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  1. Much like Larry himself, the guide is quick and dirty (barely over 100 pages) with more page real-estate devoted to images of the various girls Larry can try to score with than actual walkthrough text. In addition to scantily-clad females, it also (*ahem*) reveals the locations of the various secrets scattered across campus, including all the places you can find your Guardian Porn Fairy and where to pee, because the world is your toilet. In case you couldn't figure it out from the page count, there's really not a lot beyond the main game hiding in the code. While the game itself is rated M, the guide had to keep it T for 'Teen'...but they missed throwing down a boob censor bar on page 78. Whoops. Finally, while many Prima guides came with extras like a removable poster or detachable reference list in the back, this one has only a subscription card for BMG Music Service...which is totally representative of the early 21st-century college experience here in the US, so I shouldn't be surprised.
  2. © 1997, Prima Publishing

  3. Thanks for all your hard work on these, Ethereal Dragonz! I love being able to flip through these Japanese magazines. Occasionally I find a game I recognize. *huggles* Areala
  4. That sad thing is, I often thought that back in 1997. beautiful was Tomb Raider 2?
  5. Boss fight at the hot springs against Ashura is about as close as I can guess with my rudimentary Japanese comprehension skills. *huggles* Areala
  6. Some people adopt animals. Some people buy books. Some people hoard magazines. It's all...uh...the same thing...? *huggles* Areala
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    Cheats! (Volume 17)

    Cheats! Volume 17 offers up over 15,000 different cheats, tips, codes, and secrets for PS2, PS3, PSP, GBA, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS consoles. It was updated and published quarterly. 320 pages. 2006, Future publishing.