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    Featuring lots of games for the PlayStation, Dreamcast, Saturn, and PC that you've probably never heard of since not a single one of them made it out of Japan.  Every single one of them containing a cast of anime girls that squeal "KYAAAA!!!" when your character accidentally trips and falls against them, grabbing two handfuls of breasts as he catches himself.

    I'll have you know, I am one well acquainted with games wherein the protagonist accidentally trips and falls against a future waifu, only to arrest his forward momentum by reaching second base with both hands! :D

  2. 11 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    I think this may be the most amusing cover to a game magazine I've ever seen.  Like her fellow archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones, Lara is a badass, but put them behind the turntables at a club and you're bound to have one indescribably lame party.  She's just not that kind of cool.🤣

    Y-you shut your dirty mouth. Lara appeared in a U2 live concert show back in the day. She...she knows what she's doing, and would always lay down the smoothest of beats while out clubbing...and you can't convince me otherwise! ;)

  3. Excellent scan as always, Kitsu-san. :)

    Had a grand laugh at the fact the reviewer (who has been hogging the game for days, according to another editor) cocks up his review of Resident Evil on page 8 by saying the player picks between Jill and Barry. There's a screen grab of the player select menu on page 11, and while it's highlighting Jill's name, you can clearly see that's Chris Redfield's ID card behind hers. How much time did you spend on this game, Andy? :)

  4. 11 minutes ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    Don't forget the weird Shin Megami Tensei II strategy section that appears to be done in the form of a conversation between 5 party members.  Or maybe you're only into the Persona side of the series?  I have no idea, I'm just talking.:lol:

    MegaTen and the Persona branch are both great, although I played Persona before any of the others, so my love leans more in that direction. Thank goodness you uploaded this magazine though, for it contains...THE WINNING MANUAL! :)

    Now all I need is SMT II in my SFC collection, and I am prepared to dominate. :)

  5. 12 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    Not to spoil it for you, but although there is some FF6 in the issue, the main reason it's given such a huge font on the cover (aside from selling copies by hyping the #1 game at the time) was due to the inclusion of a supplement which apparently covered the final dungeon of the game.  Unfortunately, this supplement wasn't included with my copy.  The mag itself was thrown in as a freebie with an auction lot of a different magazine.

    Don't care. I'm already pawing through it with my grubby...uh...eyeballs, trying mightily to decipher everything in the short article on "Kamaitachi no Yoru" because sound novels for the win! :)

  6. 19 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    Well, like I said, I haven't played the game, so I have no idea what is actually said in that scene.  A quick google search shows a post from someone claiming that the actual translation is something like "That's a bit underhanded, don't you think?" so I assume the translators were either very bored or very high at the time they worked on that scene.

    That's how FloodWaters from GameFAQs translated it in his unfinished re-translation patch. A number of years ago (probably five or six at this point) there was an active thread on the message boards there where he was showing his progress, posting some comparisons of the original vs. his update, and such. Sadly, I've not seen or heard anything from him in years, so I assume he lost interest.

    My brother was trying to interview him a number of years ago for one of the websites he wrote for, but as far as I know that fell through too. Pity, I'd love to have seen his work finished.

    It now falls to you, Kitsunebi-san. Only you can save us! :)


  7. 3 minutes ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    You know, I've never actually played Divi Dead, but in my head I always pronounced it "Dee-vee" Dead.  It wasn't until looking closely at the preview in this issue that I noticed the katakana, which reveals what I assume to be a rather clever English pun, "Dee-vai" Dead, or "Divided."  I could be wrong, of course (not about the pronunciation, but about the pun).  The Japanese LOVE puns, but that particular pun would require a mastery of English that very few people would have.

    Divi-Dead (I pronounced it "Dih-vee Dead" for years until somebody on the GameFAQs message boards pointed out what you did about the katakana) is an excellent visual novel, one of my favorites. The name is a pun/play-on-words and it applies directly to a particular story revelation, although it's not really a spoiler since there's no way to know what or who it applies to without playing the game to its near-completion.

    One thing that bothers me about the game though is the English can I put's good, but it's very rushed, especially towards the end of the game. I've played through it multiple times (mainly to see all the endings), but there's still some shit that takes place in the final chapters that I cannot wrap my head around.

    It doesn't help that there are also some significant mistakes throughout the text with regard to character names. There are some scenes where one character is referred to by another character's name, another one where a pair of sisters are mentioned by entirely the wrong family name (their family name is 'Seino', but they're referred to as the "Itsukino sisters" or something in one scene, a name which appears nowhere else in the script), and the occasional grammar bungle.

    The translator(s) also took some liberties with other parts of the text, either in an attempt to freshen things up or just to be weird. In the English version, there's a location called "Kaori Gardens", but in the Japanese version this is just the school's entryway and it not only isn't called that, but it doesn't have a name period. A lot of the sex talk is clearly being ad-libbed in the text too. Not sure how you get "Pound me harder!" from a voice sample that is nothing more than a long moan, but... :)

    I have to give it props though: one of the hardest laughs I've ever had playing a video game came when one character referred to another as a "fart-blasting scrotum", which is either the most epic insult in history, or the worst translator screw-up I've ever read. I'm snickering even now just typing it out. ;)

  8. Quote

    This issue will be of particular interest to at least one person around here, as it features a two-page preview of Divi Dead.  ;)

    Golly, I wonder who she could be? Hopefully she, uh, they find it so that person can enjoy reading it in the privacy of her own room... ;)

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  9. I'm 90% certain it came with Tomb Raider Gold, as kind of an incentive to buy the strategy guide.

    6 hours ago, sqwirral said:

    Well now I'm interested in why he bought 4 boxed copies of the same game.

    He had a fever. And the only cure was more Tomb Raider. It's a condition to which I can relate. ;)