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  1. Thanks for the replies. I found it. Now I just have to find a few more. Am I allowed to give clues as to the articles I'm looking for again ?
  2. I had this magazine about 13 years ago that had a section all on video game systems. I remember they in it about the Atari Jaguar was a toilet shaped & Cdi was to expensive. Does anyone know what magazine it was ? I'm sure it was from 1998 or 99.
  3. Megan


    Does anybody know what mag has the preview for Gauntlet (N64 version) I'm not sure if its gamepro or EGM. I think it was published around late 1998 or early 1999.
  4. Megan

    1998 Gamepro

    I think this might be the article. The game was in early develpoment. Thank you. Was there another one where they had an interview with Ed boon or one of the other programers. It was probably a later issue.
  5. Megan

    1998 Gamepro

    Hi ! Does anyone have scans of Gamepro early 1998 before July. I'm not sure what month. All I remember was that there was a good article about mk4 from arcade to N64 & PS1. They mentioned that MK4 was a near-perfect, but not a direct conversion because the home consoles were not powerfull enough. Please PM or reply here.