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  1. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    Yes Pai wants to repeal the 2015 reclassification applied to broadband providers because it is based off of legislation from the 1930's which were never intended for modern day broadband and internet providers. Added to this, the pile of new regulations added in the 80's, 90's and 2000's only complicate the process of regulating the industry effectively. The real issue here is not about whether the FCC wins or loses rather, the FCC could use the same power to regulate internet service beyond broadband. The new goal of the FCC is to take a different approach to regulating providers and internet in America by focusing on actual abuses of market power while continuing to support the basic principles of net neutrality. One particular issue in court right now is the AT&T / Time Warner merger. AT&T being the owner of DirecTV while also being one of the largest fiber optic providers and Time Warner owning some of the largest content studios including Turner Broadcasting. So far the justice department has said that AT&T/ Time Warner will need to sell DirecTV or Turner Broadcasting before this deal can go through, something both companies don't want. I think these companies need to be broken up in this case because if this new conglomerate owns both the fiber optic cable as well as controlling the media content being created, this will negatively affect the industry and the users.
  2. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    The repeal of Title II regulations in 2015 was not a handout to ISP's. It was set into motion in the 30's to regulate Bell telephones from controlling the entire market. It was also a law designed for public utilities such as electricity, railroads and water and never designed for something dynamic as broadband internet. In fact the Obama era FCC decided to classify broadband as common carriers in 2015 so as to simplify the means of enacting net neutrality which resulted in regulation becoming worse rather than better. It also had the unintended consequence of shielding broadband providers from the FTC's authority over online privacy. Futhermore, implying that chairman Pai has colluded and conspired for what I would assume in you're mind would be power and financial rewards is a baseless claim. Pai has consistently supported the basic principles of net neutrality: ISPs should not be allowed to block specific legal websites or devices, intentionally slow some traffic to benefit others, misrepresent their network management practices or otherwise behave in conduct long-considered anti-competitive in American law. Right now 6 companies own about 90% of the media business in US: News Corp, Disney, Viacom, CBS, Time Warner and Comcast. Only 7 companies own the internet backbone in the US. They are UUNET, Level 3, Verizon, AT&T, Qwest, Sprint and IBM. Many people purchase their internet access from smaller ISP's who purchase their bandwidth from the larger companies. I have long supported's goal of keeping the larger companies from dictating to these smaller ISP's how much speed, how many gigabytes of data they allow and most importantly how much they have to charge. These have been long hard battles through the years and alot of them have been won although it is not over.
  3. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    I have been an active supporter of who advocate against governments and telecommunications making misinformed decisions regarding fair use of internet infrastructure on behalf of citizens. I’ve learned through this organization that the only way to have you’re voice heard in Canada and USA regarding the FCC and CRTC is to have money as well as signatures when you go up against opposing lobbyists. I feel like most people for lack of a better description are ignorant towards topics including internet service providers, telecommunications, cable/satellite providers, copper wire, fiber optic, 4G and everything else that is a derivative to this technology. It’s easy to look at you’re cable bill and cellphone bill and internet bill and say this is highway robbery, these guys are crooks, we pay a premium invoice and in return get inferior service. I don’t have all the answers. How the hell would I know what the results are going to be in however many years? If I had to guess, I would say political parties will continue to spread misconceptions about each other based on what side of the spectrum you are on and everyone in between will continue to get wiped out. In all honesty, I don’t believe calling congress will have any useful affect. We are going to have to step forward whether we like it or not and in the future we will arrive at another crossroad, being wiser then we were before.
