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  1. I sold off my beat up copy a couple months ago... If you still need the info, I can ask the person I sent it to...
  2. I got you covered: http://www.racketboy.com/guide/hidden-gems
  3. I converted the first 6 or so to PDF. I've been taking a break do to other obligations, but eventually, I want to run OCR on the scans so you can have searchable PDFs. Phillyman, can you confirm that you got my email?
  4. racketboy

    Sega Visions Logo.

    Looks great, other than the edges
  5. Well at least in the Digg comments I tried encouraging people to help out. I sent Phillyman an email to see if we can publish a useful guide on my site to help people get involved. I know there are people on my site with magazines to donate and such as I had asked around in the past.
  6. Congrats! I already had most of them, but I'm glad you got them as you probably actually have time to scan
  7. lol... The estimated value of http://www.racketboy.com is: $40,492
  8. OK So have you already released all the ones that you don't have marked as "not yet in possession" at one point or another?
  9. Haven't some of the Saturn mags you have marked as 0% scanned been released already? I have the files for #19, 23, 26, 29, 34, 36, and 37.
  10. I really like the monthly email idea. Building up the Wiki would be nice too...
  11. $1 seems reasonable. I don't usually pay more the $10-$12 for normal magazine subscriptions.
  12. Never heard of it either -- look forward to seeing more of it
  13. Holy cow -- you should have let me know about that (never saw the announcement) $100 for a 100 issues of NextGen is a pretty good deal.... Many issues go for $5 a pop. wait... weren't there only like 70 issues of NextGen?