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  1. Hey everyone sorry about the delay with any update, things have been hectic the last few weeks with a possilble new job on the horizon, finishing up my spring cleaning, etc. Well I do have news, but not great news for those who were interested in my books, they're mostly all out of the house now, but were taken to the place my Mom works and she said she'd try selling them bit by bit, as I wasn't enamored with the hassle to deal with them anymore and shipping them all to folks here that would take care of them (while a more worthwhile plan and something I would have preferred to do) jusy wasn't logisitically possible or feasible time wise. So I hope everyone who was interested can accept my apology for dragging this on and for the disappointment from me backing out on sending them to everyone. That's why I didn't soliciate any shipping funds until it was all cut and dry and I was 100% on what I wanted to do, and I didn't want that being an issue. So I appreciated all of the interest and hope everyone here can forgive the letdown I've caused, if it was an easier thing to do and move 20 years worth of books then this would have been taken care of and they'd be in good homes now, but it was a beast to get them out to the van as it was and something I didn't relish doing when I had to then repack and ship them off. I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on and not have them think I just abandoned this without some closure on what happened. Thanks again for the offers of help to preserve my collection. Cheers. I wish I could help, like I said they're still out there (mostly) but the reason I changed my mind for shipping them all is the logistic nightmare of sending them all of, if it was a possibility for people to come and get them in person, that would have worked perfectly, but alas it's not possible. Sorry for your loss.
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with finalizing my move back home and taking care of a massive spring cleaning of which the magazines are a not so small part of. There's still a week for me to figure out what I'm going to do with them, will get some idea of shipping price if I'm going that direction, my only concern there is boxing, packing, and then getting them to the shipping location, I might move to plan B or C, so stay tuned, but otherwise things are on progress for the original direction. There's been one change in the magazines and I will PM the person who if affects, my nephew chimed up and decided he wanted them, so my apologies for that, but I'd like to make this easier on myself, and that makes it a lot easier on me. After I get all of my things cleaned up, reorganized and in some semblence or order then I'll look into the boxing and shipping price, so as per plan about sometime next week I'll start getting information out to those interested. When you have to go through 35 years of stuff, it takes awhile. ;-) Will be back when I know something or have an update.
  3. EGM, Gamepro, Game Informer, Gamer's Republic, Incite, Netpro, Nintendo Power, PC Gamer (hope I didn't miss any) have all been spoken for, by everyone above. That leaves some odds and ends, I'm taking Next Generation off the table, and there was a Diehard Gamefan I missed, but that stays too (Vagrant Story coverage) ;-) since I think they were nicely written magazines. So that just leaves Official Playstation Magazine (OPM), and Playstation the Official Magazine (not sure how many of these later ones I'll part with, if any), as the main ones but the OPM's can and need to go. I think they're pretty much all in one box, so that'll be fairly easy to ship. And if anyone has any interest in the oddball magazines lemme know otherwise I might tuck some away to fill empty boxes and what not to those getting all of the other ones. And as I PM'ed all of those interested, I'm looking at UPS right now as the main carrier, I'll look to see what shipping costs might run and can start gettings things ready for when they're to go. If there are any takers for what's left let me know. And other than KiwiArcader (since he already did), can everyone else send me zip codes or where things are going so in case I need the informaiton I have it handy. Thanks
  4. OK, 2 PM's sent and reply's received looks like ctophil has dibs on the NP's and Kiwi Arcader is getting the Gamer's Republic, PSM and PC Gamers and other's he's asking for, and Red Eye will get PC Games and Incite, since the PC Gamers are already spoken for, I'll PM them both and The Red Eye about moving further along. I'm looking at sending everything out in one go, probably the 5th of July or around there, and will decide on how we're going to figure out how much shipping costs before then. Anyone who's sent these before have an educated guess as to how heavy / expensive a 6 gallon water box full of magazines costs to ship via UPS? The vast majority of what's left is Gamepro, OPM, PtoM and EGM, anyone interested in those? PM's inbound for The Red Eye and as soon as I hear more on shipping cost to everyone again. Cheers.
