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AtariUser (not to be confused with Atari User or the other Atari User or the Page 6/Atari User buyout to become New Atari User) was published by Quill Publishing as a replacement for their ST Journal publication. The magazine appears to have operated almost entirely via an advertisement & subscription business model, with individual issues available free of charge to readers (although early issues did sport a cover price as an option for retail outlets). This business model explains the near-100% b&w interiors and comic-sized format despite publication during the early '90s. Reader subscriptions were available for a nominal fee.

The magazine was largely (if not exclusively) distributed by Atari outlets and user groups and may have primarily been distributed in and around the state of California.

AtariUser's computer coverage was very much general-interest fare, with game software sharing page real estate with productivity, utility, etc. Dedicated video gaming coverage consisted almost entirely of Lynx coverage, with the Jaguar receiving the spotlight in the magazine's final issue.

For magazine-opiles, issues #4 and #17 are especially notable, with Andy Eddy providing some in-depth Atari-themed magazine reviews.

AtariUser was published monthly with the exception of the (very late) final issue. Issue #21 is labeled "October 1993" on the cover and "January - October 1993" internally. According to former publisher John Nagy, an issue #22 was planned but never published.

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    Categories: Console/Portable/Computer video games
    Frequency: Monthly
    Publisher: Quill Publishing
    Country: United States

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