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  1. They have been there awhile but I just found out the other day. Love these old magazines. Electronic Games is my all time favorite magazine. Electronic Games Electronic Fun Enjoy.
  2. Just wanted to give a heads up about Family Computing. I haven't been around here much and just found out that one of my childhood hero's is dead but anyway, I read a few of these back in the day and remember that they were decent quality mags and well worth a look. Looks like it is the full run too. http://www.familycomputingmagazine.com/
  3. Here is the next one I am working on. Electronic Games February 83
  4. I'm going to have to go with Video and Arcade Games #1. It looks very interesting.
  5. Wow, how sad and pathetic. There is even Fan Art that he ripped off. Also wtf was he thinking? No one would notice? Like this gif, lol what a piece of sh*t. I'm going to love to hear his comments regarding this, lol, I know he probably won't explain himself.
  6. I thought about contacting the user who uploaded these to Scribd, his screenname is stevend, if he didn't scan them then this would most likely be fruitless. Who is Mort? I do admit that the color and alignment are not the best but the actual scans are quality just a bit raw.
  7. That would be awesome. Were those put out by Coleco? I take it they are very rare.
  8. Anyone interested in old Commodore 64/128/Amiga magazines should check this out. I think it is closed to full set of Commodore Power/Play and Commodore Magazine. The early Power/Plays have some nice VIC-20 content too. They are in PDF format and the scans are very well done. This is a link to a search page just scroll through pages. If it doesn't work just do your own search. I think I had to register to download. Commodore Mags
  9. Excellent news indeed! Good to hear. I am close to getting March 1983 scanning done now that I figured out how to get my ancient scanner working under Windows 7.
  10. Wish Waremonger would come back. I just put up Waremonger's July 83 Electronic games that was missing from the Download section. Go grab it if you haven't. CM
  11. Thanks guys, sorry if that came across wrong. I was just asking. I can't believe the site is almost back to normal. I will get back to scanning and editing my meager collection.
  12. I just visited the Electronic Games DL section and my original posts are gone and it says uploaded by Jake and the file says "by Jake". While I am appreciative, those links were already in place and I can't edit my original posts. I also noticed that Waremonger's name isn't on his either? Can this be fixed. Thanks
  13. I added my meager 2 mags to the Electronic Games section, hope thats OK. I posted the MU links (which were already uploaded)where it used to say Rapidshare. I have not given up on scanning the other parts of my meager collection if we can sort this out and I can of course find time.
  14. I just wanted to say thanks for all your work, I really don't know how you do it. As a child of the late 70's and early 80's your early computer magazines are much appreciated and I haven't said thank you yet. My Favorite computer of all time was my Amiga 500. At the time, there was an elegance to the Amiga that made all other computers seem crude and awkward.
  15. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to drop in to say I haven't fallen of the face of the Earth and hope to continue scanning and editing soon. I seriously have been way too busy to do anything but handle family/work/school. This is the issue I have been working on. The cover is not much to look at but it is a fantastic read as always with Electronic Games.
  16. After I scan my regular magazines (which I'm afraid has slowed due to school, kids, wife, life ect.) I will scan what I have. I too think it would be cool to have easy access to the reviews. Thanks, CM
  17. I have quite a few issues of Dragon magazine (a role-playing magazine) from the 80's that have computer sections. I think that the sections were written well and had a neat perspective from the RPG sector. I was just wondering if this was content that should be archived (just the computer sections) or if it should be saved for a RetroRPGMags site. Just a thought. CM
  18. Wow this is fantastic news. Thank you Phillyman! Retromags is awesome and under recognized.
  19. I don't understand, I completed it as a kid (and I'm not just dreaming it up!) You find which mesa to parachute off of with the staff of kings and the miniature model of the canyon layout. I'm nearly 100% sure that I completed it. I'll have to google this.
  20. I always wondered what was going on in Haunted House. I think I got a couple pieces of the chalice(?) but never beat it. I never owned it so I could only play in short bursts at a friends house. Please spare yourself from E.T. If you want a challenge on the Atari 2600 play Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is by the same author but is actually rewarding.
  21. Good thread.Actually there was a Thunder Cats computer game for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. I always thought it was odd that Mad Max and Road Warrior didn't get a game. Seems like a no-brainer. The cage-match in Thunderdome would have been cool to try to make too. It could have broken up the Car sequences. Disney made a great movie named Dragonslayer around 1980. This should have had a game tie-in. Great movie, if you haven't seen it check it out. Though technically a book, after Conan the Barbarian came out, only one game was produced. It was a decent platform game but I always thought Conan was an underutilized IP. There should have been more action adventure or even RPG games.
  22. Rapidshare is fast and reliable. I don't understand why so many don't like it.
  23. I'd loved to see old D&D modules made into games. I played and enjoyed Temple Of Elemental Evil and found it to be pretty damn good. I'm with you on Tomb Of Horrors but only if it was followed by the rest of the series. I especially love the last two, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Lost Cavern of Tsojcanth. I would also love to see how someone could adapt the Scourge of the Slavers series. That series holds a special place in my memory. Top Secret was also a great Role Playing Game from TSR. I wish that game developers would pay attention to the Spy genre. Though probably not what we are looking for some mod makers have created a Tomb of Horrors module for Neverwinter Nights 2. Tomb of Horrors Module
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