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  1. Retromags Presents! Jeopardy Do you have other variations of this advertisement? Feel free to submit them in this thread! Conversations about this game or advertisement are also welcome in this thread
  2. Retromags Presents! Lunar The Silver Star Do you have other variations of this advertisement? Feel free to submit them in this thread! Conversations about this game or advertisement are also welcome in this thread
  3. Retromags Presents! Road Rash Do you have other variations of this advertisement? Feel free to submit them in this thread! Conversations about this game or advertisement are also welcome in this thread
  4. Goro was ultra powerfull. If he even hit you it would take almost 1 third to half your life. Shang Tsung was cheap. He could walk toward you and morph just before striking range and paddle you. If you back him up he can huck fireballs. He was the hardest to master. Too bad you can't fight as Gorro.
  5. 1. Jay McCray - Journey to Silius -NES 2. Jason & his frog Fred - Blaster Master - NES 3. Dead Cousin Ted - Maniac Mansion - NES 4. Earl - Toejam & Earl Panic on Funkatron - Sega Genesis 5. Ryo Hazuki - Shenmue - Sega Dreamcast 6. Fuku-san - Shenmue - Sega Dreamcast 7. The Vigilante - Vigilante - Turbografx 16 8. Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong - Arcade 9. Mario - Donkey Kong - Arcade 10. Guile - Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior - Arcade
  6. Sega's biggest advertising was the units they set up in Blockbuster Video. For six months before the US launch they had Sonic Adventure playable. Seen as how I was a Blockbuster regular I think this is what set my purchase in stone. I had the money saved for 9/9/99. I never thought football games were so hot until I tried the NFL 2K series. Everything about that game is perfect plus the graphics were as good as any Playstation 2 game. There were too many Dreamcast games to discuss in one thread but I never heard of Omikron The Nomad Soul until years after I purchased Dreamcast.
  7. I can almost smell the materials used in the original packaging from over 10 years ago. Over ten years, it feels like only yesterday I was playing Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi and dozens of other great games.
  8. That's $2.43 a mag to my address. The cover of number 6 looks good with the translucent skull and the detailed eyes.
  9. The cover doesn't display the words Blaster Master or Sunsoft but if you played it for any time longer than an hour, the little tank is recognizeable. I remember getting to what I think was the last screens of the game to find out this was all a dream but I fell to the bottom of a pit where I was attacked by stalagmite and couldn't find my way to the boss. And I don't remember the man ever being bigger than the tank. A better comparison would be a watermelon to the size of my index finger, the watermelon being the tank and the size of my finger being the man. He wasn't all that powerful either, but he could get through areas the tank couldn't.
  10. I can't believe you have never been faced with a mediafire link. Though I do have to wait 15 minutes for each consecutive Rapidshare download, Jdownloader does all of the work and waiting. I can add 4 gigabytes of download links and sleep at 9:00 PM. When I check it at 9:00 AM it's all done. That's my tip for today.
  11. How Many Mics - Fugees Me without a mike is like a beat without a snare I dare to tear into your ego, we go, way back Like some ganja and palequo or ColecoVision http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3lyq4YBR9o DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince : Then She Bit Me No, she wasn't there. I'm tellin you I saw her. No, really I saw her. She was playing checkers. No, Nintendo. Ok, I'm lying.
  12. There's one on the tip of my brain. I think it was someone like Tragically Hip but I'll have to think some more. Here's three i do remember. Three 6 Mafia - Playstation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Rud8Ww1f0 Eiffel 65 - My console Weird Al Yankovic - When I Was Your Age Lyrics Didn't have no telephone, didn't have no FAX machine All we had was a couple cans and a crummy piece of string Didn't have no swimming pool when I was just a lad Our neighbor's septic tank was the closest thing we had Didn't have no dental floss, had to use old rusty nails Didn't have Nintendo, we just poured salt on snails
  13. My friend was and he received a copy of Dragon Warrior for free. I never liked Nintendo power because it didn't give you as much bang for your buck as VG/CE and EGM did. I always bought those off the shelf with my allowance.