  4. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    The cheapest cellphone plan where I live is $30.00 month with 200 daytime minutes unlimited text and unlimited evening and weekend. For $40.00 month you get unlimited picture and video messaging unlimited local and long distance which is what I have. If you want internet access on your phone, they are sold to us in "buckets" in a manner akin to trough feeding for hogs. 1 GB / $15 5GB / $20 10GB / $30 15GB / $40 20GB / $60 35GB / $110 50GB / $160 The cheapest home fiber internet package available to me offers 800 GB month at 20 MB down 2 MB up and costs is $63 per month. The US cellular carriers at the moment offer unlimited data which depending on the carrier, offers between 23 and 28 GB's per month before getting bumped to the lowest data priority on the tower and suffering 3G speeds (850 KB/s) during peak hours. (between dinner time and midnight) They also limit tethering to 10 GB / month before being reduced to 3G speed. Verizon Wireless, besides being hated for customer service and unpopular business practices, offers a plan called Beyond Unlimited which allows 15 GB of tethering at 4G and unlimited at 3G and is the only carrier with a plan allowing the connection of a laptop to it's 4g network. With a laptop on 4G for 28 GB and at least 3G unlimited after that it becomes an interesting deal. This would be my choice as a cord cutter. $85 US Beyond Unlimited plan $20 US Laptop fee Instead of $75 Cad My home internet $75 Cad cellular data plan In US currency I pay $118 dollars for cell phone and home internet compared to $105 for Verizon Beyond unlimited cellular plan. As cell phones get better I would imagine the $20 laptop fee will be eliminated by competition or the hotspot tethering rules will change in favor of the customer. The problem in Canada if you want to "cut the cord" is that rather than paying the cable company $200 bucks a month for channels, you instead have to pay multiple other content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, black market IPTV and face the increasing cost of internet while more and more popular shows like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and the Americans are prohibited from streaming services in Canada. In the case of HBO shows such as Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, I would need to subscribe to a cable company's CRTC mandated $25 "skinny package" for basic programming as well as the $20 Movie Network which includes HBO Canada.
  5. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was a major reform to the policies allowing giant corporations to buy up thousands of media companies around the world. This was all bought and paid for by corporate media lobbies with 97% support from the house and congress. In 2002 President George W. Bush’s FCC decided that Internet providers are not common carriers and that the FCC has authority over the ISP’s. In 2008, the FCC found that Comcast had violated the agencies net neutrality policy statement by slowing bitTorrent traffic but the FCC lacked the authority to enforce changes. President George W Bush enforced the Net Neutrality regulation on Comcast. In 2010 the FCC introduced the Open Internet Order which re-interprets section 706 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act allowing broad sweeping authority. This was tied up in litigation with Verizon until courts dis-approved it in 2014. In early 2015 the FCC approved a Net Neutrality Rule for Open Internet which is often credited to then president Barack Obama. The FCC now reclassify Internet Service Providers as carriers under Title II of the telecommunications Act, which treats them as public utilities. The FCC can now set rates, open access to any other competitor and become more involved in regulating the industry. Ajit Pai the new chairman of the FCC under the Trump administration was nominated by Barack Obama to the FCC in 2011 and reconfirmed by the Senate in 2012. He has now decided to overturn the 2015 Net Neutrality Rule for Open Internet and replace them with guidelines. Pai believes that regulation is unnecessary and will slow investment and prevent innovation. Over-regulation has already happened to net neutrality in Canada. Canada prohibits and enforces carriers from giving free data to their customers for specific content because it violates net neutrality by giving favors to certain services. If the ISP gives away a subscription to Netflix but charges for the data, this is okay but if they give you Netflix and don’t charge data, then this is in violation of net neutrality. When Canada banned zero rating, USA did not. Instead T-Mobile began giving priority for their video services and to compete, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint responded with unlimited data plans. Now USA has unlimited data plans and Canada does not. This over-regulation could have unintended consequences.
