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  1. No!!!!!!!! Mister Zero it really is me, after making a long 4 month return since graduating from college, sorry for my poor grammar if you couldn't understand what i was typing, i haven't set foot in an english composition class since 2005. after finally finding a job that pays off for my hard work but makes me miserable , i just had to come back to Retromags and had a topic in mind during a repetitive stamp, sign, file type job. so i came up with this. but that's why i'm not here, i couldn't agree more. the only places where you can find classic cabinet arcade games is at your local laundry mat and i feel sorry for them [ROFL they're people too, well created by real people who inspired Video Games] the cabinet i see at the "clothes cleaning places" get abused, spray painted with profanity and gangster shit, gum sticking on the side of the cabinet, player 1's controllers aren't working but the start button is, player 2's coin slot is not lit, player 3 and 4's token slots are jammed because someone jammed in a quater when it says "TOKENS ONLY" they don't deserve this kind of respect. but now that i have a job maybe i could the money to start a collection. since members here in Retromags collect magazines, i thought off going outside the box literally. Since i don't have a working scanner and an online account to buy magazines, i might as well just do the closest thing to help out my video game community. and the closest i can get to are the old Arcade Cabinets. sounds expensive and crazy but i want to make the save.
  2. Hmmm i'm curious how old Brewahh is. KiwiArcader, let me know when you start building a cabnit arcade with the marquee, controllers, give us a timeline update if possible. i wanna learn how to recreate literally a "time machine". i'm so interested. when is your start date? Where can i buy parts? what game can you create? how do you know game to create with a pile of circuit boards and wires? let me know Mr.Arcader or AKA "Dad" ROFL [Damn he's old JUST JOKING!] us long time gamers need to save history. No matter how careless these younger generations are. No offense Brewahhh, before online gaming became a prestige upgrade in video games, it only applied to PC games first followed by the cartridge and cd games. i had more fun playing a SNES game over and over:blink: and over and again and again and again.
  3. I wish to see this day happen again, but Arcades are ancient lost cities like Atlantis, the Egyptian Temples, and the Roman Parthenon. I remember spending $5 to $10 to $20 on something called "Tokens" for those of you younger people if there has been any that has join because i have a feel i'm no longer the youngest person in Retromags anymore. Now token money can buy you a video game at gamestop that cost $5 sometimes $10 or $20 because of 1. its popularity 2. its a trade 3. poor video in bad condition $5 worth of tokens could not get you that far but it was fun, really truly fun to experience the smell of popcorn, sticky gum, and candy filled in the air at the arcades. $10 worth of tokens could probably get you 1 ride, 3 rounds of the Simpsons 4player game, 1 Terminator FPS and maybe also 1 game of Aliens vs. Predator. $15 could get you 5 tries in Street Fighter II Turbo, my favorite hit the crocodile game and the fireman game, and that ball you throw that has 5 different rings around it that has like points ranging from 5 - 100. after you played a couple of games you get tickets and trade them for prizes. now that shit, that shit folks was rewarding. see how times have change. i'm talking in a philosophical and political way of video games. now after you've just beaten Halo Reach you just realize you spent $200 on the special Xbox 360 edition, you think the ending sucks, and now you can play online with your friends. the video games today doesn't reward you with something tangible or something that you can physically touch like a prize in exchange for tickets. no matter how lame those prizes were, it was something to keep for years, and use to keep them but then i lost those prizes. i remember in the 1990s a rice cooker was one of the expensive prizes you needed at least 200 worth of tickets which is like $20 bucks of your money. a gameboy was also there on the shelves, which i thought was unique because why spend $60 on buying the original gameboy when you can collect as many tickets in exchange for it buy only spending $20 worth of tokens. this was in the 90s. but now what does Master Chief or Nobel Soldier give you in return, 48 hours of gameplay which leads to eye strains and headache, which you now have to call in from work because of your symptoms, yet you go back to playing some more online action, an ending you can always play over and over again, lame achievements you can't even put in your resume, and really i've seen some people put their PS3 and Xbox achievements on their resume. World of Warcraft, WoW players, but what are you looking for? the close you get to finishing the expansion, already a new one has been released. so now that makes it 3 expansions you have to play through Burning Crusade > Wrath of the Lich King > Cataclysm. and you know what more eye strains, 72 hours of online gameplay, lose real life friends and family members because they don't want to deal with your bullshit addiction, but then you get virtual friends by joining something called a "guild", you now have 10 more levels to reach, buy more epic armor, and farm for more gold, you just got laid off from your job because you haven't been coming to work, you forgot to eat and now after you're done reading my blog your in the hospital reading this blog from your iphone, blackberry messenger, or from your "smart phone" which is actually smarter than you. Folks i may sound like a professor from harvard law school [yeah right psh] but i just want to point out the details that some people have a hard time recognizing or bringing into attention. Memorable times, good times rolls, oldest ride, longest run, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, son of a gun. To the arcades, where its now deserted but somehow they're still up. well from where i live they haven't shut them down. Internet cafes aren't considered to be arcades because one elements of an internet cafe [1] a computer cafe served with [2] pc, other computer media needs, music burning, printing, and fax machines provided with [3] food and beverages [4] open 23 hours [ROFL 1 hour of closed] wow on a side note, i should be a lawyer for old video game creators Masaya Nakamura, Masafumi Miyamoto, Andy Gavin, Jason Rubin, and Seiichi Ishii Memorable times, good times rolls, oldest ride, longest run, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, son of a gun. To the arcades, where its now deserted but somehow they're still up. well from where i live they haven't shut them down. Internet cafes aren't considered to be arcades because one OOOOOOOOOOOOH GOD i just sparked an idea, "Save the arcades campaign" We have save the cure, save the children, cure for strides, relay for life, i'll be the first to start this shit then. now that i'm out of school and that's out of the way [for now] i now have more free time to do ridiculous shit like this. it may sound crazy but i need to keep my heart in and my head way in.
  4. I know this is off topic but i feel disrespected by the younger generation they don't know what a NES or Famicom is not even a Super Nintendo as earliest as possibly not even oh my the original PSX. There's no respect for the people [us] that were here before them. Sometimes i even disrespectful by the game creators who brought us our classics because they bring them back to this era and sometimes they rise back up after so many years then quickly fall right back down. There are some good titles that were brought back from the past and have caught up with us like the return of Starcraft 1997 or 1995 or Kid Icarus and Kirby and Twisted Metal not to say the least anyone else i've left out. But kids don't know the "origins" of where it came from and when it came into the video game world. They only know it as "Part 4" or the "last trilogy" they don't know the Introduction Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.
  5. I wish there was a Educational Textbook on Super Mario or Final Fantasy or the "History of Ken Kuturagi's PSX"
  6. deserves the best in this world has to offer after graduating from college.

  7. PS2 is fucking scaring me right now, it was first released in 2001 and its been 9 years up to now and its still making games that are also released for the PS3. Someone stop that mad console! Funny i can't find the PS2 emoticon because there isn't one.
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