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  1. Should A Game Demo Work In A Pirate-Themed Nightclub?

    I fully agree with NewsBot; moreover, I think green dogs should have the right to freedom of speech as soon as possible.
  2. How To Massage A Pussy

    Ahh,the English idiom I don't know what are the similar sides between a cat and a vagina, but you should not have used that word; anyway, you should use "pussycat" next time
  3. Windows 7 - Anyone Looking Forward To It?

    I tried Vista some time ago, and I can tell you: It is the worst piece of s* OS I tried in my life Then, a few weeks back, I tried win 7 and they are a plenty of upgrades in it regardind Vista. I think Vista were a like Beta of 7. Anyway, I'm currently using XP SP3 and I think I will use it forever.
  4. Stank Arse? Get Aspray

    It seems to be that this guy doesn't know something called shower
  5. Tv Or Movie Based Games That Should Have Been

    Although there are many westerns movies, Sunset Riders would have been great to see Now I remember, I think Silverado was the closest one.
  6. Post Count Accomplishments!

    I not even get 25 posts I'm not a man of few words, it is just because my super limited skills of the English idiom
  7. Favorite Old Nickelodeon Shows

    Aaaaah, the '90's wonderful moments. I loved to see Nickelodeon all the time back in the '90s. I used to see: Legends of the Hidden Temple Adventures of Pete & Pete Clarissa Explains it All Ren & Stimpy show Doug Are You Afraid of the Dark Rugrats Rockos Modern Life other I don't remember right now. Now, I see some other shows at nick@nite: The fresh prince of Bel Air Alf Kenan & Kel Happy Days Get Smart! Clarissa Explains it All Bewitched I Dream of Jeannie The Addams Family The Munsters Mork and Mindy P.D. There are a some others shows you mentioned here and that I used to watch, but they didn't get broadcasted thru Nickelodeon where I live.
  8. Console Games Rated 'ao / Adults Only'

    I agree %100 with that. It seems to be that USA's censors never liked to view nudes or something alike not only between the games, but the movies, the videoclips, the literature, etc. On the contrary, they never complained about the constant violence, blood's pools, aggressive language, etc.
  9. Creamstar's Work In Progress

    Keep up the good work bro
  10. Vhs Or Dvd?

    I think all the formats you mentioned above wasn't conceived as "cd killers"; contrarily, they were intended to be differents "alternatives" to choice from. Mini-Disc: with it you can record and erase your own music, compress it, etc. DVD-Music: I don't know said format, but if you wanted to say "DVD-Audio", such format was intended primarily to "audiophiles", so that was and is their "target". SACD: again a "audiophiles" oriented format. HDCD: This was an "enhanced" cd, which included 4 additional bits more than the normal 16 bits cd; moreover, they are compatible with normal cd players too.
  11. How Do You Receive Tv?

    What about the digital tv transmission but over cable instead of satellite, under stormy weather?
  12. Macgruber's Wip

    After I resolved my scanning moiré problem, I just started to scan: Next Level, Issue #4 from April 1999. I hope to finish it as soon as possible
  13. Removing Moiré (cross-hatch) Patterns From Scans

    Thank you Phillyman,it seems to be you beat me to it . Here I leave you the links to other languages from the same guide: Español Deustche Italian French Portuguese Dutch
  14. I played these games, but beat them a few years ago only trhu emulators: JuJu Wrath of black manta Spartan X Quackshot and others I don't remember now