  5. The NP's are in really nice condition, read once and other than the ones that had the Pokemon Advance content are complete. I would like to make a little from them, but that's not the main goal, which is to find good homes for them all, and avoid torching them if I can. If you are interested in the NP's PM me and we'll talk about getting those to you. Everything else is in pretty decent shape, my older (no spine) Gamepro's have seen better days some covers torn loose, but overall a really nice collection as I looked and read most of them one time and then they were put in a box where most have been or 10 years or better. I'd just like to get them to people who'd like them, scan them up and get them on Retromags eventually, as I have even less time to devote to it then I had 3 years ago when I joined up.
  6. Hi everyone, long time no post (school and work kept me busy these last few years) I tried to look up my old posts to see what I posted and apparently they were deleted (or I didn't see them), so anyway.... For the real reason I'm posting (after all this time) I just moved back home after moving out west for a job and now am going through my stuff for a potential move within the year (when I get the new job and have to consider moving out and getting closer to work) and well one of the first things that'll go is my magazines (sadly). :( Certain issues will stay (older ones that I liked and I have fond memories of or useful information in them and others that I might keep a hold of) otherwise everything is up for grabs. So strategy guides, older Nintendo Power, Tips and Tricks, and some OPM are going to be kept as well as other odds and ends. I woulda put it into the buy, sell, trade section but as you can see I didn't make it to 25 posts in 3 years :oops: heh,(mods feel free to move it there if you want). So even though it would be nice to get a few bucks for them, right now I'm asking shipping only and they really need to go by the box (the nearest town is 8 miles away and money is tighter than I'd like it to be to make multiple trips town to send these off. I'd like for them to go to a good home and eventually be scanned and put onto the site, otherwise they will be put to the torch and I really can't give anymore than 1-2 week tops to unload them, short notice which I apologize for, but they seriously need to go they are all on the floor right now and 10 large boxes take up a lot of room. If I were to guess I'd say there are 500+ sitting here. Now for the fun part what I have. (unless otherwise noted it is one issue) **Note some of these might be pulled as I look them over and see if I'm keeping one or two of them, but I'm posting here so people can see what I have, and I can gauge interest** Boot - Jan-July 1997, Oct 1997, Jan. 1998, May 1998 Computer Gaming World - Jan. 1997 EGM - Nov. 1999-Jan. 2006, Feb 2006-Sept 2007 EGM 2004 Holiday Game Guide Gamefan - May 2000 GameNow - July 2002 Gamepro - Vol2 No.7-9, Jan.-June 1992, Aug.-Sept 1992, Nov.-Dec 1992, April 1994, July 1995, Sept 1995, Oct. 1995, Nov. 1995-Sept.1999, Oct 1999- July 2005, Aug 2005-Nov 2006 Game Developer - Dec/Jan 1997 (1 issue) Game Informer - Vol. 109, 111, 167-178 (I have the old Funco versions, will be keeping those as well) Gamer's Republic - March-June 2000 Incite PC Gaming - Dec 1999-Mar. 2000 Incite Video Gaming - Dec 1999-Mar. 2000 Maximum PC - Jan 1999, Dec 1999 Netpro - July 1997 Next Generation - Feb 1999 Nintendo Power - Vol 111-194 (there are older ones but I'm keeping them and the Pokemon Advance Inserts are missing as I removed them and will be keeping them) Official Playstation Magazine - May 1998, Aug. 1999-June 2000, July 2000- Jan. 2007 (End of magazine to cancelation) PC Accelerator - Oct 1999, Nov 1999 PC Gamer - Sept. 1996-Dec 1997, Jan. 1998-Nov. 2001, Dec. 2001 - June 2007 PC Gamer Ultimate Hardware Bible - Fall 1999 PC Games - Jan 1997, Feb 1997, April 1997, June 1997, Oct 1997 PC Zone - Feb.-April 1997 Polygon - Jan. 2004 PSM - April 2003 and Feb.-Dec. 2007 (last issue, renamed PToM next issue which was Holiday 2007) Playstation the Official Magazine - Holiday 2008-Current (might keep some of these) Misc. - Lots of posters from OPM about 2-3 years worth So there you have it, (an almost) complete list of my collection, if someone out there is interested let me know. (PM me or post here, either way) How I want to work it is by the box (if possible), (hence why I separated it like I did above since that's how they are in the boxes now) and I'd do for shipping only, if singles are wanted then I'd like to sell them to at least get gas and shipping to send them off. If someone wants to donate above and beyond shipping, that is appreciated too, I'll take it case by case and see how things go. If someone lives around St. Louis area and wants to come on out and pick them up, that's an option too. So, PM me for details or if there is any interest and I'll check back on this thread for at least 2 weeks (until July 1 anyway if not the 4th) and see if there are any takers and if anything can get worked out. Thanks
