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High-End (The Magazine for Advanced Video Gamers) is a bimonthly magazine devoted entirely to consoles, with extensive coverage given to imports. Although it was ostensibly a nationally-distributed magazine for two years, it was fanzine-like in style and never achieved widespread popularity. (In fact, it was so obscure that most U.S. gamers have never heard of it.


The magazine debuted nationally with its October/November 1991 issue, although the editor's letter suggests it existed in a locally-published form before then. In format, it was an interesting mix of the chief styles of the day -- its artistic design was mature and reminiscent of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, but its writing was amateurish but enthusiastic like the Electronic Gaming Monthly and GameFan of the day.

Although printed on high-quality paper and even including some ex-GamePro writers on its staff, the magazine never achieved success. Its only major advertiser was Accolade; although it featured advertising from other companies by 1993, these ads appear to be low-quality color copies taken from other magazines and reprinted. The magazine allegedly attempted to charge publishers for the ads after illicitly printing them, but presumably had little success.

High-End ceased publishing sometime in 1993, with no individual issue totaling over 32 pages.

High-End Index

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1991 1
1992 2 3
1993 4

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    Editor: Todd Capriotti
    Categories: Console video games
    Frequency: Bimonthly
    First Issue: 1991 (?)
    Final Issue: 1993 (?)
    Publisher: High-End Publishing
    Country: United States

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