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  1. Vince Young to be hit by curse of Madden?

    I'm not a big believer in such things, but this Madden curse is hard to look away from. Every person that has been on the cover of that game has had something bad happen to them...He doesn't need the money why allow yourself any chance of hurting your career?
  2. Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    That is funny. Neither team is in that current city. Please don't come watch my wizards here, otherwise in 10 years they will be the Tennessee Wizards, hehe.
  3. Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    Cool, I saw the Orioles season Opener vs the Tigers at Camden Yards. Before that it was the Wizards vs Kings.
  4. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Some insider information tells me that this statement up top is false.
  5. Very Disturbing Video

    That is sick dude.
  6. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Mike's Hard Lemonade, you can drink em and never get drunk.
  7. What's Your Favorite Portable System?

    Game boy original, still remember playing that as a little kid in Spain. It was the greatest thing to me at the time, hehe.
  8. Who Is Your Favorite American Idol?

    Sanjaya all the way!
  9. Whats Your Job?

    I work for the Internet Department at a Honda Dealership.
  10. A Challenge To Mariomania!

    So because we don't spend all day on the site we are bums? 90% of your records you only played once and anyone could beat em. Time is the key here.
  11. Do You Go For 100% On Games?

    I never finish a game. The last games that I actually finished all the way through was the Donkey Kong series. I feel like the games these days take so much time. I play games until I get bored and then play the next game. I know it's sort of crappy to do it that way but we all have different entertainment values in our minds. I'm more into comptetive games against another person. Usually sport games, most wii games, and guitar hero are fun.
  12. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    Anyone know when Entourage is coming back?
  13. A Challenge To Mariomania!

    Aww how cute an internet fight Mariomania just has a better job than we do. He has plenty of time at work to play the games. Not all of us are so lucky.
  14. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    Whatever Rob and Jas tivo is what I and Cicnird watch.
  15. Last Cd Purchased?

    I never used to buy CD's until recently. The last 6 months I have bought Weird Al Yankovic, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, and Hinder.