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    photography, video games (especially retro and rpg's) technology and anime and manga
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  1. ive got a sega saturn A pokemon pikachu edition game boy color a gamecube and a heavily scratched original gameboy advance
  2. my fav artworks are the zombie pics from resident evil 2, all mario bros 3 artwork and and the boxart for nights into dreams on saturn (sorry i dont have examples of this artwork
  3. id say ddr games or kof games, i can play streetfighter and mvc2 but i just dont get the hang of king of fighters
  4. all i can say is wow, its soo cool
  5. this loks awesome remakes are great when they are done properly
  6. nice collection but very excessive price
  7. hmm a bit drastic, and possibly distastful, imagine the pain
  8. omg i want this book, the pics on amazon suit my interest in otaku culture perfectly
  9. yeah id put super ghouls and ghosts in thier and ninja gaiden sigma on the ps3, id also say secret of monkey island 2 for its quirky confusing puzzles
  10. no one said, links awakening, i loved i could play it wherever i was (provided the gameboy batteries lasted)
  11. i still say silent hill on psx, i know its later game like 99, but playin that with headphones or in surround sound it used to scare me so badly
  12. hmm nice three choices, id say smb3 but... nah super mario world for sure
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