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  1. Hot damn!! *huggles* Areala
  2. I think the main difference is that anybody can add to the database. Not everybody can scan magazines. I'm happy to type up and index a magazine because it's really the only way I contribute to the site. My flatbed takes far too long to scan images for me to be a contributor of more than cover scans and the occasional little thing like the Tomb Raider Hint Book I did earlier. Bottom line: if you're scanning, you're doing so much more than the rest of us it's not even funny. I don't care if you never touch the DB except to link a new upload and cover image. You guys can "set your own hours" in that regard. *huggles* Areala
  3. I hate to tell you this, Philly, but it doesn't get any easier. I'm 40 and still a handful. I've no idea how my wife puts up with me. *huggles* Areala
  4. I may be quite alone in my thinking, but I loved everything about Heavy Rain. *huggles* Areala
  5. Kind of along the same lines, but did you ever buy 'Pulp'? It was a sister publication of Mixxzine, put out by Viz, but with the subtitle "The Manga Magazine for Mature Readers". Had some really great stories in it, like "Dance Til Tomorrow". *huggles* Areala
  6. Just noticed you put up an issue of Tokyo you have others, or was this a one-off? And if it was a one-off, are you interested in acquiring more...? *huggles* Areala
  7. This short, 24-page mini-guide was offered as an incentive for those who pre-ordered the game. It walks a player through the initial character creation up through escaping the Vault. If you want anything beyond that, you'll need the official guide. :)

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