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  1. Thanks for another Gamepro issue.
  2. Thanks a lot for another Famitsu magazine. Some interesting japanese game adverts that will be added in the future to the Playstation Datacenter.
  3. As usual a lot of japanese adverts. All of them will be added to the PSX Datacenter website in the future. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the upload. Some interesting game adverts that will be added to the PSX Datacenter webpage in the future.
  5. Some of those "eggs" are excellent games like Deception III, Crash Team Racing, Gran Turismo 2 or Koudelka. This issue got also the walkthrough of Robin Lloyd no Daibouken, one of those good games only released in Japan. And a lot of good adverts like the Koudelka one.
  6. That game is Truck Kyousoukyoku - Ai to Kanashimi no Rodeo.
  7. 230-231 are not game adverts. It could be a gamepad advert or a japanese shop.
  8. The PSX Datacenter (a database of PS1, PS2 and PSP games) already got a manual section that is made by contributions for our contributors, there are no watermarks and most of them are in 300dpi size. You can check the manuals in the downloads section of the site. or If any of you want to contribute to the site please pm me or reply in this thread to know if they are needed (there are still lots of images not added to the site).
  9. Thanks a lot for this wonderful magazine. A lot of japanese game adverts that I'll add to the PSX Datacenter in the future. The hardest one to recognize was the Meguri Aishite one.
  10. Thanks a lot for the japanese magazine. Some interesting adverts of ps1 games that will be added to their entries of the PSX Datacenter in the future.
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