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  1. Still here. Still love it all!

  2. Who is reading the new Retro Gaming mag that is out? It's not Retro Gamer, it's another one called RETRO, or something along those lines.

  3. Into Retro Gamer magazine for years now, still collecting!

  4. Halo Reach and Strider games!

  5. I sometimes use hyperbole to make my points. I know the reference was strong (and not entirely concise), but it does bother me that GS makes so much off used games while the people who matter don't see any of that money. I don't disagree with your points at all. I discourage use of Gamestop, but I cannot condemn anyone who wishes to take that route. If you only knew the SICK numbers (approximately a billion annually, literally) that GS makes, meanwhile studios are folding daily...... it just doesn't seem right. I know there is more to the argument than this, and this whole thing has been oversimplified, but nevertheless, my feelings remain. I respect you, Areala, and your views. I can't hate on a fellow Retro Gamer!!
  6. people will care when there's a reason to. without the software, Move and Natal will be doomed.
  7. I agree about purchased property being yours to resell. I do take issue with the fact that resellers like Gamestop (who is criminally corrupt for many reasons) are reselling games and ensuring that studios and franchises that we love are being erased from existence. Why support Gamestop if they are stealing from you? They are the real criminals here. Not people who want to sell their property, and not the studios who produce games. Gamestop is not doing anything 'technically' illegal. But 'technically', Hitler's slaughter of millions of innocent people was NOT ILLEGAL. So who is in the wrong here? You tell me. Thank you for listening.
  8. I didn't get to download many mags, but I still support this site! We're behind you all the way, Phillyman!
  9. Hi all! I love retro games and retro mags.... I'm totally into the history and culture of games. I never cared much for history, but the history of games fascinates me!

  10. ready to read some vintage mags!

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