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  1. Oh, AWESOME! Haven't read that mag in AGES!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for doing that!! BJ
  2. Oh, COOL! (and it comes from the guy with the awesome Beaker avatar, BONUS!) BJ
  3. Wait, so for $179 on Amazon.com, this thing will AUTO-CROP the document FOR you, AND it gets it perfectly on its own, even for magazines that you're NOT going to remove the staples from?? Holy cow, that's pretty good, E-Day! BJ
  4. Was it a Tips & Tricks? Cause they were notorious for giving sparse strategy guides like what you described! BJ
  5. I'm not quite as hardcore as you guys, but I had the WORST time with Super Mario Land for Game Boy. Yeah yeah, I know, but that game was stupid hard for me. I also had a hard time with Duck Tales on GB until I actually freaking beat it several years ago on ALL THREE DIFFICULTIES. I'm still having a rough time with the following: Snoopy's Magic Show (GB) Kid Icarus: Of Myths & Monsters (GB) -- At least it has a save feature! Sheesh! Balloon Kid (GB) Home Alone (GB) Kirby's Pinball Land (GB) Mickey's Dangerous Chase (GB) Paperboy (GB) The Amazing Spiderman (GB) The Incredible Crash Dummies (GB) - Oh lordy, I still have nightmares about that last level... The Little Mermaid (NES) BJ
  6. I'm going to split these up between consoles and handhelds. HANDHELD (mainly GB monochrome) Side-scroller - Super Mario Land Other - tie between Dr. Mario & Yoshi's Cookie CONSOLE Side-scroller - tied between SMB and SMW, honestly. Other - Mario Tennis (N64) BJ
  7. I'm a newbie here as well. While I might not scan much of anything, I'm more than happy to be a member of the community. Just got the CGW 1-100 stuff, and I'm probably going to get the ZZap 64 stuff as well. Has PC Gamer archived their old issues yet, or am I going to have to bug them some more? All I really want is the July 1997 Curse of Monkey Island cover story. The rest of the mags would be gravy. BJ
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