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  1. I get like this a lot. I'll play a game or several games for an extended period of time and then for some reason it won't hold my interest anymore and I take a break for a bit before coming back and starting the cycle over.
  2. I've just got to put my quick two cents on the single player only train. I've tried multiplayer on several occasions and endured it at best. I just don't get much enjoyment out of any that I've tried. Single player games with a great story is where I want to be.
  3. I know I'm a bit late to this party, but fashionably late I hope. I totally used this app as well during some of my workouts. I'm an avid runner so this was a fun alternative to just listening to my music. I actually used this during my training to do my first half-marathon. Perhaps when and if the zombies come, I'll be ready now.
  4. I think I'd want the ability to travel back and forth through time. To step into the past and see things as they were. To leap forward to see what is to come. Of course, the dangers of the 'Grandfather Paradox' could be an issue that could make this dangerous. But, I'd still go with it.
  5. Just finished up Firewatch and Life is Strange recently. I've been into story driven games lately and they quenched that thirst nicely.
  6. In the past I was an active girl. Playing softball, volleyball and a big time swimmer. But, as I got older, like for most people, life starts to happen. It was so easy to come home at the end of the day and just take it easy. Well, this year I've renewed my intrest in getting fit like I used to be. I've started a running routine early this year and I have felt an excitement and a burning intensity inside me that I'd lost for a long time. Being on the road, nothing but some good music and as much road as I want to run under my feet. It has been amazing. I am working hard to run my first half-marathon this summer. I'm super excited to do it. Also, like E-Day I've found a renewed intrest in cooking fresh meals every evening. Not only is it fun but it's played a big part in my goal to run that marathon. Both have combined to make me excited every evening, be it for an awesome meal I've decided to cook or reaching the end of an amazing run. It may be old come new again, but I'm obsessed all the same!
  7. There are certain games that come along from time to time that really get your attention. It could be for the action, the graphics or game play. However, it is a rare occasion that a game grabs you for all of these, plus the amazing experience of becoming emotionally attached and involved in the actions of characters. It is to this that I write this open letter to Ellie and Joel. I met them in the “The Last of Us.” *(Please note that I've tried to write this to contain no spoilers. Personality of the characters is mentioned as well as reference to generic type actions that happen in game.) Dear Ellie and Joel, I want to thank you for letting me join you on one of the most amazing adventures of my life. I know the journey was long and brutal. There is never a reason a death should be simple or a casual thing. But a person has every right to fight for their own right to live. It is to that I acknowledge and understand why at times death followed in your footsteps. Know that I don't blame you, nor do I condemn you for it. Joel, you said yourself along the way “It was him or me.” Simply stated, but true to fact. We all wish that we could walk again in relative harmony the way we once did. That time may come again, but not now. Not now. Joel, at times you were a hard man for me to like, but you had your own personal reasons, your own demons that you fought every day. But even when I disagreed with your words, your actions always spoke louder and with greater heart. There were moments when you were an enigma to me. You could be harsh and bitter one moment, protective and wise at another. As I think on it, I believe it is because the man that knew a world before everything went to hell is still there inside you, wrestling the man you have had to become to survive. Ellie, you are an amazing young woman. I refuse to acknowledge you as a girl as most people do. Yes, there are times when you were goofy, silly and playful. But those are wonderful traits to carry on, even as you get older. It was refreshing to watch as you, for the first time, saw the world as it used to be, even if it was only in shattered pieces. Your wonder was childlike, not childish, and full of amazement and wonder. I smile now thinking about some of those moments. But that is only part of who you are. You are also fierce, tough, loyal and caring. These traits to me and your actions when times were tough are what shaped you into the young woman I have come to know. You have such strength of character. It didn't matter if it was Hunters, the army or Infected, you always were there, looking out and helping out. You never ran away from danger when you could have given up. Your determination to see every situation though, no matter for good or bad, it is inspiring. We adults could learn so much from you, if we only would accept the fact that sometimes the best of what we are lies in the hearts of people like you, not warped and changed by a world gone sideways. A final thought before I close this letter to both of you. Joel, I know the world as it is now has forced you to build up walls around you. It would be almost impossible to survive as long as you have without such things happening to the best of us. I hope that you find, however, that letting a little light in, be it found in people or in something else that makes you happy, there is still good in the world and the good man that you’ve buried inside you deserves to see and enjoy it. Ellie, I firmly believe that you will never give up. The world may be violent and brutal but its people like you who give us hope that we can be better then what we've become. Whatever happens though, don't ever lose that since of amazement that you get from seeing things for the first time. I hope you always have a joke and a ready smile. Oh, and one more thing. Don't trust people that do acupuncture, they're back stabbers. I know you'll understand. Once again, thank you for letting me come along on your adventure. It wasn't easy and I hate some of the things we had to do. But since we had no choice, I'm glad we went through it together. Godspeed to both of you.