  7. Thanks Triverse, I will do what I can, been an overly busy week for me as well, as far as new content, I don't know how much I can get done, since the $#!*'s hitting the fan as it were with school, half of my aid being cut for next year and whatnot, so my attention is diverted toward that problem and probably through Dec. so basically the already done stuff is all that I can focus attention on at the moment, as it is the less time consuming of the two. And I was trying to gently point out the obvious on my older posts without (hopefully) offending you, I know sometimes its easier and quicker to post a reply by skimming, I just wanted to point out I had already mentioned something about it and it was an issue I was aware of or had already discussed. Depending on how things go I might be able to upload some stuff prior to school starting otherwise I'll have to wait until then. Lastly, other than the stuff in the D/L section, how can I best gauge what needs to be done out of what I have, I know you guys said stuff is being done, I'm just trying to keep track of something that needs to be done (if time permits) and don't want to step on someone's toes or waste time I don't have to spend on something that is in the works, already done, or not in the downloads section yet. Speaking of that, I do second a informal list somewhere to let people edit what they are working on so scanners can check it out and not have to ask (such as I am doing) all the time. If might be a hassle to start, but I'm willing to say it would be extremely beneficial to everyone to have a list like that. One with what is done, and one with what's being worked on and what is missing. It'll just have to be something that people will have to get into the habit of doing and will have to be a constant reminder from the staff to get people into the groove of doing, those that are serious about contributing will have no problems with it, others, well there are always those others, so what can you do about it, but for the rest of us, it will be a very handy tool to have available. Just a thought, take it easy.
  8. The white "bleed" is something I cannot fix, predict when it will happen or doing really anything about, its just the scanner acting up, as I said in my first post it's old and gets cranky sometimes, and I don't have the $$$ to replace it, basically it's gonna run until it dies and finds a new home in the dump. The printer portion doesn't even work anymore since the plastic rollers have malfunctioned severely so yeah, this things not long for this world, but it still has it's uses. As far as your question about where it takes place on the scan it could be the top right/left of a scan or the bottom right/left, I never know when it's going to happen. Some stuff goes in scans perfectly and no problems, other things go in and whatever I try it gets picky and "bleeds" 'em. No rhyme or reason why, even scanning the material a second or third time might sometimes worsen or lessen the "bleed" but it usually won't go away for that image because of the composition of colors that it some how deems wrong. Case in point say image 1 scans through and gets the "bleeding", image 2 you might expect problems, nope, comes through clean, and maybe the next 3-4 no problems then image 7 again a white "bleeding" somewhere on the scan, like I said it's annoying and there is nothing I can do to fix the issue. Another thing (which I seem to remember mentioning before as well) ;-) Is I use the image editing software that came with the printer (HP Image Editor), which is basic, it crops, rotates every 45 degrees, color altering, and has other basic and semi-advanced functions, but it suits my needs fine. I have Photo Shop 7.0 but it is too complex and confusing for me to want to invest time/aggravation learning how to use it. I tried it once to try and figure out how to merge two pictures after 30 minutes of fruitless endeavor I said to hell with it and went on with what I was doing. I have lots of 2 page spreads I'd like to merge, but it ain't gonna happen. So I do the best I can with the tools I that use. I know they are not perfect, nor do I claim them to be. And how I offered my material that's already done "as-is". I'm sorry if I don't sound very conformist with my work, but like I said I don't have time/interest in doing 4-5 passes on one scan to get it just "right". When one pass that's straight, has all the material on the scan and looks nice when edited down is good enough for me, that's my definition of "perfect". I don't want to hassle anyone to have to "clean up" my work to their standards, but it's looking like it might have to be the case, since I don't see the divide getting crossed in that respect. I'm still running Win 98se on this rig, so keep that in mind as well, my XP machine decided to blow a transistor in the power supply and fry itself and the mobo as well. So I don't have access to xp except at school atm, until I can afford new parts (I already got a new power supply, which is how I found out the mobo was dead, much to my suprise) which also means I'm limited in what programs I can use that are compatible as well. Yeah I know about the C64/C128 stuff, back then I was selling items for family on Ebay and time to scan was even more scarce than it is now, at least I have SOME visual record on what I had, maybe had I known about this site 6 years ago it woulda been different. I only briefly scanned the magazines, so I don't even have a clear memory as to what was in them. So at least there is some visual record as to what was available in some form.
