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  1. Don't think I can properly express my feelings. While I haven't patronized gaming magazines outside of Retro Gamer and some fanzines (Scroll rules), I think there will be something lost. It doesn't seem that long ago I would stop by the magazine rack at Target to pick up my CGW and thumb through open copies of OPM and Xbox Magazine. I haven't bought a physical magazine in half a year (the last was Retro Gamer). I do read digital, but I tend to switch it up between two computer tablets (that's right, computer, not conventional): an old HP TC1100 (my workhorse), and an HP TC4400. I've had my eyes on those Literati readers for a while now, but that'll be for books only. For gaming magazines you need a large screen. I hate zooming around a page to read everything properly.
  2. bombatomba

    First Video Game Console You Bought?

    While the first game systems I played were the Odyssey 2 and Atari VCS, the first system I owned was the NES. The one that came with the power pad, if I remember correctly. I have since replaced the NES, but still own the original power pad, natch.
  3. bombatomba

    The Watch

    I have finally finished. First I soaped and scrubbed down my lawnmower, then I mowed the lawn. Now the wait. Confused? Three weeks ago I accidentally ran over some poison ivy with my lawn mower (I think). The result was a terrific bout of scratching and burning, such as only poison ivy can do. I'm better now, but my front lawn is starting to look like the Serengeti. I mean, lions could be stalking me and I wouldn't even see them. So early this morning, I took my lawnmower out to the end of my driveway and scrubbed it down with soapy water, then gently sprayed it off with the hose. I have since changed cloths and showered, and am ready. Ready for The Watch. I'm going to go about my normal Friday business, which consists of the flea market, 20 garage sales or so, then the thrift store. I have no idea how long it could take for my skin to absorb the oil in the poison ivy, so if I post later, and are infected with it I will include some juicy pics. If not, well, back to business.
  4. bombatomba

    It's Phillyman Birthday

    Hold it... ok, my kid is singing happy birthday, but he's not saying your name very well.
  5. bombatomba

    Describe Your Dream Game Room!

    lol @ Jake. My friend's mom used to take us to movies (we were 12 and she was... well, extremely attractive. Plus, she was not a believer ). UHF was the last movie she ever took us to. I'm not sure if it was that scene above or how we kept screaming, "YOU SO STUPID!", and calling each other quivering bowls of dog snot. Memories.
  6. bombatomba

    Describe Your Dream Game Room!

    My gaming room (the basement) is not finished. At one time before I owned my home, water had leaked in and the owners sealed the entire basement, tearing out the drywall to seal the walls properly. My dream would be to have my entire basement re-finished so I could make a decent gameroom, one with posters and where I set up some soundproofing and such so I could change the acoustics of the room to fit my needs. Once I find a affordable table saw I'm going to get crazy with shelving, so all I need is some proper walls.
  7. bombatomba

    How Do You Display Your Games?

    I've reorganized my collection (I used to have my NES games on one of those cheap CD display frames; looked horrible) so that the all my game (almost) fit onto my current two Sauder shelves. This is temporary, and while I scour southeast Michigan garage sales for a table saw (and my Dad does the same for Mid Michigan), I'm using an old program to help maximize my space. It's a bit of a challenge, but I need to get it done before classes start. On a second note, I'm really starting to like the display that is featured on the front page of The Video Game Console Library. Umm, here's a pic: Thanks, Jake, and anymore ideas would be helpful.
  8. bombatomba

    Stank Arse? Get Aspray

    At first I was speechless, then I thought: "The Sham Wow guy should be doing this commercial." God bless America, is what I have to say. Any place that can market this kind of product without any sense of irony has got to be heaven, right?
  9. bombatomba

    How Do You Display Your Games?

    I've decided that my Sauder junk is no longer adequate for displaying my systems and games. I have one large shelf and one smaller one for games (both Sauder), and one large one for systems. I really want to build new displays for all my stuff, but I'm bankrupt in the idea department currently. I'd really like to see some examples, but I couldn't find anything on the Internet (Google has finally failed me!). Pictures would be great.
  10. Wow, I forgot about the Amiga 32. I have separate memories for each: Jag: I had a know-it-all friend who tried to impress me by taking me into a friends store and "letting" me watch him play that Trevor Mcfurr game. I was really excited by the system until I saw that. CDi - I have an aunt who bought every game system at one time. I remember playing through the Zelda games and actually loosing my appetite once at Thanksgiving (true story). 3DO - For a time I worshiped this system. My friend and I would ride our bikes up to Bestbuy to play Crash and Burn and later, Road Rash. Not sure if you dudes remember, but the Road Rash on this system was one of the first games to contain a fully realized soundtrack, complete with watchable music videos (featuring cops and police dogs attacking rashers), as well as for some of the bands themselves (I seem to recall Soundgarden). This is probably the only system (outside of the Coleco and the Vectrex) that I have wanted but never gotten. Might be for the best, though. Can't imagine those games aged very well (except for Star Control 2!).
  11. I really hope I come across a N64 in my travels soon, I've got Super Mario 64 and nothing to play it on :( Neo Turf Masters on NGPC (my bathroom favorite) and Final Fantasy on my NES. To me there is just something almost brutally pure about the original FF on NES. I'm currently doing a playthrough with all Blackbelts. I'm only at Elfland and it's veeery hard.
  12. bombatomba

    Ever Skipped A Generation?

    I skipped the "lost and worthless" generation (3DO, CDi, Jag, etc.), but I've yet to fully skip. If the price of consoles stays current then I might skip the next generation...
  13. Lets see: NES (2: one for play and one for backup) SNES PSOne w/LCD screen attachment Odyssey2 (CIB, still smells like 1978) Atari VCS Genesis (Genesis 2 design) Sega CD (the front loader) Neo Geo Pocket Color (Neo Turf Masters is sooo much fun) Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Dreamcast (the system is feel-good retro!) Sega Saturn (chipped with toggle switch) Turbografx 16 Turbo CD addon (not the cool one, mind you) Upright Arcade converted to MAME (will play more once I overhaul the wiring in the CP) 386x (for those great DOS games like TIE Fighter) I play the NGPC still, as well as my NES and Dreamcast. Most of the others I emulate on my DS (SNES, Gen, VCS, GB, GBC, Turbo) and the PSX on my PSP. The Odyssey2 doesn't see much action these days (overplayed the games in 2001), and the Saturn as well, but only because the only game I still own is Bug!. I'm just waiting for Sega CD and Saturn emulation on the PSP and I'll be in hog heaven.
  14. bombatomba

    Your Favourite Type Of Controller

    It's always killed me that Sega never made the Dreamcast controller look more like the 3D Saturn controller. Imagine owning a DC controller with 6 face buttons as well those great triggers. That would have been my favorite controller of that generation.
  15. bombatomba

    How Did You Find Retromags?

    I had been desperately looking for a certain copy of VG&CE for years. When I came across a Spelunker strategy that I had clipped from that magazine, I had a clue! I searched in Google and found a link, and that was it. Retromags didn't have the issue of VG&CE in question (which was JAN/FEB '89, I think), but I stayed anyways. Great site.