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  1. Game Covers/boxes & Instruction Books?

    i have the complete dreamcast cover and booklet collection if you want?
  2. Some Tink I Saw Last Night

    looks awesome
  3. Datel Max Media Launcher

    i jus recently got a Nintendo DS and looking to get a device, passme or whatever they are, to get homebrew loading.... i cant find any tutorials on what i need to accomplish homebrew and my backupped games running though, any sites with a tutorial on what everything is and what i need?
  4. What Do You Download Most Via Bittorrent?

    ive downloaded full seasons of old Nick shows i watched growing up like all seasons of Kenan and Kel, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Doug, Rugrats, Secret world of alex mack, rockos modern life, ect
  5. Pink Ds Lite

    maybe if i buy my g/f this pink ds, i can play mine more, lol
  6. Version 3!

    digg is great, i use it daily, saw retromags on it earlier
  7. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    hye im douglas, 19, from atlanta ga. addicted to gaming 24/7