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  1. Resident Evil 4 was fantastic!I would literally lose hours at a time playing it, and it's been ages since that had happened to me with a game. Resident Evil 2 had jumpy moments, and was quite involving. NOTHING, however, has scared my like Silent Hill, before or since! Doom, whilst not a Survival Horror game, still had a sense of urgency that unsettled me.
  2. Part way through the following: Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive) Quackshot (Mega Drive) Also just started Super Mario 3 via Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, again. I've been on the first Dungeon in the Dark World on Zelda III for AGES, but haven't persevered enough. I've played all these games in their original format, and completed all except SMB3, but now am playing them via emulators.
  3. OMG, how come some of you guys have so many!? I have: Mega Drive Super Nintendo Playstation (2 of them actually) Nintendo 64 Playstation 2 (though I don't consider this retro) I've played the PSone in the last year, and the SNES in the past, err, 5! Aint played anything since they were actually part of the current gen. Aint played PS2 in a while, I play most retro stuff on PC!
  4. I hope I don't come across as too pretentious, but I refer to the consoles released between the true 16 bit and 32 bit eras, that never really made it. The consoles that spring to mind are: CD-i Amiga CD 32 Jaguar 3DO Please feel free to add any other examples. These consoles were the cutting edge when I first started getting into gaming, and though they were out of my price range, gave me a taste of what was to come. When I first got into games, about '93, I was already looking forward to the next generation, to consoles like the Saturn and PSX, and started reaing Edge. At the time, these consoles were already out there, and whjilst I never entertained buying one, I was nevertheless impressed and intrigued by what they had to offer. As such, they were almost an introduction to the Playstation, which I bought upon it's UK release.
  5. I don't about Nintendo developing Killer Instinct to challenge Eternal Champions, as I don't remember the latter being THAT popular. Also, I'm not entirely sure that many games were so much developed to challenge the dominanance of certain games, more that some games raise the bar/set the standard and others try to copy. Think: Bubsy, Cool Spot, Global Gladiators.
  6. What he said!! I am almost exactly the same, I very rarely play modern videogames, and only sometimes play retro stuff, and then only via emulator on the PC. However, I still like to read about videogames, and still read old PSOne magazines on and off. About every couple of years I'll gett back into videogaming for about a few months.
  7. I guess systems such as the CD-i, CD32, 3DO, Jaguar, and the Sega 32X for that matter just 'feel' like older systems, whereas I think the PSOne, Saturn and N64 were more responsible for changing the way games were perceived, and launching 3D to the mainstream. It may have something to do with the fact that even the Saturn sold more than those aforementioned consoles combined!?
  8. I stand corrected, dunno where I got 1998 from!? Hmm, perhaps we should come up with our own definition of retro!? In our context, perhaps: "the continued use of videogames/systems that are now considered defuct". Am I just thinking about this too much!?
  9. Hello Icarus. First up, may I ask, do you mean the US or UK edition of the Official Playstation Magazine? I THINK I have issue 47 somewhere, of the UK magazine. If it's not issue 47 of the UK edition, I'm fairly sure that I have the edition of the UK mag which does include the article on RPGs, I believe they also did similair articles on beat ups and racing games. The only problem is, how to get it to you, especially if you live anywhere other than the UK. I don't have a scanner, unfortunately. I guess if there are specific excerpts you want I could type them out, or potentially photocopy some of the pages in work and mail them to you, if you do live in the UK. Probably best to PM me if you want to get back in touch. Additionally, you may find some RPG links from this site which may be of use: www.gamespy.com/network
  10. The only problem with the above is that as time moves forward, this date remains the same, so at what point in the future does the date change to December 31st 2000? I think the best way to do it would be to say that any games older than 10 years are retro. What do you think? Also, I think the PS2 was released in '98, so this is a bit of a grey area lol.
  11. I'm just curious whether most of the people here play modern games as well as old ones. Personally, I've not bought a 'current gen' console since the N64 in say '97. I did get a PS2 last Christmas as there are so many good games for it, however. I think the main reason is, that with hindsight, you have a really good idea of what games are good for a system. Of course, the down side is that you generally don't play these games when they are cutting edge. Having siad that, I only have about 4 games for the PS2, and don't play it that much since completing Resident Evil 4!
  12. I think it depends on the console. Some may consider the Xbox to be retro, as it's no longer being produced, but it's the same generation as PS2. Woukd you guys who don't consider the PSOne/Saturn/N64 to be retro, consider teh CD-i, Amiga CD32, Jaguar and 3DO to be retro, as they are technically the same generation?! I consider anything in the 32-bit era and prior to be retro, say two generations ago.
  13. I played Starwing on the SNES, and could never get passed the last boss, and gave up. I completed Lylat Wars (N64 UK naming off Starfox 64) without too much trouble, then a few years ago played Starwing on the SNES again, and beat it without that much trouble, albeit taking the easiest course. I know that the end boss was the same regardless of the route, but the levels were harder. Was the boss harder as well though? I honestly think that is the only one I've played and then replayed and completed.
  14. Are we talking traditional 2D platform games, or including 3D as well? I guess from the titles listed you mean 2D games? When the DS becomes obsolete, where will platform games find a home next? Do you think Nintendo will ever abandon 2D completely when it comes to Mario games? I think that with each generation of consoles, that generation finds its feet with certain genres, and genres that were flagships for the previous generations just become less popular. It may be a shame, but it's been a long time since the platform game had it's heyday on the 16-bits. Having said that, do you think that as a result of fewer being released, that the ones that are released, are of a higher quality?
  15. Sorry Areala, I just couldn't read all of that post, just too long. I feel somewhat hypocritical, as my posts go on and on!! As for bad guys, dunno if I can list 10, but here goes. Also, is it limited to "living entities" or can it be general enemies? Also, given those named, I take it you mean Final Bosses?: 1) Metal Gear Rex 2) The Dragon (Tomb Raider 2) 3) Final Boss in Resident Evil 4 4) Final Boss in Resident Evil 2 5) Dracula (Super Castlevania IV) 6) Mother Brain (Super Metroid) 7) Final Boss in Actraiser 8) Devil (Tekken 2) 9) Mumblers - Not a game boss, but a special mention as these things scare the crap outta me (Silent Hill) 10) Iron Maiden - see number 9, above (Resident Evil 4) Does my list qualify?
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