  6. Luigi and my regard of him

    I would like to reflect on one of Nintendo's most beloved mascots the one and only Luigi Mario. That's right Luigi and Mario share the same last name Mario. Luigi began his life with Nintendo as the counterpart and younger brother of Mario. Usually, Luigi was demoted to being the player 2 in games like Mario Brothers 1, 3 and Lost Levels and completely left out of classics like Super Mario World and Mario 64. I look at Luigi's history and see a man who wants so badly to live up to his older brothers achievements but is mostly repressed by his character flaws. Look at one Nintendo's official canon side story titled Super Mario Bros: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach in1986. After being summoned to the Mushroom Kingdom, an elderly hermit explains how the Princess has been abducted by Bowser. He assigns the task of rescuing Peach to Mario while telling Luigi that all he has to do is just tag along and if he wants he can just keep any gold he finds as a reward. The avarice consuming Luigi becomes so strong that it more often places the brothers in peril rendering Luigi an unneeded squire for his older brother. In Paper Mario of 2001, and for anyone who discovered Luigi's hidden diary in the basement are made aware of the deteriorating mental state of Luigi. If the player inspects the basement of the Mario house they will find a hidden diary belonging to Luigi. Like any diary, it contains a mix of daily experiences, thoughts and emotions. In the case of Luigi's diary, some people are amused by the resentment Luigi bears for his brother while others find this moderately concerning. In Super Paper Mario 2007, Luigi is imprisoned at Castle Bleck and brainwashed into aiding the evil Count Bleck by disquising in a costume as Mr L. Luigi is a humble, shy reticent person so it is my belief that once his identity becomes obscured by this alter ego of Mr L, another part of Luigi's sub conscious is exhibited as a character who is a brash, over confident narcissist. It is well known in the Mushroom kingdom, Mario's woman is Peach and Luigi's woman is Daisy. Look at examples such as NES Open Tournament Golf 1991, Mario Party 5 2003, Mario Party 8 2007 and the sports titles. Going all the way back to Daisy's 1st appearance in Super Mario Land from 1989 and looking at Nintendo's offical canon magazine Super Mario Kun there are examples of Mario and Daisy having a romantic affair. Like in the 1994 Keanu Reeves / Sandra Bullock movie, Speed, Jack says to Annie at the end, "I heard relationships based on intense experiences never work." Annie responds, "Okay, we'll have to base it on sex then." It is shown here that Mario is grandstanding for his his new flame, Daisy. Peach is clearly upset and throws a mushroom at Mario's head. At least in the early days, Peach and Daisy were rivals and it is seen here that Peach is clearly jealous of the attention Daisy is getting. In Mario Party 5 and 6 Nintendo made a multiplication table of teamates so as to illustrate the relationship between corresponding players. Look how Mario and Peach as well as Mario and Daisy appear to be good matches but Luigi is only a match with Daisy and Peach is more like his sister. Mario Party 5 and 6 Mario Party 8 Luigi has sure gotten more famous since he debuted in his first smash hit Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 and in recent years being included as a default playable character in many Mario action platformers. I also want to see a Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch and maybe a re-imaging of Super Mario Bros. 2. I only know what has been revealed about Mario and Luigi over the years and you can draw you're own conclusions although it is my suspicion that Mario may at least be partly responsible for impeding the development of his younger brother. Watch what Mario does during his brother's victory celebration in Mario Power Tennis from 2004. Mario just can't stand the idea of his younger brother getting more than him.
  7. I intended to include Mario Party on my list but forgot and I figured since Microsoft owns Rare, Nintendo would likely not come to a collective agreement regarding royalties, especially with Rare only games like Perfect Dark and Jet Force Gemini. Goldeneye was to N64 that Final Fantasy 7 was to Playstation. Nintendo will have to pay the dues to both Rare / Microsoft and MGM for the James Bond License but worth every penny to include this influential game with the system. Even though Donkey Kong is a derivative of Rare's Banjo series, I feel Donkey Kong is the stronger intellectual property. I also left mature rated games off the list because this toy is supposed to be played by children as well as adults. If not then I would have for sure got at least one Turok game.
