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  1. It's was only the top echelon, I mean, you and I may have had a 386 between 1994 and 1997 but that computer wouldn't play Doom. The 486! and Pentium I came out in this time. The clock cycles increased 33 Mhz every 6 months with AMD chips right behind them. Remember that in the late 80's and 90's the displays were very crude. If you did not by a new display almost every year, you would be wasting money on the rest of the machine. Monochrome displays were replaced by VGA in 1992 and SVGA replaced in 1995. The RAM was always sold at the lowest but to play the top games you needed more ram. Remember high level memory access in MS DOS before Windows 95? An extra 64 MB of memory in 1994 was $500 US. The monitors were between $500 and thousands and the operating system and audio card were another $450 US. After tax, for a computer minus the printer and other upgrades was in the $6000 range. This is May 1994 from PC Accelerator November 1995 Dec 1996 December 1997 December 1998 December 1999 Or If you go back and read computer game reviews from anyone honest will tell you what you need. It aint cheap but I did embellish somewhat. I assume a buyer would also buy a new printer and modem and either speaker or a CD Player or some software.
  2. Yes that's right. Also add that before 1994 and the age of Pentium, the Compaq PC which was about $30,000 US in 1986 dropped to $4500 by 1994 when Pentium came out and the above average personal computer remained about $6000 US. Many computer game reviewers like PC Accelerator went bankrupt in the 90 because the cost to play the top echelon of games each year required the most ram and the fastest CPU. It cost $6000 a year to play any game at acceptable framerates between 1989 and 1996. Between 1996 and now the price has slowly reached the lowest common denominator
  3. Some fool brought exotic wild boar into Texas in the early 90's and since then they have migrated to western Canada. They adapt well to the harsh environments in Saskatchewan and bread two litters of 6 per year. They destroy crops, harass livestock and kill domestic animals. The population of wild boar has gone from 0 to 100's of thousands in 15 years. I've heard stories of these pigs chasing dogs and cats all the way to the house and then smashing the door in and goring the inhabitants. I enjoy watching pest control in the United States hunt these pigs. The team is usually just one or two people who hunt at night with night vision glasses with the aid of 5 or 6 dogs. The dogs are good at sniffing out the pig but even against 5 mean mutts, the pig is an unstoppable force, especially if it has a litter, sometimes fatally wounding a dog or two. It's up to the bounty hunter to get in there and use lethal force.
  4. I understand completely. I feel I've spent too much of my time playing videogames not in my childhood but in adulthood. I probably wont touch another game until; 1 - I get the urge to play Super Mario World 2 - My Mamecade is operational 3 - Diablo 4 is released in 2022 4 - Forza Horizon improves the world graphics to the level of the cars Keep you're original controllers. You can plug them into adapters and it feels like the real thing if you ignore that the console has been replaced by computer software.
  5. I got interested in building myself a computer desk this year and made a blueprint. I'll show you what it should look like wrapped in arborite with black edging. The bottom drawer fits a bankers box which contains all my important papers. The shelf underneath can hold power bar and router as well as being a place to rest my feet. The depth is 31" and width is 5'. This will take 3 sheets of 1" MDF. After I put 3/4" angle iron across the edge, the top will support 600 pounds temporarily. I may hide a computer in the drawer.
  6. It sounds like a lucrative field to get into. It's like a blend of Carpentry, Computer know how and hooking up you're hi-fi. I don't have much need for automation although I do use Teamviewer to log in to my Windows computer at home from my cellular data at work. I sometimes let a song with a lot of bass play with all speakers faded out except the sub. People look out on the street cause they think it's a car trunk.
  7. This guy built a computer in the bottom of his desk and I learned few things.
  8. And when they said they were discontinuing over the air television to free up radio wavelength. What they meant was they can make more money if they charge you a cable / satellite fee.
  9. Youtube was great at first. Everyone was uploading music, television and movie clips and all kinds of jack ass videos. Then the music industry and MPAA got tired of giving take down requests for millions of videos going up a week. Youtube was forced by the Supreme court to prevent a list of copyrighted sound from every being uploaded. They did this with an algorithm which was later used by music ID apps in 2008. When youtube first came out, the full video would load into the computer's ram so you could disable the internet after it was loaded in you're web browser and still be able to play it back. This helped at a time when download speed was too slow for even 100 Mb video and the video would have to load every 10 seconds. Then after smartphones became popular, I believe youtube changed it so only a minute would download at a time and you would actually have to be watching the video for it to continue downloading. I believe they said this was to conserve data limits. I liked it when you could have more than one tab open on you're web browser, each with a different music video. Then you can take you're device away from the internet source and play back the stuff while you're away.
  10. I made an adjustment for fans and some corrections in my arrangment. If you get a flexible riser cable you can lay the graphics card down and cut the total height to 6 - 1/8" Then upgrade the card one day.
  11. Let's look at you're layout as an enclosure for now. The top of you're desk is 55 - 1/8" x 25 - 5/8" Take a piece of 1/4" MDF and cut it to dimension. I lay out the computer parts one way. The scale is inches. And the profile looking from the back would be something like this. 1/4" MDF and 1/4" glass. Do you need a graphics card?
  12. The top is 7/8 Inch. To stay structurally strong the platform must rest on top the sides so all the mass is transferred to the floor. It's the strongest and simplest method to construct something like this. I was thinking you could use the desk you got rather than scrap it. Either live with that 7/8 inch top or completely engineer a custom one. The biggest complaint with the Lian Li DK-02 is the flimsy drawer. I personally hate how the keyboard sits. It could be possible to use dowels and glue to strap together the sides and drawers but you're going to need to build up a brace to support the drawer on top.
  13. I never thought to compare the two shows because they are so completely different. The Shield is about a police force that covers a new case every week with some recurring roles. The star of the Shield Michael Chiklis has all the charisma of a wet towel. It was like the writers of The Shield watched CSI Las Vegas and then decided to re-write their own series using different actors but instead of leaving in the good parts like realism, forensics, a fantastic cast and even better stories, they cut all that out. It really looks like The Shield was written from the perspective of an imbecilic 20 year old Hollywood school liberal arts major cinematography who shot the entire series on his dad's handycam. You got bored with The Wire but I am truly surprised that FX didn't cancel this show after it's second failed season.
  14. In 1987 Director Paul Verhoeven finished the movie Robocop which received an X Rating by MPAA He had to cut the scene with Ed 209 somewhat The scene where Murphy gets wrecked by Clarence's gang has some gore cut 2 other smaller scenes were edited to receive an R rating By 1990, and after Paul Verhoeven went through hell on Robocop, he made sure to use a lot of angles to shoot the violent aspects of Total Recall and when the MPAA would object to something, he would change the angle used rather than cut and for the most part, it worked. The goriest version with an official release was the NC-17 version but there was rumors of an X rated screener version which had Benny, Helm and Richter's death scenes extended. There was also more of Quaid trampling bodies and using them as a shield in the airport as well as the scientists getting brutalized more after the failed attempt at an implant.
  15. Today, IMDB decided it would be ending it's message boards on February 20th 2017. This is part of the message on their site right now. Point 1 How does removing the best feature enhance the customer experience? Point 2 I agree that much of what you find on IMDB message boards in the last few years are not "positive" but there was also a wealth of useful criticism. Point 3 Not sure what they mean by basing the decision on data and traffic. This is the best feature of IMDB. It is unlike any forum. Every Television show, Movie and performer has a listing on IMDB and for each listing, there was a message board. This is a bad excuse for removing the most useful form of opinions sharing about media on the internet.