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  1. If you've played as many games as I imagine you have then it doesn't surprise me that you don't recall a flashing 8 bit tile game you beat 13 years ago. If you read an F.A.Q and blew through the game in three hours, the likelihood of forgetting detail would only increase it seams. I say this because I have had a similar experience. I have seen so many movies aprox. 1500-2000 and I probably wouldn't be able to describe half of them although when I do watch one again it takes about 10 to 20 minutes of watching before something will trigger a memory that I have seen this. This is also the same time I expect to be engaged with the plot instead, shutting it off in protest.
  2. If you change any settings in folding at home client like changing the sequence of cores, I sometimes have to reinstall the program which sucks. If a work unit is taking abnormally long I would cancel it and restart the computer and reinstall the client. Normally the program will fluctuate in points by a margin of 20%.
  3. There is a grain of truth to all this propaganda and that is the fact that Japanese culture continues to attract the youthful urban hipsters with their own unique style.
  4. I watched a summary review of that remake with a side by side comparison and it looked like they cleaned up some of the art lines around the objects and sprites but I did not get the feeling I would get if all the worlds were reinterpreted and remodeled with a modern workstation before exporting to whichever console was new in 2011. As for a debate between Mario and Sonic they come from two different design goals. Mario is a part of Shigeru and Nintendo's tome and the other was a marketing goal to compete with Nintendo's mascot. In 1991 and with Sega's perseverance they survived the shortage of available game programmers Nintendo created by preventing developers from licensing their games to any other manufacturer. They packed in a decent game for not really much more money to tide you until you could purchase the first EA NHL. A streamer is anyone who broadcasts on a public server the live recording of them playing a videogame but they usually have other novelties such as music request and topic discussion while you get to see a professional with multiple hours of experience expedite the leveling system and give you an idea of what this game will be like before you spend money or waste a weekend finding out you wasted $50. Let's Play has a condition requiring the producer to have prepared delivery which includes writing lines and possibly rehearsals before broadcasting or recording.
  5. Areala should be able to take 5th place. Seems Taiwolf may eventually take 3rd place from MBJ. It seems to me that it would be fair if rather than spend$15.00 month on electricity to get 8.7 M points per month that if I could I would lease the use of a rack of 1080 TI which did the same work in 12 hours for a one time fee of $15.00 Imagine if I thought I had this contest cinched in 12 hours but somebody beat me in 7 hours 30 minutes for only $37.00
  6. You may wish finding out the daily cost if you let it run. The first thing you need is the wattage rating. For instance my intel cpu is rated 145 watt at 4.0 Gigahertz. Multiply this by the hours it ran approximately in one day. 145 watt * 24h = 3480 watt hours per day. Next divide by 1000. 3480 / 1000 = 3.48 kwh per day. Most cities as far as I know have a rate they charge by the killowatt hour for instance here it is 13.9 cents so I would multiply 3.48 kwh * $0.139 = 48 cents per day. So $15 a core per month should be something to be aware of. I stopped folding with my cpu because at the same wattage 240,000 points per day more with my GPU than my CPU I feel like 15 dollars a month would be wiser spent on a private super data center rather than 40,000 my cpu achieves. I will only turn on my cpu again if someone starts gaining on me by exactly 1 less than 40,000 ppd or more. Or if Phillyman starts leading by 340,000 PPD.
  7. Head of the Class King of Remedial S3E20 Tired of Dennis Blunden's disruptions and outbursts during his Advanced History class, Mr. Moore casts Dennis to Remedial History where he leads a group of under achievers towards self confidence in their scholastic while proving that he too can behave like a mature adult. One new classmate is seen playing a handheld videogame he called "Commando". The episode originally aired April 1989 so I'm left to guess that it was either an authentic Nintendo Game & Watch portable or else a Radio Shack Tandy. Sesame Street Season 32 Jan 1 2001 episode 3916 During Elmo's segment called 'Elmo's World: Computers' a boy is seen using a computer which has a Playstation original perched atop This segment is also found on the 2002 made for tv video staring Telly called 'Computer Caper'
  8. If I was to upgrade my card I would be looking for something which provides 10 times the performance I have in my 480. It would need at least 3.0 M PPD at 150 watts. Nvidia will soon release a dedicated cryptocurrency card late 2018 on a new node of 12nm. Rumored to be called Turing or Ampere, this card is expected to produce 2.0 M PPD. A gamer version will soon follow early to mid 2019 to replace the current 1080 with the 2080. The 2080 is only expected to produce up to 1.7M PPD intead opting for features that gamers need in a graphics card. July 2019 AMD will release Navi which will use the 7nm node size and is expected to produce 2.1 M PPD at close to 150W power draw. May 2020 AMD will release it's "next-gen" platform which will likely use the 7nm node with a new design which focusses on vertical stacking of the transistors. This will likely achieve 3.0 M PPD but with a heavier power foot print of at least 225 Watts. 2022 will see a huge jump in PPD with the release of 3D stacked carbon nanotubes on graphene wafers as well as AMD releasing it's 5nm node size. For the rest of this decade these new techniques will compete to reach levels of around 64 M PPD by the end of the 2029. This is likely where my ideal card sits. The 2030's are going to be the time where quantum computing or biological computers will be profitable enough for continued investment. Rough estimates are 100M PPD in 2030 to 1.0B PPD by 2038.
