without your consent.
  5. You can't trademark a '+' so just change the color. I'm pretty sure gamers will know what it does if it's green on white or whatever.
  6. I think this is the same disc as the one I just mentioned. Thought I'd post in case you folks wanted to see pictures. Not like we need to buy it or anything. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GameShark-Sampler-for-PlayStation-PS1-PS2-from-2001-Brand-New-Sealed-/162180745225?hash=item25c2b9c809:g:9JcAAOSwqBJXVF59
  7. My friend rented a PS1 with TM and brought it over which was my first exposure to both. Shortly after when I realized I needed a PS1 of my own I learned TM2 was available so it was one of my first few games (and I still have it). I didn't care for the changes in 3 and 4 but the series returned to form with Black and the last version for PS3. It's a shame it didn't catch on because I hate to think it's the end of the franchise.
  8. I found my copy of the demo disc that came with this mag.
  9. Well, Amazon is a store so they need the title for their inventory numbers and in case they don't have a pic of the item. Slightly different case. Sounds like a plan. If you find time to write something up I can give it a run through to see if it needs any further clarification. I wasn't aware of an update so we'll see what that does. Maybe it'll fix my ability to use the shoutbox.
  10. Sure it all sounds so obvious now. I just happened to find the upload button in my gallery before the one in the normal gallery. I think right before I started I had asked for some clarification on the process but that was regarding image sizes and other settings. So yeah I agree it could be made a little clearer for anyone new. Exactly. I would think some of the info was redundant thanks to the image containing the name/date. I've not used the search feature... Yeah yeah, I'll try to shuffle them around one of these days. Don't feel you have to do it. Just know that before I'd go and rename/move all those files I want to get these GI covers scanned and keep working through this neverending stack of unplayed games.
  11. I learn as I go. I was glad to help fill the PSM collection as I'm only missing the first 10 issues. The 3 recent NP's were found only because one was an alternate cover and I came across 2 blanks in the database. Now that someone has expanded the GI category I can add those covers when I get the chance. Maybe I'll get around to moving the stuff I already uploaded to their proper galleries. Or maybe I should let you do that so we don't end up with everything being uploaded twice.
  12. When I say I haven't DL'ed it means I really haven't explored everything you host here. I saw an upload button but didn't realize it was going to a separate area, my personal gallery. It still gave me the required numbers to fill in the covers in the databases so who knew? In other words when I added the covers I didn't see there were more sections that weren't being filled in. Because I started with an empty gallery there wasn't anything saying how to name them. If that makes sense. That's why I kept it short. "IS100" is a lot quicker than typing out full names and dates. And I probably uploaded like 50+ covers. My backlog of games is why I haven't moved on to scanning whole mags. Then I feel bad getting rid of things you might be able to use so I never get around to clearing out these piles of mags.
  13. Ah, I see it now. Can't simply delete but I can overwrite it next time.
  14. I've only checked the gallery to see if certain mags with alternate covers were preserved. I still never downloaded anything from this site so I've never checked to see how things were named. When I scanned those PSM covers I just put the issue number to make it quick. In 'my' gallery it made sense. It was when I sent the alternate issue of NP 215 I realized that when I add the cover to the database it wasn't filling the same info on the gallery. And yeah if the naming wasn't consistent then I'd be stuck anyway. What we need is a tool that names them automatically. How are they sorted exactly? With names that big (compared to sequential numbers) I'm wondering how it works in your software. Did you manage to delete that big image from the gallery? That was my bad.
  15. I must look clueless half the time. Every couple months I claim that I'm about to thin out my magazine collection and then I end up playing games instead. Today I'm wondering why the shoutbox doesn't work. Also why I wasn't able to upload things. Then realized I forgot to resize my pics and have screwed up the gallery as a result. Speaking of gallery, oops. A few months ago I completed your collection of PSM covers. Only now did I notice that 'my' gallery is separate from the individual magazine galleries. The covers are in the database but the gallery for PSM ends early. I'm hoping there's a quick way to dump my gallery into the official ones or if someone is going to need to rename and reupload everything by hand.