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  1. To difficult to choose,each machine has it's classic games and at the time i owned them were all my favorite console! However,the machine that i probably hold fondest would be the pc-engine.Prior to this i'd owned a sinclair spectrum and a nes(showing my age now!) I saw an article in a magazine of that time showing the pc-engine and some of the games,including an almost arcade perfect port of r-type ,and thought it was amazing! Many import businesses sprung up around the console,and i was lucky enough to be one of the first in the uk to get one. The tiny size of the machine and its cool game cartridges,not to mention great graphics for the time,was really cool and made everyone who saw it want one. I have owned and used to collect most consoles and even a couple of arcade cabinets,and enjoyed them all,but the pc-engine to me is a special machine.
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