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  1. Join the Retromags Folding@Home Team - Win $250!

    The team total is now more than twice phillyman's top score. The team ranking was 999 on May 7. Today, May 8 , it is 997. Question for folders : Up until now my jobs had 250,000 steps. I just started jobs on both computers with 2,500,000 steps, 10 times the size. Is this normal ?
  2. Because of the situation with specials, if I were designing a sortable by user database, I would set it up with primary magazine name and secondary magazine name. If it was a special you would use that name in the secondary. If it was not a special, the primary name and secondary name would be the same. This way the magazine would only be listed once, but the user could find the specials by sorting the secondary name. Phillyman's database does not support this. Your choices are list the magazine once, doing the best you can to sort out the mess or list it twice, once in the primary name list and again in the special name list. I think you are going to have to just wing it for now. It would be great if you had some kind of document that included a list of special issues and where they were buried in the primary magazine list and a list of specials that you were not sure what primary magazine they were from and a third list of primary magazines with quantity of unknown specials.
  3. Recommended game music player

    Here is a page to check out, if you have not already been there. Translate to your desired language. The main page is also one of the best sites to keep up with emulators.
  4. # 42 and #122 check out OK. Thank you
  5. #124 will not open. It only contains first 75 pages. Please try uploading this again. Thank you.
  6. #37 is only 14 MB which contains first 10 pages. Please try uploading this again. Thank you.
  7. Game Boy Tsūshin (August 3, 1990)

    Tsushin appears to translate as communication. Does that mean the English title could be Game Boy Informer ?
  8. Famitsu 0077 (June 23, 1989)

    Is the "lucky number" printed on the cover part of a contest ?
  9. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Could you number them Vol. 1993,No. 8 and Vol. 1994, No.8, etc. ? That way they would fall in correct order and you did not have to make totally artificial volume numbers.
  10. Searchable PDF Pilot Program

    I have not found a downloadable file for several days. Are these set for a higher access level to get them? It comes up with " Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2D161/2 "
  11. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    No direct answer to these questions, but I looked around and caught up the missed downloads through Kiwi's new message board/ download center "Kiwi's World" located at
  12. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Hi, Is it okay to still use the direct download (read) part of the website ? I realize that it was not updated, but I could catch up on older releases. I have the link and it still comes up. Is there any chance of posting some (media fire?) folder links here to catch up on newer releases ? I did not get the Play 44 release before you went down. Thank you, Richard
  13. has sets already OCRed of many sets of british computer and video game magazines but their quality varies. They are available in (usually) complete sets by torrent.
  14. New Release: PSExtreme Issue 43 July 1999

    Can't download Sorry, you don't have permission for that! You do not have access to this section of the site.
  15. Retromags Naming Convention

    I also dislike underscores. Many programs I have used in the past give the choice of spaces or underscores. I am interested in a country code. Some Magazines from the UK were also produced in other countries such as Us or Australia with similiar content but different numbering. Also the program could list your have list divided up by country if lists are part of the program.