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  1. Egm #12 Release?

    Yeah, this was one of the first ones I bought as well, also for a family vacation to North Dakota in August, 1990! At the time all I could think about was getting Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES so this issue was pretty exciting to read at the time. I also happen to think it has one of the best covers of an EGM ever, with that classic shot of Ryu hanging off the cliff. Never would I have thought other people out there would have remembered (or let alone still had) this rare magazine. Thanks for sharing your memories.
  2. Egm #12 Release?

    Thanks all, I appreciate your responses. I think everyone here has at least one magazine that means the most to them. For some reason, this one is it for me. In any case, I'll wait patiently and hope for a future release.
  3. Egm #12 Release?

    (NOTE: I made an error in the subject title. This is regarding issue #12.) Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been asked/talked about before, but are there any plans to release EGM #12 (7/1990) on this site? It has a screen shot of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES on the cover. I thought I saw it in one of the "Which magazines should I scan" polls, but have not seen anything regarding the magazine since. I used to own this issue eons ago but have never been able to find it since. Thanks!