  8. If and when Nintendo decides to sell the N64 Classic Edition, they will have to overcome 2 hurdles. 1. The original N64 controller. Nintendo could recreate the controller as accurately as they did with the SNES Classic controller although players will have to once again deal with the problematic control stick. Nintendo could re-engineer the stick to be more durable and it would be great to preserve the original feel of the control but this may add to the cost. 2. Although Nintendo 64 was known for having great party games and fantastic 1st party games, we cannot forget the absence of quality games from 3rd party developers as well as the Microsoft acquisition of Rare. The overall library of N64 is shadowed by the past 8 and 16 bit generation, still I have made a list of 26 games which only include 1 Rare game and one LucasArts game. What games should be on this console?
  9. Halloween 2017

    The season of Samhain is upon us again marking the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter. What is known as Halloween in America is actually an important date from ancient Gaelic times found in the earliest Irish literature. This date traditionally marked the time where a society would celebrate the past leaving a piece behind, while crossing the threshold and becoming a new person or identity. The Rites of passage explains this rather well. There are three phases to the rites of passage; 1. Preliminal rites - This stage involves a metaphorical death where the person being initiated will leave behind something which signifies breaking an old practice or routine. 2. Liminal rites - This is where the person being initiated actually passes the threshold. This phase must be understood by all people in the group and be approved by the master of ceremonies. 3. Postliminal rites - This phase is where the person rejoins the group with their new identity. This celebration was originally only in Ireland, Northern France, and Scotland. The English and Dutch protestants did not associate themselves with these pagan rituals. It wasn’t until settlers arrived in America that children started “trick or treating” and costume parties were customary. These costume parties were originally used to ward off ghosts and other evil spirits and over time the celebration became attached to horror movies. I would like to share some movies in which I feel would be in the spirit of Halloween, particularly this year. Feel free to add you’re own Halloween related stories and suggestions. Feast II Set in a small town somewhere in the desert of Arizona, a family of mutants decide to overcome the townfolk. Even though these mutants are very simple in nature, they eat, they poop and they fornicate, they have a huge advantage over the humans in town. Their speed, strength, size, and hearing are all superior. Part 1 of this trilogy introduces the family of mutants and the humans are left to survive the ceaseless barrage by any means. The first movie stands alone and so does the second one but if you watch the second one, be prepared to watch the third one after because there is no break in the film. This whole trilogy was absolutely hilarious and preposterous. Characters were introduced like comic book superheroes even if they are not so favorable and it tries to sell itself to the audience as thoroughly amusing. Some of the coolest characters get completely destroyed by the mutants in a matter of minutes after they are introduced while other characters just never seem to die. Wolf Creek 2 We have a movie based on real cases of hikers being abducted in and around the outback of Australia. Redneck bushman Mick Taylor is the kinda fella that would extend the Austrailian hospitality, whether it’s a couple backpackers or simply a tourist having a bit of car trouble, Mick would always offer his survival skills. There is one major problem with this guy though, and it is the fact that he uses this benevolence as a means of deception to lure these people to their disastrous end. Mick was no ordinary bushman rather he was a tribalistic denizen who has for some reason become displeased with strangers visiting his homeland. He feels these people think they are buying a ticket to some type of theme park or something. People just walk in arrogantly, feel entitled enough to just take from their surroundings and leave a trail of shit behind. Human Centipede Dr Josef Heiter, a retired surgeon specializing in the separation of conjoined twins, feels more apt at surgically rejoining creatures together again. Inspired by the inhumane experiments conducted on victims at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and the lunacy of writer and director Tom Six, the first part of this trilogy sets the stage for the rest of the series. After a failed attempt of unifying three specimens by way of surgical gastro unity to satisfy his sadistic need to invent a unique type of living animal to be used as his pet, Dr Heiter learns from his first miscalculations and decides to begin again using three different subjects which he captures in the wild. The first movie ends where the 2nd movie begins although a new dimension has been added to the story. A mentally deficient man who lives with his mother has been abused emotionally, physically and sexually by his father and is now further abused by his mother after his complaints lead to the incarceration of his father. In the second film, the disabled man becomes obsessed with the original movie and lashes out upon his family and environment. Like the first movie, the man pursues his predilection to the fantasy of joining mammalian subjects by means of surgical operation between the two opposite exterior sphincters found in all mammals. By the time part 3 was made, the movie had gone from being banned in many countries to a cult following of horror movie buffs. Unlike the first 2 movies the 3rd installment no longer tries to take itself seriously and conservative but rather becomes a carachature of itself. I found the third movie to be a satirical comedy horror which continues adding to the franchise and is a movie which one does not forget.