  9. Heh, Tony, I was just playin' at ya, I didn't know if you did it or not, just took a shot in the dark is all. Glad you didn't get a hold of my Gamepro with the neat SF 2 manga pictures with the moves lists. (Did you ever have that one?) As promised, the Commodore magazines that we did have, that are no more. They went to a new home soon after I took these pictures. http://rapidshare.com/files/263595603/Comm...ble_01.jpg.html http://rapidshare.com/files/263596546/Comm...ble_02.jpg.html http://rapidshare.com/files/263597060/Comm...ble_03.jpg.html
  10. Some notes on the Game Informer pgs. that I scanned (might as well nitpick with what I see is wrong instead of being told what I already know) I see someone was a big SFII fan when they ripped the page out of their book (which is why I assume you're missing that page) naughty, naughty. =P My critiques... Pg. 55 White "bleeding" off of the picture in the top right, this is what I mentioned that my scanner has a penchant for doing, and I don't know why it does it, nor can I fix it. I could scan that picture another 5 times and still in each one (unless I was lucky) it would bleed either in the same spot or elsewhere on the page, it's always a crap shoot when I scan something, but as I said I deal with it. Left margin needs slightly trimmed so the other page doesn't show up (no way to do that with software I use without cutting into main part of picture. Right bottm right margin needs trimmed as well, again nothing I can do with it without loosing anything. Pg. 56 Slight white "bleeding" on top left margin, further down on left side same issue. Right margin starts small and widens slightly towards the botton. Top right page needs trimmed slightly, not possible for me with the tools I have. Overall I think they look fine (I have an OfficeJet G55, so it's not state of the art by or latest tech) other than that I have no issues with them myself, but then again this isn't my project either, personally I wouldn't expect the quality of my work to improve from these, as I think these are fairly representitive of my overall output. So I'll leave it up to you guys if you think my work is worth its inclusion into the project or not. I won't take offense if it is not, because as I said I do it to please myself, no one else. Lessee, what is complete and ready to go... Nintendo Fun Club News Vol. 5 & 7 complete. Sunsoft Gametime News all complete with the exception of the mystery issue from 1992 that I'm missing all but 4 pages of. Neo Geo Flyers 1-3 as well as my AOF 2 movelist, a letter and envelope I recieved for Samurai Showdown 1 movelist (of course personal information would have to be edited out) I mention it because I have official letter head stationary and envelope from SNK. All of my company fanzines are scanned the only thing omitted was the Sega poster/flyer, I guess I didn't see it when I looked through stuff a few years ago. And lots and lots of game ads, like I said I have over 500-600 scans approx. but most are ads, pieces of articles or whatever else caught my fancy while I was going through the old issues. Scans (newer higher quality at 300dpi) ====== Pg. 55 link. http://rapidshare.com/files/263497669/Game...-92_55.jpg.html Pg. 56 link. http://rapidshare.com/files/263500614/Game...-92_56.jpg.html Older Scans (aka the "as-is" scans) These were picked at random ============ **(I assume they were done at the default resolution which I think is 150dpi)** Sunsoft Game Time News (this issue is in bad shape) http://rapidshare.com/files/263502218/Suns...89_Pg1.jpg.html SNK Flyer 1 Pg 14 http://rapidshare.com/files/263503454/SNK_...pg_14_.jpg.html Video Games and Computer Entertainment Dec 92 pg??? (Air Zonk ad, only major issue is a little white "bleeding" in the lower right hand corner) http://rapidshare.com/files/263504185/VGCE...2_pg--.jpg.html Final Notes ============ I personally think 300dpi is overkill, and at approx. 2500 x 3200 resolution, I mean how detailed you want it, the problem is a lot of these older mags were printed on junk glossy paper, which unfortunately has not stood the test of time with yellowing, and major imperfections in the printing process either. Anyway if my older stuff is acceptable I can start uploading a few of the smaller ones here and there, and then (time permitting) start going to town once I have a better internet connection down at school.
