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  1. I hate to mention it but issue 116 has no link either. Other than that, all the links work and I'm finally up to date on it. Other than GamePro and Nintendo Power, my mag folder is a mess of random. You guys have done a great job on the GamePro's.
  2. Yeah, not seeing the links for them. Here's what I get.
  3. Is issue 4 scanned yet? There seems to be no link for it. Same with 24 and 25. Thanks Phillyman for all your hard work.
  4. It's been a long time since I was here. Glad to see it's still going strong. But am I missing something? I was looking to download an issue just to see if links were still active. I know we used to use rapidshare, megaupload, etc and was curious if we still had valid links or a server to host them. But anyway, I get this when going to the "downloads" section when on the magazine tab: "Sorry this section of Retromags is closed. We have moved over our downloads to our new magazine database. Click on the Magazines tab at the top of this page to be taken to it." And I still have mags, hate to throw them away without being archived somewhere. Maybe when I get time I can scan some more. Edit: I figured it out. Stupid ad block.
  5. I make no gaurantees as to how many and when because I scan in phases when my time is optimal but I will be a dedicated scanner on the grounds that any scans I do, I will not be barred in any way if I also post them on outofpringarchive or give them permission to use my scans. I'm in it for the love of the games and I'm hoping we can overcome our pride and egos to establish a proper sanctuary for these mags. It doesn't matter the site or the means, we shouldn't lose touch as to why we're all here doing this.
  6. Barbieonweed is on a roll. Thanks for the scans. I'm still here and will be back on track one of these days.
  7. Don't feel bad, triverse. I just barely passed the test latter half of the A+ that included laser printers and it was the part I feared. Never made any use of the cert yet and likely won't. Any job I'm cut out for in the industry would likely be rather mundane. Meh, maybe I'll make use of it when I get too old for construction. I love computers, always have, but I fear when using one becomes part of work, it'll take away the fun.
  8. Great interview. With all the writing, scanning, editing, interviewing, etc., you must be a busy man, triverse. I haven't gotten around to it but this is one mag I will be subscribing to. At least the digital version.
  9. Nothing. I think if I had a Sears toy mag from the 80's, I might scan that section. I've been big into music and cars and have old mags relating to both but for some reason, it's not such a big deal to me. I think it's that with the digital age, we are seeing the first simulations of man's and other animals' mind and body along with artificial intelligence, even though crude, in its early form. I think early videogames and computers are a very important part of history, not just my own, and I feel in some way that it's important to preserve that. I guess it's the same way with early art. Man's early interpretations of himself and others is preserved in it.
  10. Reviewing your scans again, I think you mentioned it before, but the scans do have white artifacts or blotches in them. It might be kind of annoying if it's artifacting every page. Also, if it's me, I'd straighten them by a few degrees. Ones like the SF2 pages usually have a vertical line which you can use to gauge by. I went ahead and straightened your scans, recropped, resized, and uploaded to the server to update the one on the server. That's just me being picky and I'm by no means the final word, Phillyman is. But if you want good alignment as a cbz, it's always best to straighten and as someone tipped me to, use the same size crop. I think the technique is mentioned in the faq and a recent topic here in mag talk. Thanks for the contribution and once again, welcome. It's great to have another scanner who seems to share our enthusiasm and preservational views. But I really didn't realize how much I was into SF2 until a few of my mags I thought I so preciously took care of had SF2 related pages torn out.
  11. Yeah, I didn't realize what a big SF2 fan I was at the time. I took good care of my guides but I apparently just couldn't hold out of tearing out anything SF2 related. But your scan quality looks fine, just need to edit the page boundaries a little tighter. I have to be off to work so I don't have much time to critique. I'm sure Triverse will set you straight there. Again, it's good to have another scanner onboard.
  12. Thanks, crookedmouth. I'm glad to see some more of these be uploaded. You have a good reason to be proud of your editing. The double-page art is nearly seamless most of the time.
  13. I notice you have the Sept/Oct 1992 issue. I would really be thankful if you could scan pages 55 and 56 in 1440 width so we can have a complete 6th issue. Might be a good start to gauge your scanning and provide you any tips, also.
  14. I'll try not to scan any more mags with missing pages. I could've sworn I took care of my collection better when I was younger. But I still have a move planned and once moved, I'll be busy for a while so I'm trying to scan while I have the time. Or if hell freezes over and I actually find a girlfriend, goodbye free time.
  15. Welcome. I have the same feeling about debinding but for my scanner, debinding seems the best way to most assuredly get the best scan possible covering the most page possible. I hated to do it at first but it's like pulling a tooth that is rotting out. I think it's for the good of all to share and preserve before they get in worse condition. As far as the fine print goes, I don't sweat it. The gaming community has given me lots of freebies and good times. If you want credit, put your name in the nfo or personally, I wouldn't have a problem with someone making their own personal credit page to put in the cbz, if that's what you want. Imho, any scan is a welcomed scan.
  16. Thanks, Meppi. I try to use your links any time I can to save the site bandwidth costs.
  17. I enjoyed that vid. Good to see something besides the typical, boring wedding video.
  18. Thanks, nickerous. I just added them and re-uploaded.
  19. Thanks for the link, Triverse. I love that mag and best of all, it's free. Just bookmarked.
  20. Happy B'day, Philly! At our ages, you start wondering if your b'day is something to celebrate anymore. Unless someone's buying you nice gifts, right?
  21. I have it scanned, around 250 pages. I suppose with that many pages, the best thing I can do is drop down from 9 quality to 8. As far as progessive or baseline jpeg goes, anyone have a recommendation? I know the file sizes for my scans seem unusually large for the page count so maybe my scans could use some tuning. Also, nickerous, could you send me the two pages before the weekend?
  22. I was looking at the Famitsu scans thread and notice descreening may be preferred here. Do you guys like the ink dots or not? I preferred the true, original form at first but then playing around with a few scans, I'm not sure. I thought I'd upload a couple comparisons but at that size, the difference is negligible.
  23. I just got done de-binding the December '91 issue of EGM so you can likely expect it at the end of the week or early next week. btw, it's missing pages 125 & 126 so if anyone has a copy, a scan of those two pages will be much appreciated. I was into SF2 att and it was part of the SF2 guide.
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