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  1. Data returned a few weeks ago, at about 22,000,000 and is closing in on Phillyman. Date of last work unit 2019-02-28 15:45:37 Active CPUs within 50 days 9 Team Id 54458 Grand Score 107,161,495 Work Unit Count 45,894 Team Ranking 729 of 228438 Rank Name Credit WUs 7,089 Phillyman 46,396,311 31,747 8,266 Data 36,062,810 1,121 16,191 Toad 12,378,661 159 30,364 perfinpuz2 4,317,942 948 28,076 BMan 3,977,690 57 43,979 MBJ 2,119,250 9,156 66,096 TaiWolf 952,283 180 129,772 Areala 219,788 45 149,723 twiztor 159,220 146 125,105 kuaneos 139,127 722 166,269 Hidinger2 125,928 699
  2. Is that a new art style, where the eyebrows appear on top of their hair ? In the thumbnail I thought the redhead was wearing glasses.
  3. Issue 7 March 2000 had two pages of Jingaroo outback dreamtime adventures presents "Croco-vile the Nightmare King" part 2. It is considered an advertisement and not listed on the contents page. It also says check next issue for more of the story.
  4. The USA magazine Boot is missing from the database. It had 23 issues released from #1 Aug/Sep 1996 to issue #23 Jul/Aug 1998. At that time the magazine was renamed Maximum PC. All issues had a cd-rom. I do not know if there was a non cd-rom version. Issue 16 has 156 pages including the covers. whole # volume # date 1 v01#01 Aug/Sep 1996 2 v01#02 Oct 1996 3 v01#03 Nov 1996 4 v01#04 Dec 1996 5 v02#01 Jan 1997 6 v02#02 Feb 1997 7 v02#03 Mar 1997 8 v02#04 Apr 1997 9 v02#05 May 1997 10 v02#06 Jun 1997 11 v02#07 Jul 1997 12 v02#08 Aug 1997 13 v02#09 Sep 1997 14 v02#10 Oct 1997 15 v02#11 Nov 1997 16 v02#12 Dec 1997 17 v03#01 Jan 1998 18 v03#02 Feb 1998 19 v03#03 Mar 1998 20 v03#04 Apr 1998 21 v03#05 May 1998 22 v03#06 Jun 1998 23 v03#07 Jul/Aug 1998 has scans of issues 1, 3-7, 20 and 23. They also have copies of all 23 cd-roms.
  5. The magazine Stuff Gamer is missing from the database. Supposedly only one issue was released. Issue 1 is dated Holiday 2003 with a "display until Jan. 15" on the cover. It has 140 pages including the covers.
  6. perfinpuz


    magazines and such
  7. You are correct. It will only show a picture "inside the box" with no scrolling. I agree with Phillyman that you would have to test it with a 4K monitor/system to see what it is fully capable of doing.
  8. If you move your mouse pointer out of the picture box, the dark bars and all "buttons" go away. They come back when mouse pointer in box.
  9. The team total is now more than twice phillyman's top score. The team ranking was 999 on May 7. Today, May 8 , it is 997. Question for folders : Up until now my jobs had 250,000 steps. I just started jobs on both computers with 2,500,000 steps, 10 times the size. Is this normal ?
  10. Because of the situation with specials, if I were designing a sortable by user database, I would set it up with primary magazine name and secondary magazine name. If it was a special you would use that name in the secondary. If it was not a special, the primary name and secondary name would be the same. This way the magazine would only be listed once, but the user could find the specials by sorting the secondary name. Phillyman's database does not support this. Your choices are list the magazine once, doing the best you can to sort out the mess or list it twice, once in the primary name list and again in the special name list. I think you are going to have to just wing it for now. It would be great if you had some kind of document that included a list of special issues and where they were buried in the primary magazine list and a list of specials that you were not sure what primary magazine they were from and a third list of primary magazines with quantity of unknown specials.
  11. Here is a page to check out, if you have not already been there. Translate to your desired language. The main page is also one of the best sites to keep up with emulators.
  12. #124 will not open. It only contains first 75 pages. Please try uploading this again. Thank you.
  13. #37 is only 14 MB which contains first 10 pages. Please try uploading this again. Thank you.