  14. I don't have much to add to this but I want to be heard. When I have a question about a particular part for sale on ebay I google it and most times there's a tomshardware on the 1st page of results. If not I'll add tomshardware to the search bar because I know Tom's hardware has reviewed everything available to a North American. A computer case costs around the same price as the motherboard it houses. If you buy a cheap case (and their are alot of those) you run into different problems. Only 1 USB port at the front. (and you can't just buy 1 port either) The header wires are too short to run where they won't be seen. No fans come with the case and no place to mount fans in the case. Cheap construction and it could vibrate when on a hard surface. Small form factor is essentially a micro computer. They look nice and they cost more to manufacture. They are very limited in how much you can upgrade them too. Nobody sells cpu fans with exact dimensions in millimeters and if you don't know this information, your going to find parts that don't fit together anymore. Even if your fan keeps your cpu cool and your graphics card keeps it's gpu cool, the heat doesn't disipate properly and your left with a lifespan of 2 to four years. Feel the hard drive. Is it normal to be able to fry an egg on top of it? Most often they exclude PCI ports and leave you with a PCI express 1 & 16 times speed port. I hate it. Everything is so cramped that air does not circulate. My data is worth too much to be stored in these conditions. A white box computer is what they used between 1996 and 2003. They all have that plain white look with no USB 2 ports in the front and most of them, if they have not been upgraded by previous owners have power units rated at 250 watts. But this is the route to go if you want to get your parts up & running. These cases can be found at a depot for free and sometimes you have to ask. In the future you can buy a usb 2 card that has 4 ports on the back and 1 inside the box. Use the one inside the box to plug in the usb/card reader you will also buy. This card reader is easy to install. Just fit it in either a spare floppy disk or dvd drive bay. I wouldn't be opposed to buying an older line of a Hewlet Pacard from off the shelf if the price was good. For one it has a nice box you can gut and put muscle parts in and two the old hewlet parts can be reused or sold off easily.
  15. Of course if you add up all the diseases from the past there will be equivocally a higher mortality rate than this new form of flu but the threat of this new flu is a real concern.
  16. What I have learned I have learned from CNN and our local news. I never heard that comment from the World Health Organization but I know it is impossible to know what is going to happen next. The virus could fade away gradually, or mutate into something more severe. Another possibility is that we could continue to see sporadic cases emerge over the next few months, followed by a second wave when winter approaches the Northern Hemisphere. Public education is an important line of defense. People at all levels of society must be informed about A H1N1 and how to avoid human-to-human transmission through respiratory droplets. The measures are simple: Practice good personal hygiene, cover the mouth while coughing, not spit indiscriminately, wash hands frequently, avoid crowded places, stay home if you feel unwell and consult healthcare professionals for suspicious symptoms. Footnote 1 What's the difference between Regular Flu & Swine Flu (H1N1)? The initial symptoms are the same, however, with Novel H1N1 (2009 Swine Flu), within five days it is possible to have the onset of severe respiratory symptoms that progress to pneumonia or other life-threatening complications. Footnote 2
  17. Obviously you wash your hands before you kneed the dough right? H1N1 is a real problem right now and expected to get worse. Worst thing is there is no cure and it can spread airborne.
  18. Why is it always a banjo playing redneck from Arkansas that has close encounters of the third kind?
  19. Yes if you take a public picture where cameras are permitted, you own the rights to those pictures but if you use these photographs to defame the person they can take legal action. I think these guys are going to have to change their protagonist and take music from someone less famous than Bob Dylan.
  20. What system is this on? If someone sets up a server that we can play the PC version on, I'd be interested. But I don't have the time to play games long enough to warrant the cost of monthly subscriptions. For now I'll play MvC2 on Dreamcast.
  21. We want full magazine scans if it's not already posted. You need to sign up at driverguide.com to find drivers for your scanner. It is easier to scan a magazine although a good digital camera could work if you had it set up on a platform and had it pointing perpendicular to the pages. It would also look nicer if you had even lighting all around the specimen.
  22. Windows 7 is said to run on 800 Mhz processors with 500 MB of ram and an 8MB video card. It is also said that windows 7 is faster than xp and Vista. Windows 7 X64 is the fastest of them all. This should be replacing two of my current computers. I read PC Advisor's take on this new OS. It is interesting reading Group test: Windows 7 on 5 low-spec PC I'am downloading Windows 7 Ultimate RTM 7600 16385 X86 & Z64 as we speak. This version will never shut off like the Release candidates do. This is an origial DVD ISO that was released to Microsoft members of Technet. Untouched or modified. I won't go into further details of how to obtain it and activate it, in fact I said too much already.
  23. The more I study this page the more it makes sense. I retract my first opinion. It looks good to me.
  24. I noticed that the flow of titles changed from Preview to review & then got mixed up. I could have found what I was looking for sooner if all of the reviews & Previews were grouped together. Start with Features then list all of the Previews. The underlying grid is just fine but the order of headings could be different.
  25. And has anyone tried Peggle Nights? I used to have a computer set up on the kitchen table so I could play Peggle Nights. Great game to play when your waiting for something like food in the oven.
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