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  1. Can we start filling holes with the early Tips & Tricks magazine? It seems like that section has been neglected. Same goes for the Game Fan magazines.
  2. A common answer to this would probably be "it got replaced by the internet, people use the internet now for their information". But if that were true in the case of gaming magazines, then wouldnt we see online electronic substitutes for the gaming mags? Gamepro had Gamepro.com but even that is gone too. If the internet was the reason why the gaming magazines disappeared, then I would expect to see all the popular gaming magazines to have really beefed up websites that act as a substitute for the magazine, but we dont see that at all. Not even e-magazine versions of the popular gaming mags in Google play or the App store for subscription. All the gaming magazines disappeared completely off the face of the earth. So what is the real reason the gaming magazines died out? Do modern gamers just not care about reading about video games? Any good theories?
  3. It seems like what remaining gaming magazines there are today (EGM) have gone to a very boring page design. If you can manage to find the latest issue of EGM on the newstand, youll notice that the page is just a plain white page with black text and screen shots. It's like theyre trying to look like all the other "normal" magazines. What happened to all the good looking graphics and artwork, with cool looking background patterns and textures? It looks so ugly and boring now.
  4. So if you look at a lot of the gaming magazines from the 90s, such as Gamepro, EGM, GameFan, Video Games, Tips & Tricks etc. etc. You notice that besides just showing screen shots, they use a lot of graphics for the background patterns in the pages, even having cut outs of a game character floating to decorate the page. So what software was used to create all the graphics and designs for each page in the magazines?
  5. Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 56 March 1994 is missing pages 113 through 116. Please get these pages scanned and the cbz updated.
  6. So when megaupload got taken down, it was a disaster for this website and took forever to get all the magazines backup. Now hotfile has been taken down by the feds, luckily were okay. So what plans are in place to prevent another disaster if rapidshare gets taken down by the feds next? Its just a matter of time before people use rapidshare to store tons of pirated material and the feds find out.
  7. on a related note, I know that everymonth, people come and restock newstands. When there are issues left over from the previous month for some magazines, I beleive the stockers take those issues back. Where are they taking these issues? sending them back to the publishers? there must have been so many gaming magazines that were taken back, I would love to get my hands on them. The reason I think they do this is because I recall there being several times when it was the end of the month and there was a stack of gamepros sitting on the shelf and then the next week, those issues were gone and a stack of the newest issue was sitting in their place. I doubt the stack suddenly sold out right at the last week, the stockers must be taking them away. Also, if its true that the publishers keep digital backups, what do you guys think it would take to convince them to sell them or distribute copies? This website would really benefit from such backups, there are so many missing issues in the archive. Its not like the publishers are ever going to use them to print out back issues and sell them.
  8. This is something Ive been wondering, do the magazing publishers have a physical archive of every issue ever published? I would think they would keep atleast one copy of every issue ever made in a "library" storage room at company headquarters. What if they one day decide to make an new issue featuring content related to an old issue, they would need the old issue to refer to? Or if they decided to go digital and do what retromags is doing by digitally backing up all their magazines? Though with many of the magazines going under, what would they do with this archive if they had it? sell it? Or continue to keep it just in case?
  9. The archive is missing May 1994 and April 1994 issue of video games:the ultimate gaming magazine. Does anyone have it that will scan it? I cant find VG:TUGM anywhere, not even on ebay.
  10. Its been over a month since the announcement that retromags 2.0 was only weeks away. So whats the hold up?
  11. I already made a thread discussing the issue of this website still being down for a severely long time. The response I got was that there are so many magazines to upload by the owner that it will take a very long time to restore the site. Well okay, that is understandable. But lets be honest, it will take over a year before this site is restored at the rate it is currently going. So how about this idea: Each week, restore magazine links little by little so that we can start downloading magazines again. I would much rather have just a few new magazines available for me to download each week then wait over a year to have access to all magazines at once. So how about we start by restoring "Video Games and Computer Entertainment"?
  12. Ok, so when are the magazines going to be available for download? I dont understand what is taking so long, Its been months since this site announced it was going to host the magazine files on a new server. how about we go ahead and restore all the download links and make this site useful again?
  13. Okay, so what happened to the PDF versions of the gamepro scans? We used to have the option for CBR and PDF for gamepro downloads? What happened to the PDF option? Removing the PDF option is called a "downgrade"! it is the opposite of an improvement, which is a bad thing if you dont know. So when are we going to fix this F'ing problem?
  14. On top of all this BS, this site has the audacity to give only give download priveledges to people who upload magazines. The f'ed up thing about this is there are more people who want to download magazines then there are retro magazines to upload. Think about it, its some kind of scam. And then, they contradict themselves by turning around and saying "oh, we dont accept anymore donations"... So then it must be intentional that no one can download magazines. How useless this site is!!!!!
  15. okay, This is the second time in months where I have come to this site to download some magazines and it wont let me. This site still hasnt fixed the magazine downloads!!! This website is ABSOLUTELY USELESS WITHOUT MAGAZINE DOWNLOADS!!!! RIGHT NOW ITS JUST A WASTE OF SERVER SPACE!!! FIX THE MAGAZINE DOWNLOADS :::ASAP:::::!!!! UNTIL THEN, THIS SITE IS F'ING USELESS RIGHT NOW!!!!
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