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  1. has sets already OCRed of many sets of british computer and video game magazines but their quality varies. They are available in (usually) complete sets by torrent.
  2. I also dislike underscores. Many programs I have used in the past give the choice of spaces or underscores. I am interested in a country code. Some Magazines from the UK were also produced in other countries such as Us or Australia with similiar content but different numbering. Also the program could list your have list divided up by country if lists are part of the program.
  3. I like continuing adventure type comics, so my favorite is Girl Genius.
  4. I am playing PS3 Square Enix Tomb Raider. It is part of the Ultimate Action Triple Pack that also includes Just Cause 2 and Sleeping Dogs.
  5. When I go to database pages, in the top right of the page under the box that says follow, there is a box that says "you cannot add guides" .
  6. Also, what information is needed to create the database entries? You already have the Strategy Guides - Versus Guides group set up but no entries.
  7. 10 copies of this guide are available from dealer "Versus Book Guides" on Dealer link Book link Also they sell Volume 3 Tekken 3 arcade strategy guide which confirms it Still have not figured out Volume 34
  8. I always thought the music was great on Atari 2600 Mountain King especially considering the atari's limited sound capabilities.
  9. Sega CDX is a Genesis and Sega CD all in one system released in 1994. It is known as Multi-Mega in Europe and Asia. Look at Variations - - -> First-Party Models
  10. Thank you for the torrent. I am helping seed it.
  11. The group may also be an "on topic" choice, and it is not very busy. boneless is great, but you need to use a newsgroup search tool like Binsearch to find something because so many items are posted. I could recommend posting .nzb files in the forum to make the files easier to get.
  12. Just donated $25.00. Any idea what newsgroup(s) you are going to post to?
  13. Here is a link to a wiki on strategy guides that may be of interest. It covers computers and console games. It contains many covers and descriptions with a very nice system to get info by company or system or year or game publisher, etc.
  14. Possibly Sandwich Island Publishing. Check out this wiki: If you go down to the Genesis and SNES titles in the list, you can go to sections containing contents and book covers. Prima also released some early unauthorized guides.
  15. I could be wrong, but I am pretty careful when I input this stuff. The Prima Unauthorized guide by Zach Meston was rereleased at some time and possibly when the game was rereleased in 1996 as Nintendo's version of Greatest Hits. I believe it is the version with a sword and shield on the cover with "includes Game Boy Zelda" on the sword. The original guide has just large words and some small print on the cover. Adding new material like the gameboy information would permit the publisher to consider it a whole new guide rather than a 2nd edition or new printing.