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  1. I have Everdrive N8 (for Famicom) and the SD2SNES (also previously had the Super Everdrive and the Genesis Everdrive) Love the damn things, wouldn't give them up unless I was facing homelessness lol. Especially the SD2SNES, well worth the $230ish (was on sale) that I got it for on SAG... If anyone needs them, I'll PM a link to some very well put together Everdrive ROM sets...last thing you'll need to download!
  2. so...when looking at the uploads....can't believe they basically took the ones from here and uploaded them :/ (NP#90 for instance, only avalable as CBR file, come here and yep, only CBR as well...) hasn't the 10 year rule passed on up to 2013-2015 now? Glad to see it's still up and running, been a while since I've been on.
  3. 10 years if I remember correctly, so each year you'll see the 12 issues from 10 years ago be allowed to be upped.
  4. If anyone is looking to get the final issue of Nintendo Power, you can order directly from the Future US shop. The difference between the "Subscriber Editon" and "Newsstand Edition" is the Subscriber Edition doesn't have the UPC on the front, so you get a clean cover with no bar code. Shipping for regular mail is $1.50 a copy. No sense overpaying on eBay for these...
  5. with a big red minus sign, what's up with that?
  6. Going after some SNES stuff, so I got Mario RPG and (in a seperate transaction)10 Super Famicom controllers from Japan (bringing my total upto 13 SFC controllers), also have TMNT IV: Turtles in Time and SMW 2: Yoshi's Island on the way.
  7. Pretty sad that the only good gaming mag left after NP is gone is Retro Gamer (and it's based out of the UK) Speaking of, if/when NP ceases publication, will the self-imposed year cap on scans be lifted?
  8. I occasionally buy an issue of Retro Gamer (luckily they are being uploaded on UG, so that helps) and Nintendo Power.
  9. Loved the first DKC. This and NBA Jam brings back fond childhood gaming memories All we need now is the next "New Super Mario" game to have SMB3 powerups and BAM!, childhood nostalga complete
  10. US only and Paypal gifted (or US Postal Money Order) please 1x Wii Club Nintendo Super Famicom controller unopened new $45 shipped Tekken 5 PS2 arcade stick, PS2 15th anniversary Street Fighter Ken fightpad and PS2 to PC adapter (Dream Gear brand) all for $55 shipped Xbox 360 Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (seen here: hardly used, good shape $55 shipped
  11. No kidding, whatever happened to the Player's Choice series? Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, LoZ Twilight Princess, and a few other games should be $29.99 by now (at least Mario Galaxy with the new one set to drop on Sunday)...
  12. I actually played this horrindous POS...thx Alah, God, whoever that we get a new GOOD NBA Jam this fall for the Wii
  13. I hack my Wii (for VC and Wiiware) but I still buy Xbox Live Arcade games and the occasional new Wii game (Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming up)
  14. Jesus much were those CIB Mario RPG, Mario Kart and Mario All-Stars?
  15. Wii (only because of the unlimited WiiWare and VC games, plus emulation for free) and a 360 (for Netflix and Xbox Live Arcade)