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  1. Halo 3 Zune Digital Media Player

    I like this kind of customized thing. Guess there isn't much chance of them doing it for non-MS games, though.
  2. Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    Heheh yeah that beats my gap in live sports. My wife likes to see them live more than I do. I like the replays and commentary, not to mention the lack of crowds, ease of snacks and bathrooms, etc. at home.
  3. Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    Last I saw in person was a Yankees game--way too long ago...
  4. 7ft Tall Gameboy

    Now the listing is gone, anyone save a screenshot?
  5. Do You Use Your Wii For E-mail?

    When I'm too lazy to get off the couch to e-mail, I'm generally also too lazy to sit through the slow thing.
  6. Nes Zapper Mouse

    I love the zapper; have the tech spec laying around somewhere. Kind of off topic, but I remember compatibility issues with a CRT, but does anyone recall getting it to work directly with a TV converter?
  7. Best Cheap Cpu

    Looks like this was posted about a year ago--did you ever get one? I'm in the market now for something similar...
  8. Hamachi!

    I'd be up for giving it a try; especially on something nice and old
  9. Damn Thats A Big Heatsink

    So did it fit?
  10. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    I guess he got an idea by reading the thread over your shoulder...
  11. Prostitutes Call for a Ban on GTA

    I wonder if they realize that by far they are accomplishing nothing but further advertising the game...
  12. Do You Go For 100% On Games?

    I generally go for 100% content, although I often limit it to the "official" 100%; that is, if there is a counter that tells completion as in GTA, I hit that and might not do every single thing there is to do. I'm more likely not to finish a game at all if I lose interest in getting 100%.
  13. Nintendo Power Shutting Down?

    It would be a sad day indeed if they stopped altogether. The article suggests a restructure as well, which might just mean a format change...
  14. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    My favorite is homemade... has a nice feel to it.
  15. Komdori's Work In Progress

    Editing SNES Buyers Guide Jul92, 20%