  11. I assume you mean Game Informer? I'm pretty intuitive, but mind reading isn't a specialty. Hehe. ;-) Yeah I can do that right now and upload those up along with my older stuff, umm my scanner doesn't have size settings most everything is usually in approx. 1200x1600 at default dpi. I was screwing around last night to see what settings were and that go from 150-9600 dpi, I don't think I've ever scanned anything up to that resolution, plus I'm kinda limited on hdd space on this partition, and since it saves older scans in the windows/temp directory that will limit going to that resolution. At default, I can scan about 50-60'ish before running out of room, and up to 80-100 if I convert from Tiff to jpg and delete the old files or make dummy files and replace the ones in the temp directory, which is why I said redoing older stuff isn't really in the cards because of the hassle involved. And which is also why I don't scan as much anymore as I did as well. Gimme a bit I'll get those done and uploaded tonight.
  12. Thanks Triverse, if I'm not mistaken (since I just looked at it yesterday, it has Mick & Mack on the cover (well Mick at least, Mac is MIA) aka The Global Gladiators aka the McDonalds boys) I bought it because it had Neo Geo coverage on Art of Fighting in it. I'll see if I can get a few samples uploaded since I know you like stuff to be HQ quality, just remember that my old work is "as-is", what it is, it is and in all likelihood won't be redone.
  13. My Collection Listing ====================== **Note: Pretty obvious, but just in case, I listed runs as noted by the dash so for instance the I have Boot as seen below from Issue 5-11 then issues 14, 17, and 21. This is the same for all the others, if there is any confusion lemme know. Boot (later Maximum PC) ======================== Boot ----- Jan 1997-No.5 - July 1997-No.11 Oct 1997 No. 14 Jan 1998 No. 17 May 1998 No. 21 Maximum PC (see Maximum PC Section below) Computer Gaming World ====================== Jan 1997 No. 150 E2 - Electronic Entertaiment ============================= Dec. 1995 Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) ================================ 9**, 12, 21, 30-39, 63 124 Dec 1999 - 219 Sept 2007 1991 Video Game Buyer's Guide, The 1992 Video Game Review Guide Supplement 1993 Video Game Review Guide Supplement The 500 Best Video Game Tips of All Time! Supplement **(Issue 9 has one page slightly cut as I used the picture to send a letter to my Brother stationed overseas during the Gulf War, otherwise it is complete) Game Informer ============== Nov/Dec 1991 Jan/Feb 1992** Spring Issue 1992 Summer Issue 1992 Sept/Oct 1992 Jan/Feb 1993 109 May 2002 111 July 2002 167 Feb 2007 - 178 Feb 2008 Funco Land Video Game Catalog 1995 (includes advertisement for Game Informer) **Note: (Jan/Feb 1992, I own 3 issues of this one, I must have been buying and selling a lot to Funco Land at this time) Game Developer ============== Dec/Jan 1997 Gamefan ======== May 2000 Gamepro ========= July 1990 Vol 2. No. 7 - Sept 1990 Vol 2. No. 9 Jan 1992-Sept 1992, Nov. 1992, Dec. 1992 April 1994 July 1995 Sept 1995 - Sept 1999(132) Oct 1999(133) - Nov 2006(218) Fighters Edge - Winter 1996 S.W.A.T. Pro - 1995 Codevault 2003 **(Note the July and August Issues, Ninja Turtles and Michael Jackson issues, have the same Vol 2. No. 7 identifier on the cover) Issue 91 (April 1996, RE1 on the cover) was the first numbered labeled issue of Gamepro **(Note: I own 2 issues of July 1998) **All Issues missing or stolen Oct. 1990 - Dec. 1990 Oct. 1992 Gamer's Republic ================= March 2000 - June 2000 Incite ======== PC Games version Dec. 1999 No. 1 - March 2000 No. 4 June 2000 No. 7 Video Gaming Version Dec. 1999 No. 1 - March 2000 No. 4 Maximum PC ============= Jan 1999 Vol 4. No. 1 Dec 1999 Vol 4. No. 12 Next Generation ================= 50 Feb 1999 Nintendo Power =============== 1, 3, 5, 6**, 7-12, 20, 21**, 22-44 111 (Aug 1998) - 194 (Aug 2005) **(Denotes issue was stolen or is lost/missing) Nintendo Funclub News ====================== No. 5 No. 7 Official Xbox Magazine ======================= 6 May 2002 Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) ==================================== 8 (Vol.1 No.8) May 1998 23 (Vol 2. No. 11) August 1999 25 (Vol 3. No. 11) Sept 1999 - 112 Jan 2007 (Last Issue) **(Note: I have two copies of 112, as the first one's binding fell apart, so if that issue is ever needed and someone wants to tear it apart and scan it I have no problem giving it away, or if I have time I could do it as well, just wanted to put that out there for future reference) Playstation Magazine (PSM) =========================== 70 April 2003 120 Feb 2007 - 130 Dec 2007 (130 was the Last Issue, see Playstation the Official Magazine below) Playstation the Official Magazine (formerly PSM) ================================================= 01 Holiday/Jan 2007/2008 - 13 Dec 2008 PC Accelerator =============== (14) Oct - (15) Nov 1999 PC Gamer ========= Sept. 1996 (Vol. 3 No. 9) - 162 June 2007 Every issue is accounted for that I know of and there were no lapses in my subscription. The Ultimate Hardware Bible - Fall 1999 PC Games ========= Jan 1997 Feb 1997 April 1997 June 1997 Oct 1997 PC Zone (UK Magazine) ========= 47 Feb 1997 48 Mar 1997 49 April 1997 Sega Visions ============= Every issue from June/July 1990 until April/May 1994 (June/July 1990's cover is damaged, because I cut the coupon from it and it dislodged from the staples after that point, otherwise it is intact and complete) Tips and Tricks ================ Dec. 1996 Mar. 1997 May. 1997 Dec. 1997 Apr. 1999 Nov. 2000 Dec. 2000 Mar. 2001 Sept 2001 May 2002 June 2002 Aug. 2002 Apr. 2003 Codebook Summer 2002 Video Games & Computer Entertainment ===================================== Dec. 1992 A quick note, I used to (or I should say my Brother did) have some old Commodore hobbyist magazines from the mid-late 80's I have some pictures that I took of the books, but unfortunately they sold via an auction on Ebay a few years ago so they are not available anymore, I'll see if I can't did out the pictures from that sale and post what we did have at one time) ******************** Company Fanzines ================= (Nintendo Fun Club News and Sega Visions not included for various reasons, see Magazine section for those titles) Akklaim ======== Masters of the Game - Special Sweepstakes Edition 1990 Masters of the Game - Special Sweepstakes Edition 1992 Kemco-Sieka ============ VIP Nooz Vol 1. No. 1 - Spring 1990 Sega ===== Advertisement Flyer / Poster Circa 1992 Squaresoft =========== Advertisement Flyer circa 1995 (includes Secret of Mana and Crono Trigger) Sunsoft Game Time News ======================= Winter 1989 - Volume 1 Number 3 Fall 1989 Unknown 1989 Spring 1990 Summer 1990 Summer 1992 Taxxan ======= Videodiction - Fall 1990 (Chunk cut out of it for contest) ******************** Players Guides =============== Nintendo Official Players Guides and Misc. =========================================== Crono Trigger Donkey Kong 64 Final Fantasy III (aka VI) Gameboy Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Nintendo Power Pak Source Nintendo Power Advance Vol. 1 Official Nintendo Player's Guide (poor condition) Pokemon (Red/Blue) Pokemon Snap Pokemon Special Edition for Yellow, Red, and Blue Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Trading Card Game Super Nes Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Mario Bros. 2 - Super Power Tip Book - Part II Top Secret Passwords Brady Games ============ The Bouncer Brave Fencer Musashi Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Ehrgeiz Final Fantasy VII - PC Final Fantasy VII - PS1 Final Fantasy VIII - PC Devil May Cry 2 Megaman X Command Mission Parasite Eve Parasite Eve II Resident Evil 0 SaGa Frontier 2 Spider-man Super Mario Advance - Official Pocket Guide GW Press ========= Duke Nukem - Time to Kill Millenium Books ================ Metal Gear Solid Prima Guides ============= Conker's Bad Fur Day Dragonball Z Budokai The Getaway Half Life Privateer 2: The Darkening Resident Evil 2 (Dual Shock Edition) Timesplitters 2 Versus Books ============= Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Misc. ====== Die Hard Gamefan subscription flyer sent to me in the mail Nintendo Power Super Metroid re-subscription / $10 Rebate form Nintendo Power Complete Nes Game Pak Directory (same as in the Ninja Gaiden issue) this one was sent to me by request and does not bear the Mar/April 1989 date on the top right, is in B&W and is stapled together. (I wanted it so I didn't have to look in the magazine all the time for company names and contact information, since I contacted companies on occasion to order company fanzines and the like) A lot of Playstation related flyers, promotional material from PS1-PS3
