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  1. This kind of thing was always my goal for my Magazines from the Past Wiki, but everything had to be done manually and it just would never get to the stage that I would like without a colossal amount of work for each magazine. I want to be able to search for Mario Kart and find every magazine it's previewed, reviewed, tipped, featured in. I want to be able to search for a writer and find every review, feature they've written. And if possible I'd want to have an average score generated for each game for each format in a metacritic style. Sadly it all became clear i'd never get my Wiki as good as I wanted and have pretty much retired it. If you are able to quickly link games and people to magazines without having to manually create every game page/person page and manually add the links, that would be superb and i'd be happy to contribute anything i've already done for my Wiki.
  2. There was a UK magazine called "PC Games", but I don't think it's connected to the US one. It was published by EMAP. I've got 5 issues and I think there was only 13 before it closed. If I'm correct that there's only 13 it ran from Jun 1994 to Aug 1995. I believe there's a separate one launched in 1998 by Paragon Publishing as well, but I've not seen/got any of them. http://magazinesfromthepast.wikia.com/wiki/File:PC_Games_Issue_1.jpg
  3. Hi Phillyman, What you're describing sounds very similar to my wiki (http://magazinesfromthepast.wikia.com/wiki/Magazines_from_the_Past_Wiki). I wish you luck and certainly if yours is based round a database, then it should be a lot easier to enter data than the wiki is. I currently have to go and update every single page I link to, whereas a database should do it all for you I expect. One thing I have on the wiki is pages relating to writers, I notice you haven't mentioned a separate database for writers, is this something you've considered? Whilst I appreciate our area is a niche one, I do find it a bit discouraging how little feedback I get. I've been working on it over 2 years and I get so few people contributing or even just asking questions and requesting information. The links I put on my Facebook & Twitter pages don't get clicked on. So I guess what i'm saying is, are you sure there's demand for it because i'm thinking of taking a break for a while on mine, but i'm definately intrigued to see how your's turns out.
  4. That's interesting to know because i've only ever seen the first 13 issues on Ebay. The issue 13 i'm looking at now declares that they were going to miss a month and come back with a new exciting look. To be honest I just assumed they never did (Future promised the same with Arcade magazine and that never came back!). You say your subscription converted to PC Gamer, I assume that means that Future Publishing took it over at some point then, as it was an EMAP magazine.
  5. Hi, I haven't heard of PC Power, but PC Games went to at least Issue 13 (I have it). I think that was the last issue.
  6. I don't. I have a quick glance through, scan the front cover for my wiki, then stick it on the shelf for later processing. (Much much later the way it's going).
  7. I subscribe to all current UK magazines So that's 17 in total! I purely do it because eventually i'll indexing them all on my wiki. (after all, today's magazines are tomorrow's retro magazines.) I find that it's just as difficult to find magazines that are two/three years old here in the UK as it is to find fifteen year old ones, so why not just get them all as they come out and save the hassle of trying to track them down in years to come.
  8. Hi, I hope this is the right forum to post this. I've been working on a magazine database project for the last 3 years, i've now decided to transfer this information across to the web, just in case anyone else has an interest. I've started up 2 blogs:- Magazines from the Past Reviews from the Past Magazines from the Past will be a sort of index of all the magazines I own or have found scans of. This will purely be a UK magazine database, at least for the forseeable future. Hopefully it will be of interest to people who are searching for a particular review or article. Reviews from the Past will be almost a "GameRankings" of old games. Everytime I add a magazine which gives review scores to the first blog, I will then transfer that information to the this blog which is more game orientated. btw I've used blogs because I have no website creating skills whatsoever, I hope they remain suitable to the task. Comments welcome.
  9. Greetings All. Thought I would join in the fun. I'm 31 and own a huge amount of magazines. Unfortunately I do not have the time to scan them for you as i'm working on another huge project cataloging information from them all into a database. I have the majority of Mort's scan disks and have complete © or near complete (NC) (including scans) of the following UK magazines:- Total ©, Sega Power (NC), Sega Pro(NC), Game Zone (NC), ST Format (NC), ST Action (NC), Atari ST User (NC), Offical Nintendo Magazine (NMS) ©, C+VG (NC), Sega Zone (NC), Nintendo Game Zone ©, Super Pro ©, Super Action (NC), GB Action (NC), Mega, (NC), Megadrive Advance Gaming (NC), Megatech (NC), Control ©, Gamesmaster (up to 2005) (NC), Edge ©, Games TM ©, Official Xbox Magazine ©, Official Playstation Magazine ©, Official Playstation 2 Magazine ©, Official Playstation 3 Magazine ©, Official Xbox360 Magazine ©, Retro Gamer ©, PSM2 ©, XBM (NC), N64 ©, NGC ©, NGamer (NC), Cube ©, Arcade ©, PC Gamer (Up to 2002) (NC), Official Dreamcast Magazine ©, DC-UK ©, Saturn Power © and a few other bits and bobs. I've joined because i'd like to take a look at a few of the US mags that you have on here. As for Consoles and Computers, I have owned or still own the following: - Philips Videopac, Acorn Electron, Commodore 128, Amiga 500+, PC, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (UK & US), Nintendo DS, PSP, Saturn. I own approx 1200 games not including the earlier computers. As you can imagine the flat I live in is almost full with all of this stuff. Anyways, i've introduced myself, I may be able to help with filling in information on the wiki in future, though I can't promise anything. Regards Andy
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