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  1. I have done some of my own research of the evangelical protestants in the "bible belt" and realized that I may underestimate the ignorance towards differing beliefs.  To say the least that may seem a little naive but I got to thinking how in the town I live in we used to have a protestant problem in the early 20th century.  They were purged from this area and ended up in you're neck of the woods.


    I was listening to a preacher today talk about protester's outside his church calling him every name in the book against Republicans, you know.  Nicest guy in the world, definitely not racist or sexist or violent but he did cling to a couple of controversial beliefs.  One of which is abortion and the other being marriage being held by a man and a women.


    I feel as though these evangelists feel more virtuous than even the pope because he has openly accepted same sex marriage.  

  2. I'm hopefully optimistic that it will prove more difficult than it's worth to sign into law anything that takes away rights that have already been given."


    Last night after my first response ABC news had an interview with Donald and asked if he will overturn the supreme courts decision and Donald said " he's fine with same sex marriage as the law of the land, calling the issue settled by the Supreme Court."


    I support Trump putting a stop to Syrian refugees until they can be vetted.  Obama's FBI even made a statement that they can't vet them because they have no documentation and they cannot prove where there coming from.


    I support the United States enforcing the laws they already have regarding illegal immigration.  The US is the only country in the world which allows anyone to come to the US without a passport and claim residence, jobs, health care, social assistance and even vote.  Japan received a record 7,586 applications for refugee status in 2015, but only 27 were granted.


    The US wants to bring in somewhere of around 30,000 refugees and Canada is taking 10,000.



    Hillary Clinton talked about building a wall in 2007 but Obama's campaigning skills made it sound like a bad idea so instead they have farmer fence along the border.  Mexicans are known for their mechanical aptitude and they have no problem cutting the fence.


    Donald never ever said he was going to round up immigrants or break up families.

    He did say that if an illegal does break the law, he will be deported.  Jailed upon re-entry.

    Donald did say he was going to stop funding for sanctuary cities.

    This is what is steaming on the table right now. 

    In my opinion Chicago should be labeled a war zone because it has more murder than in Syria.


    Border patrol doesn't work because they only ever catch one in a million.  Besides putting up this chicken shit fence and hiring 1000 border gaurds, they should build some other type of barrier in my opinion.


    I welcome suggestions.

  3. Donald Trump wants conditions on the First Amendment Defense Act.  It is not reported on by mainstream media which I think is in many ways responsible for all this chaos and panic.  I read about this first at The Washington Blade.


    He said,  “Protection of the nation and its citizens must come first. Getting the economy back on track must be near the top of the list. Preserving and protecting the rights of our citizens must also be in the mix.”


    He also said, “that he would not veto the legislation, but he would not commit to passing it,”




    This may not be the most satisfactory answer at the moment but the man has been unjustly demonized by a multi billion dollar smear campaign from the Clinton's, their special interest donors, every media firm and even by the hands of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


    Trump won the primaries against all the Conservative Republicans because he is fiscally Conservative as well as an Americanist.  He was born Christian, he has faith of a higher power but he obviously lived a most liberal lifestyle and this is a well known fact.


    From what I have gathered about Trump, he is going to be a law and order President.  The types of hate crimes you and you're family have experienced will not be tolerated under a Trump Administration.  Any and all hate groups will not be tolerated in America.  Any religious freedoms will not infringe on any person's decency or civil liberties.


    I hope that Trump can bring America together again to be peaceful, productive and equal for those wiling to work for it.

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  4. I must have crossed a wire.

    This song is a flashback of the writers perception of his hometown growing up and like how many people feel alone. In the final verse he talks about his escape being the telephone wire he can be whoever he wants.

    To me the telephone wire in 1997 would have meant dial up internet and 100's of hours I spent staring at crt monitor late into the night.

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  5. I stand behind you. Sharia law cannot be spread on this continent because sharia is not fair, it is ignorant to anything that disagrees with, it cannot be reasoned with, it is based on violence, fear and control, there is no science behind what an 1800 year old trader imagined while he spent so many lonely nights in a cave and I do not allow any basic rights to be stepped on by anyone. I know almost exactly the anger you feel in this outrage and I don't want anyone telling me that outrage is not aloud. We are animals and we got this far by fighting. There is a reason why the rest of the world desires to come here and not the other way around. It is because of the basic freedoms and rights that most people embrace but the loudest people appose. Either way, I'm on the side of debate, fairness, and keeping the best parts of what makes America loving and great.