  10. Searchable PDF Pilot Program

    I have an update on my results regarding this latest torrent dump of 1338 magazines recently released. I converted all the Comic Book Reader files to PDF complete with an embedded index using Adobe Acrobat Pro. I looked for easier methods of converting the files and found that Comic Rack is capable of converting an entire directory automatically. Unfortunately, the DPI is reduced to 150 from the original. This is likely because the feature is considered a premium in Acrobat Pro and if free programs like Comic Rack do it for nothing then it would be considered money lost. With all magazines in one folder on a mechanical hard drive, I opened Acrobat and clicked Edit > Preferences, in left pane select “Search”. In right pane I changed the default “Maximum number of documents returned in Results” from 500 to 2000. I then selected “Fast Find” to decrease subsequent search times as well as changing the default “Maximum Cache Size” to 10,000 MB and close. Now I press Ctrl + Shift + F to open Advanced Search. I select “All PDF Documents in” and then browse to the directory where the magazines are stored. I searched for the word “computer”. Search time was 5min and got 33,127 results. The second attempt is 42 seconds. I searched for the word “the”. Search time was 1:43 and got 1.83 M results. The second attempt was also 1:43 I learned that you can speed up searches when there is a large number of PDF’s by creating an IDX file. This file will contain a full index for entire catalogs of PDFs. To do this I had to enable the tools first. Select View > Tool Sets > Manage Tool Sets > Edit. In this new window, in the left pane under “Choose tools to add”, select “Document Processing”, Click on “Manage Embedded Index” and select “Add to Quick Tools Toolbar”. Also add “Full Text Index with Catalog” and save. On the home screen, select Tools > Document Processing > Full Text Index with Catalog. In the new window select New Index, give it a name, add the directory where the magazines are stored and select build. This took about an hour for me. Make sure these files are in the same directory as the magazines. After you create the IDX file, open advanced search again, ctrl + shift + F. Select “More Options”. Under “Look In”, select “select index” and then the search term you are looking for. Now my searches have been sped up tremendously. Searching for the word “computer” took 5 seconds with 33,127 results. The word “the” took 1 min with 1.83 M results. The reason the word “the” took 1 min and not 5 seconds is not because it takes so long to find each instance rather, it takes time to organize 1.83 million instances in the search windows and have the ability to jump to the location.
  11. Searchable PDF Pilot Program

    I took 27 magazines which are already a PDF in Philly's new torrent. They were Amiga through Micro User. I ran the OCR tool and embedded an index for each of these 27 files and saved them to a SSD drive. I then searched these 27 magazines with 3 different words and used a stop watch. I searched for the words, "coin", "the", and "computer". Each search took 2 seconds or less. If I assume all magazines take up to 2 seconds and apply it to Philly's torrent of 1337 different magazines then these words will take 99 seconds to find in 1337 magazines. I'm currently embedding the 2nd half of the PDF's found in Philly's torrent. I'm curious how accurate my estimate will be after adding more magazines to the search cue. I disagree with being able to search the magazines. People often ask if anyone remembers a certain instance in a magazine, they give us an approximate year and we can do a search. I would also like to search for magazine game reviews and citations of future games the writers promote. Sometimes hardware and games get mentioned once and then become vaporware and besides this I would just be more interested if I could control what I'm looking for.