  8. A gamer in France has sold one of the most massive gaming collections ever assembled. Complete sets for 22 different consoles including every console made from Sega and all games from Nintendo spanning from the Famicon to the GameCube. Included in the collection were complete collections of the lesser known NEC systems, the Nintendo Virtural Boy, Sega Mega-Drive and and Pioneer's LaserActive. Making the collection even more impressive is many of the games are factory sealed or come with their original box with instructions. The link to the now closed auction is here. Included is a complete list of the games as well as a generous amount of pictures. The collection is massive in scale, over 7000 games in all. It also went at a massive price for over 1 million US dollars to a buyer in Canada. I was taken aback by such an impressive gaming collection I thought everyone here might enjoy seeing this incrediable collection.
  9. I think game trailer can really be a big selling point to a game. Be it one that gets your pulse pounding or tugs at your heart strings if they can reach your emotions on any level it can raise a gamers interest level enough perhaps to be willing to put the money down for that game that just looks amazing. Aside from that, they can be just a lot of fun. I'm relatively new in the grand scheme of things when it comes to video games but I enjoy them very much obviously. I just thought it would be fun to share your favorite game trailer or trailers that either helped sell you on getting a copy or you just thought were great. For me, the trailer for Dragon Age: Origins comes to mind. It's very cinematic and the music is amazing. The music actually inspired me to buy the band's whole CD which I enjoy. Here is the trailer! Another for me would be the terrifying game of Dead Space. The innocence of a nursery rhyme is totally at odds with the horrors that the game brings. It's chilling. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf39bQ2nMz8 Feel free to post and share as many as you like!
  10. Those are actually pretty darn cool. I agree with Atik in that my favorite of the bunch is the Peanuts followed closely I think by Superman. Alas, they didn't put up my lunchbox I had when I was little, Rainbow Brite, but I can forgive that. Is it me or were lunchboxes back then much more awesome then today?
  11. The snow is OVER. Goooooo Spring! :)

  12. The old adage of hindsight will never fail to be true. Indeed we are all human who make predictions about what we feel will be the future of things, be it games, electronics or automobiles. At least the vast majority of us though only have to live with friends getting a laugh out of us and not thousands or perhaps, millions. This was a great read and a great laugh. Great entry!
  13. That is right. A brand new Commodore 64 is to be released. Nearly 30 years have passed since the original was put on the market and about 17 years since Commodore International went bankrupt. But now the name and the computer are back. And back in sort of a big way. This is not just a remake of the old model of old time's sake. It's been designed with the modern user in mind. It comes with a 1.8 gigahertz dual-core processor, the option to have a Blu-Ray player, HDMI ports and Ethernet ports. It's said to run on Linux but does have the user option to install Windows if you wish. But while the insides may have changed, the outside has stayed as true as possible to the original model. So while nostalgic on the outside it runs with some modern day power on the inside. Perfect perhaps for those longing for those retro days. But the best part for some may be the fact that the new Commodore 64 be able to run all your old games from your original Commodore right away via the C64 emulator. So, will we once again being seeing Commodore 64's adorning all our friends homes and office? Perhaps not but only time will tell. Take a look over at their website to find out even more about it. http://www.commodoreusa.net/CUSA_C64.aspx So, what does everyone think? A nostalgic fantasy or perhaps an idea that just might catch on again?
  14. Argh! Brain bleach! Someone pass the brain bleach! Lemon party indeed...
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