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  1. Recommended game music player

    Heh, after 20 years using WinAmp 2.95 to listen music on my computer, I still want to use only WinAmp 2.95 to listen music on my computer. Small, consumes something about 0MB of RAM, native, does pretty much everything I want to, has plugins for FLAC and for game ROMs music. Another great point about WinAmp 2.95 is that it is probably the only software ever created that does not use the "standard" Windows dialog "skin" and do not suck. Have I mentioned how awesome I think WinAmp 2.95 is?
  2. N64 Classic Edition

    I have to agree. I mean, DKR, Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark were great. The awesomeness of Conker's Bad Fur Day alone should be enough to make people cry when Rare left. Jet Force Gemini is still on my "to play" list, but I bet it is awesome too. About Mario Party, they were awesome. But I refused to play because I wanted my controllers intact. I'll wait until somebody invents an unbreakable controller.
  3. Yes!!!! In the matter of fact, it was because of that very first torrent that I found out about this site, back in the day. Thanks!!!
  4. Truer words have never been said. And by the way, did I see Star Fox 2 on the list of games? Was it ever released officially, back in the day?
  5. Broken games (in the logical sense)

    Ha! That is tough! And if there is one thing I admire in those systems pre-internet is that, despite maybe the Amiga case hehe, the developers did provide some solid pieces of software. Yes, there may be a few glitches here and there, but 99.99% of the time you could finish the game just the way it was intended. Nowadays you buy a blu-ray with the game and have download another 50GB worth of bug fixes. May I just ask one favor? Even though you did not spoil anything, I think if we always put everything except the game name inside a spoiler tag will help to prevent others from making a mistake and ruining something for a person who have not played a game yet.
  6. Broken games (in the logical sense)

    Ah, let me just make one thing clear: I think Metal Gear, despite the flaws I mentioned, is great. Also, my condolences for you map. I do stupid stuff like that from time to time I do not know if it is the first game of its genre (I think I read once the series creator mentioning the ideas came from an older game), but I would have loved to be able to play it back in the days. I would probably get stuck a lot earlier because, as you have probably noticed, English is not my first language and back in the NES days I had zero knowledge of it. But the whole sneak in instead of shooting everything, getting items and using them, an open world you could go anywhere instead of just moving from left to right... it was just so different, so awesome. About the game map, it was available on several magazines I had, and after I played the game I was able to find it while searching for the manual. Since it was full of "KONAMI tm" here and, I assumed it came with the game. But exploring and discovering stuff is something I really like to do, so using that map would have spoiled everything. But yes, the map would have helped a lot, and if you question my kindness towards the game let me remind you that I even let out of my rant the part where there is no way to know which weapon is effective against each type of enemy Anyway, I am going to edit my post in order to make it clear that my idea was just to discuss and talk about the flaws of the games. It was never meant to be a "I hate this game because of this" post.
  7. Lets expose those broken games that made us spend hours and hours trying to find out what we were supposed to do. The only thing I ask is that you put everything inside a spoiler tag, leaving only the system and game name outside. This way people will be able to avoid reading a spoiler about a game they have not played yet. EDIT: in order to avoid any confusion, please do not read these posts as "I hate this game because of this". The truth is quite the opposite: some of these games are awesome. Metal Gear is a great example of that. I think it is awesome. The ideas they used in the game are great, just not executed as good as they could have been. Was it the developers fault? As a system developer I must say that I think it probably wasn't. Sometimes in order to meet a certain deadline the higher management decides to sacrifice quality, and that is exactly what I think happened here. So... rant away without fear! Tell the world about that jump on TMNT's level 3, express your feelings towards whoever had the tornado idea in Castlevania 2 and, if possible, send me the address of the guy who though executing the (Alex Kid In High Tech World for Master System spoiler) Metal Gear for the NES
  8. Mortal Kombat II

    Ask and you shall receive. Direct from X-Factor v1 #111. This one could be found in pretty much any Marvel comic during 1995. I was reading this book a couple of weeks ago, noticed the ad and used the "#1 game of all time" quote to pester a friend of mine. He hates Ocarina Of Time, so whenever I find something claiming a title a lot of people think OOT should have, I feel obliged to send it to him saying "alright. So it wasn't OOT after all..."
  9. Underrated video game music?

    NES' soundtracks are the criteria I use to judge great guitar solos. Whenever I am listening to Gamma Ray (or another great band) and during the solo and I can totally imagine it being played inside a NES game I know for sure I that greatness has been achieved. One OST I am quite sure does not fit on the "underated" tag, but I just cannot ignore whenever the topic comes to mind is Chrono Trigger. The SNES is great, that is fact that I believe none of us need to be reminded of, but even then, the things they managed to extract from that hardware are simply incredible. And there is also this one that I am not sure you guys would consider to be underrated or not, but it is awesome nevertheless:
  10. WAIT! WAIT! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!! I still want to play Shenmue, though.
  11. Favorite N64 game?

  12. Favorite N64 game?

    Picking a favorite is hard. But 7 posts and no mention to Conker's Bad Fur Day??? It is not only one of the best N64 games, it is one of the best games ever!
  13. Magazine Database - Pages field?

    Just to be clear, it wouldn't bother me at all. I was just thinking about the trouble you guys would have.
  14. Magazine Database - Pages field?

    I do not want to sound offensive but, have you ever stopped to think about all the trouble you guys will have for something that (I think) no one will care about? It might be cool having that info for completeness sake, but that is pretty much the only reason I could come up with. I mean does the number of pages of the next A Song Of Ice And Fire book matter? Will you decide if you are going to read it or not based on that?