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  1. Many of the duplicates are in only marginally worse shape than the ones I have. Most came to me a bit worn, not surprising given their age. Some had pages missing or even stuck together along with some noodles!
  2. Looks like this has been wrapped up quickly, so thanks to the couple of you who had replied. Kitsunebi77 likely will take my magazines and then hopefully scan them too. ;-D
  3. Magazines have been claimed. Sorry! Hi, folks. I'm giving away doubles in my collection, so here are 32 Famitsu, Famimaga, plus a couple other magazines, mainly from 1988-1992. Also some insert strategy guides. A picture is attached. If anybody wants these magazines, I'll send them to the first person who PMs me and is able to send me the money for shipping via PayPal. We can talk about how you want them shipped, either AirMail or by sea, as I live in Japan. General questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread.
  4. 836 downloads

    Famitsu 112 October 26, 1990 Thanks to ccovell for scanning and editing this issue!
  5. The submissions page says to contact you about loading them all in in one go. They are at 75 dpi, however...
  6. Hi, folks, mostly as an aid to myself, I keep an index of the Japanese retro gaming mags that I own, and what unusual/rare information is contained in them. A couple of days ago when I was making a new bookshelf, I decided to carry them all over to the scanner and do a quick scan of their covers, and add the scans to the index. Check out the page if it piques your interest: http://www.chrismcovell.com/secret/jp_mags/index.html
  7. I'm looking for any of these three issues (especially #13!) Please PM me with an asking price. Thanks! p.s. I do have classic Japanese game magazines (1987-1992) for trade as well...
  8. It's not Deluxe Paint, but an in-house CHR-ROM editor running on their Fujitsu computers. Few Amigas were sold in Japan and even fewer Japanese companies would likely use Deluxe Paint as their graphic editor. A similar custom CHR editor:
  9. A new Famicom-related scan is up: http://www.retromags.com/forums/files/file/2133-the-stars-of-famicom-games-a-picture-book/
  10. Sophocles, quit hectoring E-Day (aren't I witty: 2 Greek names in one sentence, geddit?) and move your beef over to private messages. Whether you have a valid point or not about the conduct of Retromags is lost in the disturbance your incessant heckling has created.
  11. Puddinpops, I can't speak or read Chinese, but I can decipher what I can through my knowledge of Japanese. Yes, I have a good number of Japanese magazines, and have found plenty of interesting stuff, but scanning even a small portion of it would take up all my free time and more. So I'll keep updating my page with a trickle of the more exciting stuff (like old SFC pics, etc.) Anyway, one Taiwanese curiosity I can mention on my page is here: http://www.disgruntleddesigner.com/chrisc/secret/OTH_1991Q4.html
  12. Hi, folks. I scanned in a nostalgic old issue of Famicom Tsushin (Famitsu) and it's now available from MegaUpload, so check it out! http://www.retromags.com/forums/files/file/2107-famicom-tsushin-famitsu-volume-5-issue-22-oct-26-1990/
  13. The A'Can magazine is really interesting; thanks for the scan! I love that propaganda comic that the mag starts out with. It's even more misleading than Johnny Turbo! (The A'Can mag routinely gets the specs of the MD and SFC wrong, and then boldly announces that at least 10 (!) games are coming out for the A'Can (by that time the SFC had 500+.) The hubris goes on and on...
  14. I've been dying to see EGM issue 13 and, well, any other mag from the late '80s/ early '90s.
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