  9. The RX480 launched in June 2016 for $250 USD with the 8 GB onboard ram. The RX580 replaced it a year later in July 2017. It was intended to retail between $230 - 250 USD. What many soon realized is the RX580 is a rebadged RX480. The differences are an aggressive bios which made the 580 run fast and hot using more voltage. This is something the 480 can do by simply using MSI Afterburner software and achieve similar performance. Look at the prices of the RX580 today, these should be going for $250 USD , instead they are going for $550 USD The Vega 56 and the GTX 1070 are the same performance at folding. The 1070 would carry a higher value because it uses up to 50 less watts so if you want to let this thing fold 24/7 then you would certainly look at the power saving advantage the 1070 offers but for gaming it should be more important to consider the price because they both crush 1440P These are also overpriced by $300 USD This must be the retro computer website judging by the fossils that filled this scoreboard. I guess I should be happy though considering there is still time for some crypto-miner to come along and take the prize. Another graph I made to show how the folding rate would compare between potential cryptominers or just someone with a better card.
  10. If it's an intel board then you won't be able to find replacements or upgrades and if it's AMD and not Polaris or Vega then you need to upgrade without question. When you decide you're ready to build a new machine and are looking at graphics cards, know that retailers are offering deals with combos. Instead of the regular 150 - 200% markup on graphics cards, some merchants offer it at retail if you purchase a motherboard, cpu, and ram from them. Do you vacuum the case out regularly and replace the fan every other year?
  11. Good morning folks, we're back with another update for Team Retromags. Data overcomes some technical hurdles to move into 2nd place after only 1 week of folding, surpassing the 5 year reign from the now dormant MBJ. At this rate Data should be able to overcome the current leader Phillyman who prefers compounded interest over a longer period by approximately May 23 2018. That's only 81 days! We we're expecting to see Lostfirst move up the scoreboard but after one day seems to have all but fallen from the race. We also have a new contender that I can't seem to find a record of named TaiWolf. In the week since this race began mr Wolf has accelerated to 4th place and is likely to take 3rd place by the end of March. Team Retromags
  12. I'm using my old RX480 which according to this spreadsheet puts me somewhere between 250k - 300k points per day. This same computer has an I7 6700k that produces 40,000 points per day. My laptop which is considered an entry level gaming laptop from 2014 has the following processors. CPU - I5 4200M @ 10,700 PPD GPU - GT 740M @ 14,000 PPD I'm considering stopping the laptop because it uses 120 watts which is inefficient. When I started folding on Sunday February 25 2018 my RX480 was getting about 360,000 PPD but I had it over volted and clocked to the max. This card only has a single 8 pin power connector which means it only receives 150 watts and the motherboard slot adds another 25 or so. This means I have to keep the total wattage going to the graphics card at around 200 watss or it becomes electrically unstable . If I had a motherboard that provided 150 watt from the PCI E slot I'm sure I could pull 400,000 PPD but it doesn't seem worth it. Not to mention electricity here is 13 cents per Kw/h. I learned it's best not to mess with overclock settings while working on a live WU because it punishes you heavily if one fails. Something of use I found is the program Fah Bench . It's useful because it is emulates an actual protein while rating the speed of different processors. Good thing I bought a graphics card in 2016 because of the inflated prices caused by this cryptocurrency gold rush. Sadly though, I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  13. Canada has the Copyright Modernization Act It gives alot of protections for consumers to use content for education, satire and even backups but there is one point made where if a digital lock is picked such as with the software program AnyDVD which allows for the easy copying of even the latest protected blurays disks, then it is illegal. It is also very easy to slap a rudimentary lock onto everything which makes using anything technically illegal. This act doesn't mention anything about pirate streams using IPTV technology over the internet nor does it allow for enforcement of peer to peer pirates of e.g. HBO's Game of Thrones. The CRTC which is like the FCC is most likely going to be the arbiter of what is legal or not and then of course the RCMP followed by the justice system. From my perspective, I'm looking for weather or not they will punish me with fines or disconnects when I use peer to peer to download HBO content which as of today, ISP's are required to give an infinite amount of warnings to customers but no punishment. I will also be watching if crtc will be allowed to block IPTV traffic like user generated reddit streams and underground IPTV services like NFPS. These are the only two methods I'm aware of besides the caveman days of trying to download 40 different parts from rapidshare or mega. Stop these and you stop "pirate websites" in my opinion but do I really think this will happen? I'm not sure, but I'am sure that content creators have the right to enforce the use of their material and the government as well as the CRTC will have to satisfy both sides.
  14. Canada has the Telecommunications Act of 1993 which treats broadband providers as common carriers and enforces the spirit of net neutrality. The "Spirit of Net Neutrality" does not protect illegal websites such as torrent and streaming. This has left the door open for a different approach by a new coalition called fairplay canada which consists of 30 members including some of Canada's largest heavyweights like unifor, CBC, Bell, Rogers, corus, and cogeco. Fairplay wants the CRTC to block "extreme blatant piracy sites" The CRTC would enforce the rules and if a website is blocked by mistake, then they can simply make the case to the Federal Court of Appeal. This has many people worried because now the judge of websites with the authority to distribute who's copyrighted content will likely be left in the hands of the plaintiff e.g. "Bell Media" and enforced by some bureaucrat in Ottawa. This is exactly the reason the FCC uses to justify the repeal of Net Neutrality in the U.S. Overreaching government authority is bad, free and open internet is good. Canadians have been spoiled by our loose piracy laws making it almost impossible to punish a user from pirating anything from computer games to television programs. The time will come when Canadians will face actual punishment for pirating content and do what Germany did. They throttle internet and actually charge people money if they are found using peer to peer as a means of obtaining content illegally. This has resulted in a huge increase of customers that pay for online streaming services.
  15. I guessed 10, 9, 6, 3, and 2 I might have guessed Gundam and Totoro if I took more time to think but I only allowed myself a few seconds. Remember Rei's perverted grandfather from Sailor Moon and when he was eavesdropping on the girls and made his entrance swinging on a vine? Because it's not nearly as disturbing as Cubic Mouth dolls.
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