  6. Oh Wow, and Canada gets accused of being cheesy. I think I know the last chick shown on the horse in the youtube video but maybe it`s just a likeness. I don`t know where to find this flick.

    My favorite rollerball movie is Rollerball 1975.

    When you talk about acid pools there has to be an accident and I was watching Robocop when I read this. Here`s what happened to one of he bad guys after he fell in the acid pool.


  7. Desperate times call for desperate measures or so the saying goes.

    Learning technical things with computers changes dramatically, but not that dramatically. Every nine years technology changes so much so that it would be beneficial to have some structured education. This could very well be by ones own gumption to learn by hands-on or to take a certified course.

    This same type of thing happens in all places. If you work in a mine or for an oil company, you must get training in First Aid & CPR. For most oil companies in Canada, they require you to have a card which says you are certified for giving first aid and cpr. They each have an expiration date of 5 and 3 years respectively. There are courses as well that you must pass a course to gain a card that is presented before going to work for these companies or they send you home. It doesn't matter if your a rig pig or a truck driver.

    If the job you have requires these certificates then it should be covered by your employer. If you work for yourself then it's got to come out of your own pocket. This may not be so bad if you have alot of work that can cover the cost and write it off as a work expense on your tax return. I'm not familiar with the documents you signed years ago but if it's anything like a bank, they have the right (or have a good chance of getting away with) altering the deed.

    It seems like a big expense but if you need it bad enough, you'll probably just pay for it.

  8. If you were paid minimum wage in a job with no chance of advancement and treated like garbage by most customers (who wield a superiority complex) how much would you care about doing your job right? Even in a recession all those bottom of the barrel places are hiring, why not just switch to a different on in the case that you got fired?

    Its not as though they really care if you come back or not, they have absolutely no stake in the business and it doesn't effect their tiny paycheck. They are just peons. All the big decisions are left to corporate. Perhaps if their employees had a vested interest in the business they would perform better.

    Yeah, I'm a little bitter as I worked at a coffee shop in college. I think if everyone worked in fast food at some point in their life perhaps we wouldn't treat people working those jobs like human trash.

    When I delivered pizzas for a couple of months I was at the depths of low. I was treated like garbage by not only customers but by the pie assemblers as well. They tried to cheat me on my wages every day. When I figured it out I had to ask my boss why I got short changed 40 bucks. Anyway it wasn't worth the wear and tear on my car so I gave that up.

    At no time did I let up. I gave 110% and worked like I was getting paid twice as much. So all the lazy nobodies who feel sorry for themselves and reflect it on their work get no sympathy from me.

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  9. I feel you shouldn't have to defend yourself for preserving the past.

    This one small part of it is Videogames. Videogame magazines appeal to me for a few reasons. After I finished Graphic Design I gained a new set of eyes for how magazines are built and printed. A preserved magazine that is 20 years old is a piece of history that I can reflect on for inspiration and ideas.

    I like to look at what size and type of fonts they used.

    I love the illustrations as well as the screenshots which took more work to get 20 years ago than it does today.

    Computers are amazing how they grew from nothing to what I would value as highly as indoor plumbing. Videogames are the reason technology has been driven to what it is today.

    If you follow how technology in computers has grown, you can see how game consoles were built as a direct result of it.

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  10. I loved it. And Koudelka could swab the deck with her mates but wisely chose to allow them to join her team. And she looks good in them pants. :rolleyes: Koudelka was dark with great music and a good variety of enemies. I like being able to level up characters to make them strong but not with so much detail that you have to memorized colors of crystals with the strength of your enemies and hours flipping through armor screens... unless it's Diablo.

    Koudelka also had nice drawings and animations. I thought it was an excellent game although too short.

    I never played it until 2005, 6 years after it was released. And now I'm gonna play Kya after Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!

  11. I'd never heard of this game at all. I was tempted to buy it on eBay for 10 dollars but backed out for now. It's too bad this game didn't get the number of sales it should have that Atari had to pull the plug on a sequel. I added this game to my wanted list. If you like games with a female protagonist who doesn't mind getting her pants dirty, try out Koudelka on the Playstation.

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