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  1. What a cool relic of the times.  Nice work on this one.


    It says "No more DOS Hassles" and "Plug and Play".

    DOS sucked because you needed a computer engineer training or you needed a second computer to get the first one operational.  This was before my reign with computer hardware.


    This reminds me of the legendary Bill Gates demonstration of Windows 95 in front of 1000's of people and when he installed drivers, the machine blue screened.


    As for graphics cards in 95 by far the newcomer 3DFX was the champion beating ATI's Rage 64. 

    The only competition nobody realizes would have been Sega's Arcade Board Model 3.

  2. Somebody needs to pull the Videogame Aptitude Test from page 247. It is phenomenal.

    In Press Start we start to see the big hype of Playstation 2. With specific details.

    Grand Theft Auto on Gameboy Color on page 203 was interesting to see.

    Top 20 Best Selling games September 1999

    I will only provide 7

    1- Final Fantasy 8
    2- Madden 2000
    3- NFL 2K
    4- Sonic Adventure
    5- Gran Turismo
    6- Soul Calibur
    7- Pokemon Snap

  3. I enjoyed The Final Word from the editors this month. It was titled "Buying Consoles The Day They Came Out"

    It more or less allowed them to speak of hardware releases which cost alot of money, what they thought and why but not necessarily if it was good or not.

    Here's an excerpt from this month's Press Start.

    "Pokemon episode 18 only in japan. Female trainers participate in a swimsuit competition. Team rocket shows up and James dons a rubber suit which gives him pump-up features."

    Have a look at page 103,104,128,129. Everything in the background is blurry but the foreground advertisement is vivid.

  4. Oh man. I bought this issue 3 weeks before the Dreamcast launch. I read the review crew talk about nothing but Soul Calibur and how they made bets on each other and that Soul Calibur was so perfect of a fighting game that the personalities of each player reflected in the game so well that you could literally psych the other opponent out.

    Because of this magazine and the Blockbuster teaser of Sonic Adventure, I bought a Dreamcast, Soul Calibur and Ready to Rumble.

    Check out Creative's 64 MB MP3 Player and FM Player on page 230.

  5. This magazine is one of the last magazines I bought before I finished mourning the death of Sega and began to save for my first Computer.

    The feeling I get in this issue is either you love Dreamcast and the online sports games or you have Playstation 1 and maybe you're little sister's Nintendo 64 but life is dull and we don't care about anything until Playstation 2 is out.

    For reference, Diablo 2 was released June 2000, 6 months before this.

    Madden 2001 on PS1 looked like last decade stuff while I was enjoying 2K online with friends.

    Pokemon Red and Yellow are on the 1991 Gameboy original and is revolutionary. It was also being emulated on a Pentium 33 Mhz

    Preview for Jet Grind Radio. Another game I anticipated and enjoyed as an original idea. It came after the Texas Instruments powered Playstation 1 and before the respectable Playstation 2 which was loaded up with Japanese RPG's and favorites like Off Road Fury..

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