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  1. I agree with you on this. I've never in all my life seen a console so hyped up as the PS2, either before or since. But the weird thing is, my recollection of it isn't so much Sony laying on the hype (they did, don't get me wrong, but that's something they've done with every console), but rather every single gaming publication of the day taking that hype and blowing it absurdly out of proportion. The Dreamcast is such a weird situation, because for a brief window it was the be-all, end-all of consoles. Every magazine of the day devoted numerous covers between May and September of 1999 to the system, its starting lineup of games, and Sega themselves...and by December it was like every single writer, editor, hobbyist, reviewer, and game shop employee in the industry collectively stopped caring. All anybody anywhere was talking about was how much of a monster the PS2 was going to be, and why the Dreamcast was irrelevant, despite being a monstrous success for Sega at the start. I don't know why this is, I don't know if Sony just dumped so many millions of dollars from their advertising coffers that they effectively saturated Sega's growing brush fire, and it didn't help that Sega had a couple of major stumbles not long after the Dreamcast came out, but ordinary people hyped the PS2 in ways I've not seen ordinary people go apeshit for video game stuff. Even non-gamers were thrilled about its release, despite stand-alone DVD players being much cheaper than a PS2 here in the US. But that hype was inescapable unless you lived in the middle of nowhere. *huggles* Areala
  2. Sorry, I had to delete them, but they died for a good cause. Turns out 4K resolution lesbian porn takes up a LOT of space. Who knew? *huggles* Areala
  3. The Trading Card Database might also help. They have a Card Identification Forum where you can post pics and information about unknown cards, and other members can see (and hopefully answer) your posts. *huggles* Areala
  4. Speaking as someone who was essentially curve-less until just before she turned 17, I still have to say: "*sigh*". *huggles* Areala
  5. Oh, Adam Warren is absolutely my top pick for rendering the female form in all its anime-esque absurdity. Nobody drew Gen13, the Dirty Pair, or the Knight Sabers better. And we all know how I love my Knight Sabers. But yeah, that GamePro cover artwork from the early issues is's very eye-catching, and I certainly couldn't draw better to save my life, and GamePro did well to make it a part of their "brand", if you will, but still. Ouch. *huggles* Areala
  6. Jeff Campbell sure knows how to draw the ladies, doesn't he? *huggles* Areala
  7. Seconded! Happy birthday, you lovely, wonderful man. *huggles* Areala
  8. Areala

    Bug's Life, A

    Ad for Disney's A Bug's Life for PS1.
  9. Ad for Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX on Game Boy Color.
  10. Areala

    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

    Ad for Rogue Squadron on Nintendo 64.
  11. I'll just leave this here... *huggles* Areala
  12. Is this the same "mild" typhoon that is nearly 900 miles wide, producing wind gusts of over 130 miles per hour, and estimated to dump somewhere in the neighborhood of two feet of rain on you? Like...what on earth does a typhoon have to do to receive an upgrade to major or even ordinary status?! *huggles* Areala
  13. I don't know what "Girls Mode 3" is. I just know that I want it.
  14. By law of probability there almost has to be, although I'd be surprised if they were as 'loud and proud' about it as the obnoxious wing of the West's otaku crowd. Strikes me as the sort of thing one keeps to one's self in Japan. But maybe not. *huggles* Areala
  15. I've wondered about this. I've seen numerous Japanese-language books come through at the bookstore, and it's always fun trying to match up and make sure all the volumes are there so they can be sold together (because what use is half a book?). Even stuff like "The Da Vinci Code", which is only around 400 pages, average for a hardcover thriller, got split in thirds for its Japanese publication. Stuff like Murakami's "1Q84", which is something like 950 pages in its US edition, I can totally understand splitting. But "The Da Vinci Code"? Really...? *huggles* Areala