  12. Searchable PDF Pilot Program

    I'am using Acrobat Pro X1 and converting part 1 of Philly's torrent from PDF to a PDF with OCR text recognition. I never got any graphical anomalies although, like you said, advertisements are hit and miss as well as covers. What I have learned about Adobe's character recognition is that Images need to be deskewed, letters need to be at least 20 pixels in height, 300 dpi is the minimum recommended scan resolution, and lines of text need to be close to horizontal. Backgrounds color is likely going to contribute to pages not being OCR'd. With the high standard Retromags has for it's scans, we are a gauge for the potential of all other OCR programs out there. It would be so easy to run a batch on all the magazines if they were in PDF and correct me if Im wrong but most are in the CBR format and would need to be converted to PDF and then run the Acrobat OCR tool. Microsoft One Note and Evernote are both capable of character recognition of raw picture files such as CBR. Just extract the folder out of CBR and they work but I haven't done a whole lot of investigation into this yet. It would be nice if somebody could just search all the magazines like google searches the web and then have a list of results. Google drive and archive org have these features but the quality is downgraded and Retromags should be getting credit for this.
  13. Inquest Gamer scans?

    These are all valid points which most regular staff would agree with for the most part. Retromags should remain pretty tight about the person scanning magazines. I'm not acusing anyone of malice intent but when person A tells me that person B scanned a magazine and I have permission, I become suspicious. Long story short, I would like to see some type of evidence that permission is granted to use the scans of a magazine on Retromags preservation site. I looked up Shadis Dualist and Inquest Gamer on Wikipedia and the traits they all share are following card games in the early to mid nighties then expanding to include board games and some types of Role Playing Games. They are certainly not what you usually find on Retromags but it still has a certain type of nerdyness which is not so out of place. I say put the covers up once permission is granted, see what we have as far as how many magazines are scanned and then have a vote. Honestly, all this talk has made me curious about it. Now, if somebody approached me with some type of computer hardware magazines, I would be completely in favour of preserving them here. Videogames and computers in my opinion go together like toast and jam.
  14. A shadow looms over the town of Derry. Derryfolk don’t seem to care at all if anyone lives or if anyone dies. This callousness is not the fault of the townsfolk rather it seems to emerge from the incredible tragedies that routinely occur every 27 years, sometimes longer sometimes shorter. Adults in Derry see the suffering and catastrophes in Derry and try finding rational answers to irrational problems. Every 30 years give or take, children are found mutilated or go missing and every 30 years the townsfolk set a curfew, lock their doors and the police begin the cold search for a specter which doesn’t even exist in the mind of anyone who disbelieves in the paranormal or supernatural. Derryfolk have lived with this malevolence for so long that they have come to understand it, tolerate it, or in some way even love it. This story is not just about a shape-shifting Bogart from beyond the universe, nor is it about traps set for the most vulnerable children in Derry rather it is a story of the passage between adolescence into adulthood, the fears and troubles we suffer through, and how they manifest into our adult lives no matter how hard we try to suppress them. This would describe the book It by Stephen King in my opinion although my description pays no credit to the incredible amount of detail found in over 1000 pages. This book took me about two weeks to read or about 30 - 40 hours of reading. Every little detail is thoroughly fleshed out but the story never becomes dull. A problem arises when you take a story such as this and try to adapt it to light and sound. For starters, you are going to have to cut much of the side stories found in the book and focus on the main plot. This right here is a dis-service to anyone who enjoys the novel but it is also something which is completely unavoidable. This movie is only part 1 and it is already 2 hours 20 minutes and I would guess part 2 will be the same. You will never get all the story into a movie unless it was 10 hours long with a huge budget for set and props.
  15. I was watching the latest season of Halt and Catch fire last night and became inspired by Joe McMillan, a fictional character who made it big in Silicon Valley as CEO for IBM, then Computer Hardware and now web browsers and search algorithms. There was a time when we had the world wide web but we never had Lycos, Yahoo or Google. These companies built algorithms which crawled the internet and indexing web pages automatically. We have an advantage right now, a relatively limited amount of magazines to index and the tools to do it. If somebody was to have all the magazines on one hard drive and then they converted it to PDF, they could hold the data needed to index it page for page, title for title and word for word. This could be relatively easy to do for private use but the problem for me would be coding it so website users could use it.