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  1. Recommended game music player

    I've been using the same version of Winamp since the day I originally DL'ed it. The info box says 2.5, Aug 1999. Lol. Never needed to try anything else. And yeah I use a few plugins to play files ripped from NES games too.
  2. Anyone Else Getting into Home Automation?

    Sorry Retromags, you're going in the spam filter. I tried to turn off notifications but it's not working.
  3. Anyone Else Getting into Home Automation?

    Gah! Ya'll need to be quiet. Every time there's a reply I get mailbombed... My poor AOL box. *looks for unsubscribe button*
  4. I'd prefer a cocktail cab so it could support more than one game. But they're trying to make this more 'physical' which is definitely unique.
  5. Anyone Else Getting into Home Automation?

    It sounds like it could be useful but I don't need anything like that. Besides, I couldn't control it since I never bought a cell phone. Then there's always that bit of paranoia that these devices are collecting information without your consent.
  6. You can't trademark a '+' so just change the color. I'm pretty sure gamers will know what it does if it's green on white or whatever.
  7. The very last thing I need is new hardware. I have a backlog like 2 years long. But after seeing the shortages with the Classic (don't have) and PSVR (got one) I figured why not PO and make up my mind later. I have to get one someday for the collection. The night of the presentation Amazon and GS weren't taking orders. As a backup plan I put one in at Best Buy just to get me on a list. Apparently Zon and GS went up early morning and were sold out. Luckily some time later Zon reopened and I placed another order so I can use some giftcards. I hesitate to cancel one in case either store has to turn me away. I hate scalpers and don't care to do it myself.
  8. It's tough guessing a product with little information to go on. Especially when we're all familiar with different shareware discs. I thought the game sounded familiar but it doesn't look like something I've played.
  9. A point I agree with. I almost never buy a game without SP knowing that some day the servers will close and MP ceases to function. Games should never turn into coasters. I understand BF is weighted towards MP but there's still some value left on the disc. Since I tend to wait for sales there's more time to see their plans for DLC. Paying $30 makes it easier to get your moneys worth. And yeah physical versions are a priority for me.
  10. Ah a fellow UT fan. I wasted too many years on that one. I still enjoy those games once in a while but they wouldn't be the majority of my gaming. The old group broke up and like everyone else is saying it gets tiring playing with randoms. It's good as a break in between whatever else I'm playing. I don't have any friends on my list that play the same games I do. Or because of my backlog I'm late getting into certain games. Had to play things like Borderlands, LBP, and RB3 by myself.
  11. There were many discs like that so it won't be an easy search. The link above only shows the disc, do you know what that looked like or would you be more likely to recognize the cover? Here's a more direct link. https://archive.org/details/cdrom-101onlythebestgames4 Let it scroll through the images to see the cover. Remember this is volume 4 so while it might not be the exact disc it means you need to find one of the others. The one exception is it doesn't fit your dates. I'm almost certain this is where I tried Keen and the Scorched clone might have been called Tank Wars?
  12. Eew, you play CoD? Even knowing that it hasn't stopped recycling content for many years and there is SO much better content out there? Personally I wouldn't devalue my collection by getting it. That goes for Activision as a whole. They haven't produced a good game since canceling GH. Anyways no I always play the SP. That's what a game is for. MP is tacked on to too many games where it doesn't belong. Never touched online modes for things like Bioshock, Uncharted, TR, Dead Space, Mario Kart, etc. As a collector I don't like online-only games because they eventually become useless. Unlike Kit though I do play some things online.
  13. The 101 part rings a bell. According to the third 'here' link above - https://archive.org/details/cdbbsarchive?sort=titleSorter, halfway down the page, you might be looking for something called 101 Only the Best Games. They were packed with shareware. I couldn't say which disc in particular you're looking for. I should have 3 of those around here, got them at a show way back when.
  14. I think this is the same disc as the one I just mentioned. Thought I'd post in case you folks wanted to see pictures. Not like we need to buy it or anything. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GameShark-Sampler-for-PlayStation-PS1-PS2-from-2001-Brand-New-Sealed-/162180745225?hash=item25c2b9c809:g:9JcAAOSwqBJXVF59
  15. It's my last physical mag now that PTOM and NP went away. However it was my least favorite. There was too much PC and XB crap it seemed. There should be digital versions as they give you the choice when signing up for another year of their program. Odd thing is subscribers 'should' have access to both. I get the print one because it's good to get away from the screen once in a while but I'd feel better knowing these could go in the recycling because they're backed up online if I need to check something. I'm not going to pay for both.