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  1. Electronic Gaming Monthly #95 June 1997 55% scanned/edited
  2. you know that 53 & 55 are on the site already, right?
  3. no problem...I've been pretty busy lately, so, I haven't been able to scan this as quickly as I would have liked...it should be done in about a week
  4. Electronic Gaming Monthly #98 100% complete
  5. I've edited. The link should be there now. If not, here it is again: new egm 98 scans
  6. take two: new egm 98 scans let me know what you guys think and if I'm worthy of doing a full scan...
  7. Scanner: Memorex 6142u DPI: 300 Edited in Photoshop 7.0
  8. Here you go: egm 98 scans As for what magazines I have, check here: What Magazines Have You Got?
  9. So, here's my first go at a scan... ...I'd be happy to post 5 images or so in a zip file for others to scrutinize, but i have no idea how to do so...
  10. What's up, all? I'm a 32 year old musician (keys/trombone) from Orange County, CA. I've been playin' games since my family got a black/white Pong home system when I was around 4 years old. I have a massive collection of EGM's that just sorta gathers dust on my shelves, so, hopefully I can contribute some of them by either scanning them myself or possibly loaning some of them out for others to scan... Favorite consoles: Dreamcast, SNES Really dig this site. Keep up the good work!
  11. EGM #22 #28-73 #75-present ---i have most of the Holiday Buyer's Guides as well... EGM2 #9-11 #13-15 #17 #19 #20 #22-25 #33 Official U.S. Playstation Magazine #1-4
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