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  1. Areala

    Dreamcast Monthly Issue 07 (April 2000)

    Why, hello there, 128-bit Lara Croft! :)
  2. Areala

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    It really wasn't much like this, just a few people who were a lot touchier about their particular hobby than most, that's all. Occasionally they got poked, sometimes on purpose, usually by accident, and words were exchanged. It wasn't all that exciting, just made me steer clear of a few threads, that's all. *huggles* Areala
  3. Just a few months and I'll celebrate my 10th anniversary as a member of Retromags.

    Damn, I'm old. 😞

    1. Phillyman


      You don't look a day over 7 darling :P

    2. Areala
  4. Areala

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    *yawns, stretches, rubs the sleep out of her eyes* Huh? Somebody mention me? I don't mind having Admin status, but I feel like I don't do much to earn it. If the bug is fixed and you want to bump me back down to Team Member and give my Admin slot to somebody else, I'm fine with it. I mostly contribute the occasional cover scan and index an issue here and there when I have the time. I'm cool with whatever. With regards to the GameFan question, all I know is my brother did some work for them a few years ago, wrote a bunch of stuff for their website, and some of his stuff appeared in print in one of their magazines...then never got paid a cent for it. He's far nicer about shrugging it off than I would have been, so my reaction is to say, "Screw them," and upload whatever, but that's not very kind. I recall Triverse (and maybe Meppi too) working out a deal where they were assisting with scans of the magazine that Dave Halverson was selling, either through GameFan's website or OoPA, but I'm pretty sure whatever thing they had going fell through, since I can't find them available for purchase anywhere, either the old school issues from the 90's or the new rebooted version that my brother wrote for. I've no idea what the status on GameFan itself is, except that it seems to have zero authentic presence online and I think they stopped printing the reboot after the rest of the staff left/quit/got fired. All I know is stuff I learned third-hand though, so take it with a grain of salt. *huggles* Areala
  5. Areala

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    My thoughts on this are, basically, "different sites, different rules". very clearly skirts copyright in a way that is almost shameless. Not that there isn't enforcement, but when you can browse entire galleries of films and books that are nowhere near public domain, I don't see that the Retromags restriction on hosting applies. Japanese magazines have been a part of Archive's history for years now, so you adding to the mix I don't see as hurting anything. Retromags need not link to the scans or even acknowledge their existence. I don't really see this as a conflict of interest. It's like working at a bookstore full-time, then taking a part-time gig at a library. Both jobs deal with printed publications...and that's really about the extent of it. They treat their materials differently. Maybe try doing one or two files over there, leaving them alone, and see how you feel about it after a week or two. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can always pull them down. If you find it doesn't affect you much, then go nuts. *huggles* Areala
  6. Much like Larry himself, the guide is quick and dirty (barely over 100 pages) with more page real-estate devoted to images of the various girls Larry can try to score with than actual walkthrough text. In addition to scantily-clad females, it also (*ahem*) reveals the locations of the various secrets scattered across campus, including all the places you can find your Guardian Porn Fairy and where to pee, because the world is your toilet. In case you couldn't figure it out from the page count, there's really not a lot beyond the main game hiding in the code. While the game itself is rated M, the guide had to keep it T for 'Teen'...but they missed throwing down a boob censor bar on page 78. Whoops. Finally, while many Prima guides came with extras like a removable poster or detachable reference list in the back, this one has only a subscription card for BMG Music Service...which is totally representative of the early 21st-century college experience here in the US, so I shouldn't be surprised.
  7. © 1997, Prima Publishing

  8. Thanks for all your hard work on these, Ethereal Dragonz! I love being able to flip through these Japanese magazines. Occasionally I find a game I recognize. *huggles* Areala
  9. Areala

    PC Games Vol. 04 No. 04 (April 1997)

    That sad thing is, I often thought that back in 1997. beautiful was Tomb Raider 2?
  10. Areala

    PSM Codebook 2000

  11. Boss fight at the hot springs against Ashura is about as close as I can guess with my rudimentary Japanese comprehension skills. *huggles* Areala
  12. Areala

    Mac Multiplan