  14. Since most of the NP, EGM, and Gamepro stuff is accounted for on this site, I didn't take the time to be very specific with cover dates and other items for those issues since most are well known and accounted for, if they are missing and thought needed, let me know and I will add that information to the list. I literally have too much stuff to do a complete fully detailed listing, I spent over 10 hours reorganizing all of my material then pulling out boxes with the other items that are better organized and collected together, putting like issues together, relabeling everything, and making this index while doing that. I don't think I wanna do that again for another 10 years... O_o Or more. But otherwise the list below is pretty much completed. I don't know how much time I want to put into doing any more scanning than what I already have done at the moment, unless there is something that is desperately needed and I can do, this reorganizing last night / today took a lot of my time and while it needed to be done, the complete indexing of what I had as well, I feel burnt out to start tackling a time intensive project at the moment. I want to help out, but at a pace that I want to work at, which unfortunately due to my habit or overworking myself on a pet project until I can't stand working on it, I tend to burn out with things or I push really hard to get it done (like this project) then loose motivation to do anything else for a long time until motivated enough to do it again. I still am willing to send any work I have done (another thing that took time tonight is I was also grabbing new game ads, which is my main focus usually when I scan game magazines, since some of those older (and even newer) ads are pretty cool to look at and interest me the most. Collection Listing Below...
  15. Thanks Phillyman and Tony, that about clears up most of my concerns that I had with contributions. I looked over my scans I archived on DVD last night (and didn't get a lot done because of that, heh) and about 60% of them are edited and cleaned up (I have well over 600+ individual scans of various things from advertisements, to fanzines from various companies, and other odds and ends) so those are ready to go right this minute. I noticed while looking over some of my Sunsoft ones last night, that I had marked on some of the items as well as name labels being on the items, I read another member who recommended removing them, my only comment there is I will obscure them so the address is not included, but I neither have time or inclination to rescan any of those items by removing those labels and any writing on them (I was 12 whadda want) ;-) If someone has the photo shop magic touch to clean them up, more power to 'em, I edit with HP's image editor and Paint, old school I know, but it serves my purposes, I have Photo Shop, but after one use and it's extreme learning curve I uninstalled it and never looked back. Also a lot of these were in boxes for over 20 years and actually kept in a cool, dark environment but even with that care, the paper they used yellowed badly (or more than I would have cared it too) but never to make the items unreadable or unusable (hence my wanting to archive them digitally, and also the purpose of this project, as I see) also and unbeknownst to me they were pinned under some magazines resulting in some nasty bending of the material I tried to straighten them out when I scanned them a few years ago, but the results were adequate at best for the amount of time I spent working on scanning them. But all the material is there (with the exception of a coupon I hacked out of one to continue to get the newsletter (one of my Sega Visions suffered that same fate unfortunately) I will upload a few samples either tonight or in the next few days to show you the work, due to my internet connection here at the house any major uploads of my material will have to wait until school starts and I get access to the better connection speed. I could do some of the Sunsoft and Neo Geo ones as they are fairly small (6-8 scans per issue) and it wouldn't be too much of a burden in that regard. And lastly I know I kinda hinted at it above, but the material that is already archived is as-is, it is stuff I did for my own personal use, never to be used or given away by me, so as such I really don't want to redo any of it, I personally think it looks fine (I know some of my scans have white lines in the scan, you'll see when I upload certain scans) but there is nothing I can do about that, it is a unfortunate quirk my scanner has if there is a lot of either white paper being scanned or white color being close to an edge, can't complain I guess as the scanner was given to me by a friend for free years ago, and it's something I've learned to tolerate for better or worse. Anyway, I'll put a few pieces up and see if it is stuff you guys are interested in, if time permits and I move forward with new material to scan, I will take time to increase quality (if need be) but note I'll still be limited by the hardware I own. Check back soon...Onwards and upwards.