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Electronic Entertainment


Electronic Entertainment (abbreviated to E2) is a magazine devoted to multimedia, including games for the PC, Mac, 3DO, and Sega CD. It was a new magazine to replace IDG's PC Games, although it would eventually revert back to that name two and a half years later after the "multimedia" movement died down.


It was founded by Infotainment World, the division of IDG that also produced GamePro, Sega Visions and some strategy guides, as well as founded the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Stylistically it was similar to other multimedia magazines of the time, including CD-ROM World, Flux and to some extent Wired. Its news coverage concentrated on emerging ideas, its features primarily oriented toward introducing new computers and multimedia titles, and its reviews long and text-heavy, though nowhere near as much as Computer Gaming World's.

As it aimed for a mainstream audience, it featured regular columns from a variety of game dignitaries, including Nolan Bushnell, Rusel DeMaria, Omni editor Keith Ferrell, and an anonymous "Party Girl" who wrote the rumor section.

The magazine originally covered PC and console games on a fairly even clip, but by 1995 it had pretty much exclusively become a PC magazine, despite the launch of the PlayStation and Saturn. It changed its name to PC Entertainment in 1996 to reflect this shift in editorial focus.

Electronic Entertainment Index

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    Title:Electronic Entertainment
    Editor: Gina Smith, Frederic Paul
    Categories: "Multimedia" games and systems
    Frequency: Monthly
    First Issue: January 1994
    Final Issue: December 1995
    Publisher: IDG Communications
    Country: United States

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