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  1. PS - the one thing I always remembered of this magazine was that it was 'that Playstation mag with Pac-Man on the cover from late 1999'. As I wrote earlier, it's basically non-existent on the Internet and trying to do an image search will yield nothing. I began to think I was crazy or had false memories from that time seeing as to how there was no record online of it. Thank you for making me realize I'm not at least 100 percent crazy, lol.
  2. I want to write more about the significance of this particular issue of PS Extreme later, but for now please know that you, E-Day and CIVICMINDED have ended a roughly 6 year search for an obscure issue of PS Extreme that one could not even find a cover image of on Google images or really a reference too anywhere, even on Ebay. I'm serious when I say this particular issue is NOWHERE on the interwebz - and it's weird as most everything is, right? At least on some obscure corner. But not this issue (trust me I've spent years trying to find it). I get that PS Extreme may not be the most 'significant' gaming mag out there (especially compared to the likes of EGM and Nintendo Power) but for me, this particular issue of this particular publication is the holy grail for me. It hits at a particular time in my life where I was heavily into gaming mags and also was a pretty significant time of change for me (was about to go out of state for College for the first time). I don't know what happened to the copy I bought in late August of 1999 at a Wal-Mart in Anchorage, Alaska (like most other gaming mags I ever had), but I suspect I left it behind when I left for Oregon to college and was eventually tossed in the bin. Like most of us here on Retromags, I think most of us have 'that' issue that most resonates with our past and makes us fade into (if only at least tempoarily) that irrecoverable past that we sometimes crave .This issue was it for me. Thank you E-day for scanning this, thank you CIVICMINDED for donating this. You are gods to me at this moment. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
  3. LOL, I'm sorry - I feel I can commiserate with you on this, having worked in retail at one point and doing these sorts of mind numbing tasks (sorting and tagging countless retail items). To the point of your post, I don't know what's sadder - the fact that EB felt the need to shrink wrap these guides, or that there were that many 007 guides to begin with that would have taken up hours of your time. I know it was a popular game, but wow. I suppose if there weren't so many 'freeloaders' who would walk into the store and peruse the guides to get just what info they needed then walk out without purchasing it, it wouldn't have been a thing. Thank goodness the Internet killed the need for these types of guides - (and my condolences to those who worked in the industry of putting these guides out).
  4. Fantastic release, thanks E-Day and Coury. It took me a moment to realize this was the precursor to EGM. One can see a lot of the same elements that would eventually make their way into EGM. I chuckled when they were talking about playing the Japanese version of SMB 2 and how it would change 'slightly' for its U.S. debut. Talk about understatement of the year lol.
  5. Dang - good catch. That's pretty much a slam dunk case of plagiarism. I'm guessing whomever was in charge of box art for Konami at that time didn't think Nintendo/Famicom players were also fans of AD&D? Or maybe they just didn't think they would get caught in the same sense that something like that would almost be instantaneously noticed today thanks to the Internet.
  6. That is good cover art, no wonder they stole it. That art looks ahead of its time for a game cover, especially considering that only a few years prior to that we were subjected to Mega Man 1's hideous box art. Its Japanese counterpart's box art (Rock Man) was damn good though throughout the series.
  7. Try Google Books if you haven't already. They have a metric ton of old magazines you can peruse. One drawback is (as far as I know) there is no *easy* way to download the magazines in a common offline form (PDF, CBR). Not sure if they'll have what you are looking for, but you may find something you didn't even know existed. My current obsession there is going through old issues of Maximum PC. Why they decided to archive that magazine (and it is a pretty good mag IMO) is still beyond me, but I'm glad they did. It's a fantastic resource for researching old PC gaming hardware from the late 90's and 00's.
  8. Dang - that would have been a hell of a haul. What's sad is that somewhere out there, in small town garage sales across America (and elsewhere), are lots of old game magazines just like this that some parent has set out to the curb with a free sign thinking they are not of value anymore. It would be a fun project - if I had the time and resources - to set out and hit up as many garage sales as possible and see if it's possible to score any vintage game magazines. It would be neat to make a thread on this site just for that, and anyone with garage sale finds could post their hauls there. In my experience with garage sales, it's pretty unlikely to just randomly chance across vintage game magazines. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to chat with the host of the garage sale to see if they have any old game magazines laying around. Many people who run garage sales are empty nesters trying to get rid of their kids stuff, and you never know if Jonny had a pile of mags in his closet and maybe they didn't think those would be worth selling but would be happy to get rid of them. As an aside, a few years ago I came across a yard sale that had a huge box of old car magazines in pristine condition (I think it was Road and Track) from the 90s. It was all free, and being a sucker for old magazines I took the lot. I can't imagine there are comparable sites for old car magazines, but you never know. If there were I'd donate them
  9. It's astounding that not only did they manage to cram a huge amount of content into each issue (this one was 150+ pages), but it was bi-weekly(!) as well. Granted, a lot of it is filler such as ads, comics, and other media news, but there's no doubt it was a quality publication that in my opinion EGM (arguably the greatest American game magazine counterpart) and to some extent a few other Western gaming magazines clearly sought to emulate especially with regard to the review scoring system. It would be interesting if there were any interviews of those who produced the magazine. I'd bet the stories that came out of the Famitsu offices would be wild. Also, I suspect, but cannot prove, that EGM (at least in its earlier years from 88 to 93 or so) got a lot of their 'exclusive' scoops by keeping tabs on Famitsu. I remember at that time seeing Famitsu profiled in one of those early EGM issues and wanting to read that magazine but in the early 90's that would have been next to near impossible, at least where I was living. Perhaps there were some international bookstores that carried Famitsu in some of the larger US metro areas. It would be interesting to hear from anyone at that time who was able to get it in print without going to Japan. Either way, fantastic job with the scan. I was honestly surprised to see the vast majority of Famitsu's are unscanned at this point (at least publicly). It is definitely one of the last frontiers in what is left to archive digitally outside of those who collect and trade it privately.
  10. Yeah, this was one of the first ones I bought as well, also for a family vacation to North Dakota in August, 1990! At the time all I could think about was getting Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES so this issue was pretty exciting to read at the time. I also happen to think it has one of the best covers of an EGM ever, with that classic shot of Ryu hanging off the cliff. Never would I have thought other people out there would have remembered (or let alone still had) this rare magazine. Thanks for sharing your memories.
  11. Thanks all, I appreciate your responses. I think everyone here has at least one magazine that means the most to them. For some reason, this one is it for me. In any case, I'll wait patiently and hope for a future release.
  12. (NOTE: I made an error in the subject title. This is regarding issue #12.) Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been asked/talked about before, but are there any plans to release EGM #12 (7/1990) on this site? It has a screen shot of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES on the cover. I thought I saw it in one of the "Which magazines should I scan" polls, but have not seen anything regarding the magazine since. I used to own this issue eons ago but have never been able to find it since. Thanks!