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  1. Damn! Nice, I never lucky enough to win anything the few times I did try.
  2. Bablefish you my friend are freaking awesome man!!!
  3. I was lucky enough to recently come across on a torrent at underground gamer with the complete magazine list of all the magazines on this site as of sometime in 2008, does anyone know of a updated torrent for this like a 2010 or something one. Also if anyone needs a invite to Underground gamer torrent site just let me know.
  4. I currently have Game Informer(awesome), GamePro (sucks now), and would love to get the Retro Gamer but just to expensive.
  5. Yeah the fees really do hurt, and it seems that the fees just keep increasing too.
  6. xlenigma

    WTF? :/

    This whole situation is a tricky one. The way I see it is one it is not on the actual ground zero site so that should not really be a issue, however two it is a bit close and why does the COMMUNITY center have to be 14 floors when the Muslim population in that area of NYC is VERY VERY small.
  7. Damn! I taught I was the only person who felt like this about the game glad to see I am not. I play R2 for a few hours tops before selling it on ebay. Also like you stated really sad seeing how many hours and nice memory's I have from the first game in the series.
  8. "UFO: The Two Sides is now in open beta, offering a fan-created freeware remake of the classic strategy game variously known as UFO: Enemy Unknown, X-COM: UFO Defense, and X-COM: Enemy Unknown. This pre-beta trailer shows off a bit of the game. Thanks PC Gamer via Rock, Paper, Shotgun." http://ufotts.ninex.info/ This is huge news for fans like myself of the awesome classic strategy series. I am one of the ones who are not too sure about the new FPS type XCom being released soon.
  9. Thanks to this thread and the one similar at A@H forum I have purchased 5 Mags on the topic. You guys and girls (if any ) are awesome!!!
  10. I am not talking about current on the stand video game magazines, but just a few years back maybe. I know this awesome retro mag site has the 2000 year rule but what other if any site or sites can we get past 2000 mag scans if any??? Thank in advance.
  11. Sounds fair and makes sense for right now seeing as how the current generation of consoles would be added to retro gaming or at least some and within the next year or two all top contenders would be added also. Here is hoping we all save current mags
  12. What I am talking about is I recall a few months or maybe more ago there was the 5 year prior rule for all Retromag scans, a little while ago this rule was changed by Philly which totally was cool but my point is what ever happened to all those mags after the year 2000, and will they ever be reposted or better yet the original 5 year prior rule be reinstated???
  13. Totally missed out on this one, just another Mag I wish to own or at least get a scan of.
  14. To me it comes down to it has never worked before, and I doubt it's ever gonna work now!
  15. It seems that a lot of game companys (thankfully) are starting to make more 3D graphics but 2D based type gameplay games like SF4, NSMB etc. I say lets keep it up, I really enjoy the games so far.
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