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  1. Websight Issue 03 Vol. 01 No. 03 June 1996

    Will Java destroy the Web? Well, we're all still here, but anything's possible...

    © Navigate Media, Inc.

  2. Final issue.

    © Miller Freeman

  3. © Mecklermedia Corp.

  4. © Mecklermedia Corp.

  5. Asocom No.10 (April 29, 1987)

    That's such a beautifully absurd cover! Bwahahahaha!!
  6. Asocom No.13 (November 10, 1987)

    I know it's implied nudity, but it's quite tasteful. I love fairy artwork like this.
  7. New Release: Play Online No.3 (August 1998)

    Thank you so much! I'm not familiar with this magazine. I must explore... *huggles* Areala
  8. Adult games in the 80s (NSFW obvs)

    Mmmmmmmmm...!! :-9 Yes plz, more plz, all plz! *huggles* Areala
  9. MegaTen and the Persona branch are both great, although I played Persona before any of the others, so my love leans more in that direction. Thank goodness you uploaded this magazine though, for it contains...THE WINNING MANUAL! Now all I need is SMT II in my SFC collection, and I am prepared to dominate.
  10. Don't care. I'm already pawing through it with my grubby...uh...eyeballs, trying mightily to decipher everything in the short article on "Kamaitachi no Yoru" because sound novels for the win!
  11. You KNOW he was holding that one in reserve just in case something like this happened... *huggles* Areala
  12. Final Fantasy VI?! ALL OF THE LOVE!!!!!!!!!