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  1. Deep Dungeons of Doom and Destiny Fantasia for Android
  2. As far as I can tell it works. I can't find anything saying otherwise. You could always try http://www.cdisplayex.com/?page_id=25 .
  3. This is going to be great. It's nice too because now going forward we'll have a definite foundation for the way things should be in order to keep everything simple and flowing together the right way. The way we had it worked before but this is a logical and streamlined next step.
  4. Good eye, Dpsx. I never noticed that was the Metroid II pose! This is the actual NP poster though, I have it. They must have copied the Metroid 2 imageand updated Samus's look or maybe the same artist worked on both.
  5. Great job on these, I'm glad someone did this!!
  6. Kind of neat, I might get one too. Who knows, maybe one day it'll be as collectible as the mini NES and SNES?
  7. Good news to any who want to try and not have to buy, it looks like a virtual boardgame program has emulated the game: http://battlegroundsgames.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3137 And info on Battlegrounds: http://www.battlegroundsgames.com/nutshell.html I haven't tried it(yet) so I can't recommend it. Found a copy of the game for cheap so I'll probably go that route instead of this.
  8. This sounds awesome! Definitely something my friends and I could get into, as we're all big Alien fans. Interesting that the ship is named Prometheus. Is there any chance it could be an unofficial Alien game? Looking to find it now..
  9. I don't see anything that needs approved. I'm sorry for any delay, I'll look again and if need be talk to Phillyman or E-Day and see if they can find anything different that maybe I can't see.
  10. The blurb included in issue 19 is cool for sure. What it shows is actually Mother(the Japanese title) which was never brought officially to America, though you can tell they were close to releasing it here if they were announcing it in their official magazine. The only way to play this game in English now is by finding the Nintendo ROM, titled EarthBound Zero. I have an article all about EarthBound that I ripped from one issue.. It was definitely in Issue 70 and 73. Issue 70 is a preview and 73 is more in depth and includes a cool interview with Shigesato Itoi. http://earthboundcen...eview-in-np-70/ http://earthboundcen...tendo-power-73/ And of course, our scans of the issues are much better quality: http://www.retromags...5/#.T_nqCPU-qRk - #70 http://www.retromags...5/#.T_nqDvU-qRk - # 73
  11. I played and loved Rival Schools.. so much I bought the sequel that came out on Dreamcast. EarthBound
  12. Oh man, I forgot about this!! Saw a trailer a looong time ago.
  13. Final Fantasy III(VI) EarthBound These will always be my two favorites, though there are so many others.. I really like Blaster Master's music and sounds. They just always stood out on NES and evoked a feeling of strange organic technology stored deep underground by ancient mutants. I could literally name hundreds of games, but these three are great.
  14. Great idea. Should be another way to drum up visitors and hopefully new members to the site. I'd be all for magazine video reviews, too. Heck, I might even try my hand at one sometime.
  15. I liked the Wiki too, and a lot of time was put into it. The data isn't completely gone is it?
  16. AWESOME! How nice of him to share all of this with you. I like his artwork, it really brings back memories from those days to see them here in their entirety.
  17. Ah, EarthBound. One of my all time favorite RPGs, if not THE favorite. Yeah, I said it. I just have way too many great memories with that game, it's almost inconceivable. Still play it often to this day, and I've been playing it since 1995. Nice name.
  18. I don't mind old threads being brought back. Most of them are good and it's nice to hear a new viewpoint on em. Hell, at least people are talking again.
  19. Its running fine on my end.
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