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  1. i wanted to scan some magazines to give back to the community so i whipped out the old flat bed scanner as i had a mates planet game boy magazine and wanted to keep the super mario DX walkthrough before i gave the mag back. it then turned out that the necessary software got lost in the move and, cut a long story short, it doesn't work. however some people have told me if ever they have a document they want to keep they just take a picture of it with a good digital camera. what are peoples opinions on scanning by photographing? im asking less for the sharing point of view and more personal, as although i would quite happily scan some pages and upload them, it would take a while to learn how to scan a mag properly and would seem too much like a chore for me to do more than 2 pages. also, would it be possible to start scanning in some of the bits that come with old mags, you know, the cheat books mainly.
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/THE-OFFICIAL-NINTEND...93%3A1|294%3A50 whilst searching ebay for retro magazines i constantly come across things like this. my question is, what do people think of buying one of these and just using the scans? also, how do people feel about making one of our own, a DVD with every scan on the website to be sold by phillyman, with profits being used to pay the costs and to buy that ridiculous £300 ultra rare magazine that everyone on the site is just dying to see. this could also be a way of encouraging people to buy a premium account, offering the incentive of a DVD with a couple of handpicked magazines which are voted the best individual retro magazines of all time.
  3. i was quite upset recently when i realised... :'-( ... i ... am actually... a casual gamer. it hit me when i tried to think of a game i had completed... ever, and i couldn't think of one. now that i have seen the error of my ways i have tried to change to be a better, hardcore gaming, person. i have since completed a couple of games and am currently stuck on megaman 9. damn that Wily!!! but in answer to Thor's question, it wasn't that i used to vagina out, in fact sometimes i didn't even make it to a hard part, it was just that my brother always played a game first and then i would after he had completed it, and when i started playing a game, he was already onto a different one, so i would see my game, which i had already watched him complete most of it, or there was this brand new game i hadn't yet seen. repeat process. also, on hardcore only games like Sonic (good times) it wasn't that i pussied out, i was just crap. i wouldn't make it to the 3rd or 4th zone very often, either due to the huge amounts of time it took, or because i lost all of my lives. (bear in mind, i was born in 1993 and i played sonic between the ages of about 3 - 7).
  4. hi i am from Bournemouth, in Dorset, in England. map wouldn't load properly :'-(
  5. is that true? i didn't realise that it was illegal to download scans of a magazine you don't own . it doesn't seem logical though, as why would you need to download it if it were right in front of you (other than the reason phillyman states is the reason he started this site, to read 200 lbs worth of magazines on the go without carrying them)? i don't own any of these magazines, but i am still downloading lots of these precious jewels. my favourite so far would be nintendo power because of all of the in depth strategy guides for games, as previews of games quickly become outdated (reviews aren't that important, other than just for nostalgia or looking for a good vc game or a game to emulate). the reason i mention this is because i actually tried to buy nintendo power. i went on their website and went to the subscribe section, but unfortunately they are US and Canada only, so as a brit i am (nintendo) powerless. . another thing, a bit off topic, but when exactly is the cut off date for magazines, as i can't remember where but i'm sure it said somewhere that you weren't interested in any magazines that weren't 5 years old. somewhere else i heard the mention of 2003, and then it was plastered all over the user agreement that it was 1999. so when is the cut off date? and when will it change? (hope this doesn't count as spamming for posts )
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